Taking a de-load week.

Sorry for the lackluster posts. Nothing eventful in training nor am I doing anything cool. I’m just doing some coaching on the side and applying to some colleges. And on top of that I am killing some Diablo.

Here is a picture of Shawn and I.

Bench: 305×5
Sprints: 25×6

Squat: 365×5
RDL’s: 135x5x3
Fat Bar Pull-Downs: 3×10
DB Curls: 4×15

Bench: 225x5x2
Close-Grip: 185x5x2
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 3×15
Sprints: 25×6

Squat: 225x5x2
Front Squat: 225x5x2
Deadlift: 315x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x5

  1. i don’t have any witty comment, only that Shawn’s arms look huge in that pic.

    Shawn always has good pipes.

  2. Shawn ALEXANDER Owen


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