Training update

Haven’t really had anything to write about. Just been enjoying my time now that I am done with school. Looking forward to hearing back from some of the places I applied to.

In the mean time, enjoy this picture.

Squat: 435×5/420×5/405×5
RDL’s: 205x5x3
Rows: 225x3x3
Lot’s of Curls

Bench: 335×5/320×5/305×5
Press: 225×2/240×2/255
Dips: 135x3x3
Side/Front Raises: 3×12

Squat: 485×3 Felt groggy during the lift
DE Deadlifts: 315/On the Min/10 Min
Back Extensions: 25x10x3
DB Curls/Hammer Curls: 40x10x2/40x12x2

Bench: 405×2
Close-Grip: 335x3x3
Pull-Ups: 25x5x2/BWx2x10
Tricep Push/Pull Downs: 3×15

  1. Shit. The best and the worst picture of all time.

    He’s out of luck.

  2. Lets talk coffee! Oh wait wrong blog.

    You got any meats on the horizon ?

    I know nothing about coffee. You’d have to explain it to me like a child. Right now meets are on the back burner. Trying to secure a job is priority number one right now.

  3. That’s what friends are for (like the one taking the picture)…

    Whoever took it is a real dick lol

  4. Oh yeah, we’ve all been there.

    How’s the job search going?

    I’ve sent my resumes out and I am just waiting to hear back!

  5. uggggggggggggggh all over his bermuda shorts and boat shoes. i bet he had one too many zimas that night.

  6. Worst of all that dude is in a bathroom stall without toilet paper.

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