At the end of Spring practice football does a little competition known only as the “Ironman”. This competition separates the strong from the weak, the fit from the fat, and the wolves from the sheep. It is a series of obstacles/exercises to complete as fast as possible. There are 4 winners; Skill, Big Skill, OL/DL, Overall. It is a brutal test of strength, conditioning, and will power. This shit will fuck you up.

Here is our gay ass picture lol. This is the equivalent of the “high school back turned pic” except its grown men.

I had a blast doing it. It is the most leg intensive/fire breathing thing I have ever done. The sled pulls a fuckin nightmare zone. It just sucks ass. I had an improvement of almost 2 minutes from last year. The previous year I had gone into it with zero conditioning and no mental preparation. It spanked my ass. I attacked it this year round and it was a lot more gratifying to come into it strong. Although I was sick for an entire weak I still did much better and I was proud of myself. Some may think it’s a silly competition and it means nothing, but it means something when you are trying to prove to yourself that you can do it. Had a blast.

And heres what I did today for my last set

Squat: 405x5x2/405×10
Rows: 220x5x3
Glute Ham Raises: BWx5x3
Curls: 40×10/45×10/50×10

Close-Grip Bench: 315x2x3
Pull-Ups: BWx5x3

Iron Man Competition:
Monkey Bars
Wheel Barrow Push
Tire Flip x 2
Atlas Stones: 115/135/175
Zig Zag Bear Crawl: 20 Yards
Med Ball Throw x 3
Sled Drag: 115×60 Yards Backwards
High Knees Over Bags
Farmers Walk: 60 yards
Cart Push: 10 Yards

Time: 4:45 PR

Front Squat: 250×3/285×3/310×3
RDL’s: 155x5x3

Bench: 350×3/365×3/385×3

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  1. Dang, man, that is a brutal course and a great time.

    PS: your pressing article helped me fix some massive issues w/ my OHP. Thanks, man.

    Glad to be able to help man.

  2. Gosh that sounds brutal. How heavy were the farmer’s walks?

    Not heavy. 55’s I think. The sled pull was the finisher so anything after that was hard no matter what.

  3. hah! strong-man in the making, caught the bug from mike? 🙂

    Its more of an anaerobic battle than strongman. There are atlas stones there, but it’s a firebreather course. Don’t let it fool you.

  4. enlightenedsnipe

    That was a sweet squat set man. Going to watch that again before my intensity squats this afternoon.

    It was a random last set idea. Train hard!

  5. Looks like an all around fun training week, dude. Glad to see you’re feeling better.

    When are you thinking you’ll switch back to a TM setup?

    Fairly shortly. Kinda had my regular squat volume day on Friday.

    • Excellent. Do you have a meet in mind?

      Nope. Not sure where I am gonna be in a month or so. Depends on where a job puts me.

      • Move to Boston and we could make out. No, hang out! Yeah, hang out.

        lol yes . . . HANG . . . out. I’ve got some family in Rhode Island. I don’t know if I could deal with a Boston accent anymore. Im so far from that culture now.

        • I’ll go visit and then we can have a three way!

          … er, training session. Squatting, deadlifting… those things…

          *exits stage left*

          Whatever you say dude . . . . . 😉

  6. IronMan sounds like a blast. What was the best time and what position did the guy play who did it (rb wr etc.)?

    Saw you got some knee sleeves? What size did you end up going with?

    I’m wondering if mine are too tight, particularly on my right patella, I got the mediums. But maybe I’m just being a big baby face.

    The best time was by a linebacker. The third best was a kicker. I got larges. Mine were real tight when I got them. They loosened up a tad.

    • Kicker, wouldn’t have put my money on that. Sounds like a good time.

      Ok, I probably need to wear these a few more times, only wore them about 10-15 times so far. Thx.

      How tight are they? Like cutting off circulation? They should be snug

  7. AC,

    When you squat … it’s the most beautiful thing ever … it’s like you take on the shape of a Unicorn mid-set and like you’re on fire …

    — caleb

    Thanks man lol. That is an interesting image you have created.

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