You’re my lawyer so I think you should know: I’ve killed a lot of people.

I went and saw Evil Dead. It was pretty badass. Personally, it was the best horror movie I have seen in a long time. I was a big fan of the originals. It wasn’t a carbon copy remake, but they did really well. It was legit scary at some points. The movie wasn’t just cheap scares. I think thats why I liked it so much.

Worked on Saturday. The real redneck singer wanted a picture of me mopping. It was a little weird, but I suggested we make it look like the clay pot scene from Ghost.

I know the flag in the back probably doesn’t make some people happy. Remember, I just work there. I don’t decorate the place.

Squat: 425×2/450×2/480×2

Power-Clean: 240×2/250×2/250×2
Close-Grip: 270×3/290×3/315×3

Front Squat: 250×3/285×3/320×3
RDL’s: 185×5/205×5/225×5

Bench: 345×2/365×2/385×2

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  1. bahahahahaahah this pic…breathtaking.

    Sexcellent. She was fucking hideous lol.

    • haha. what kind of music did she sing?

      lol country. Could have probably guessed that one/

      • you guys should have Bubba Sparx come and play

        fun fact I went to a bar in Nashville right in the outskirts close to my cousin’s house a few years back…it was called Tumbleweed I think. They played 1 hour of country and then 1 hour of rap/hip-hop. Most interesting club/bar I’ve ever been in.

        I did get to see a guy get picked up and rammed, head first, through the doors by the bouncers. Best Roadhouse-esque move I’ve ever seen.

        Bubba Sparx has played there. Thats how the bar I work at now is. Country at the beginning of the night, then rap at the end. It’s really entertaining to see someone get beat up.

  2. When is the marriage?

    Never lol.

  3. I’m a pretty sick guy.

    Most guys I know in mergers and acquisitions don’t like it.

  4. You’ve been to Nashville? That’s my trap–born and raised. Do you remember what side of Nashville it was on/where does your cousin live? Would love to make a Nashville 70s Big connection…


    I agree, Evil Dead was very entertaining and one of the better horror movies I’ve seen recently(Martyrs was good too, kinda old though).

    It definitely was worth the money. I’ll have to check out Martyrs.

    • whoa whoa whoa. One does not simply just watch Martyrs. You gotta warm up first. I’d start with Haute Tensions then Inside, then Martyrs. Do it right.

  6. AC how would you say you like georgia southern’s offseason workout compared to the “10s” thats outlined in the first TM book? Is the “10s” a decent strength/hypertrophy program?

    The sets of 10 in Justin’s ebook is a lot more volume. Both are enjoyable. I was already strong when I did the sets of 10. It’s biased to say it was a good strength program for me.

  7. Anyone else having trouble pulling up the 70sBig home page? Just got AC’s to work.

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