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Question: Does anyone that checks this blog do logo designs? If you help me out I’ll send you my 70’s Big Shirts as a reward (two of them). They’ll probably increase your squat if you wear em.

Give thanks to Batman. Without him coming back this world would have been in utter Chaos

As I have stated before I am currently doing Georgia-Southerns off-season work outs. I am enjoying them. There is a little more hypertrophy work than I would typically do, but nevertheless it is refreshing. There is really no intensity day each week with this program. More like an 8 week taper. Also doing some conditioning twice a week. After this 8 weeks is up I am going to transition back to the old program. Totally lost my train of though.

Squat: 395×3/435×3/465×3/330×10
Press: 180×8/190×5/200×5/205×5

Power-Cleans: 220x2x3
Close-Grip: deload

Deadlift: 510×3

Bench: 320×3/350×3/375×3

Squat: 370×5/395×5/435×5
Press: 160×6/175×6/185×6/195×6

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  1. harveymushman

    Is the hypertrophy work showing any gains yet, or is it too soon? Also, what’s your conditioning look like?

    It’s only the start of week 4 so it should start showing by week 5. According to “Science” thats when hypertrophy work usually starts to show. My conditioning is usually some sort of metcon that has 3-4 exercises with one of them being a weighted walk/carry. The other exercises are usually gymnastic/Body-weight type stuff. I’m going to increase the workload/intensity of those this week with an addition of a barbell exercise. I figure I would ease into it. They are also always 8-10 minutes long.

  2. I’m going to swap out all of the lights in my gym to just one single overhead light so I can get this look at the gym.

    watch any new movies lately? I’ve downloaded End of Watch, heard it was decent.

    They stumbled across that lighting during that scene. Apparently it was not the original idea. Cool huh? I saw End of Watch. Legit. Saw GI Joe. It was alright. Crazy Stupid Love was actually pretty good. It’s a chick flick, but its legit. Saw Oz too. Could have been better.

    • it’s like when you go to the bathroom at night and turn on the overhead light/fan…you can’t help but check your traps.

      Crazy Stupid Love I thought was actually decent too. Oz looks weird. I can’t tell if Pain & Gain is going to be funny or not, I’m hoping so.

      Agreed on the trap thing. I’m starting to dislike Mark Wahlberg so we will see about Pain and Gain

  3. What do you need for a logo?

    Can you email me? Acis70sbig@gmail.com

  4. Haven’t been on here in a while, just got all caught up. Idk why but I’m really excited you’ve started to do power cleans more often. I’ve recently had to change my weightlifting focused program because I wrecked the cartilage in my knees. I can still dead lift and do power cleans and snatches but I haven’t been able to squat for 5 weeks! And it’s short short season finally. My timing couldn’t have been worse.

    Dude no one is gonna like you if you don’t wear short shorts. What kind of shorts do you buy? I have a hard time finding a waist that fits with the legs still being snug. How did you wreck the cartilage?

  5. I know man I still wear em my legs just aren’t as jacked right now. I wear ranger panties my pap gave me. I think sofe makes em. I’ll warn you, they do outline your beef bugle especially if you swim in them but that only makes me like them more. Oh I goofed on a heavy clean and caught the bar too far forward and my knees shoved way too far forward. Saw a physical therapist and he gave me a 6-8 week recovery period. So should e squatting again in the next 3 weeks. Oh i have a q. My grip is pretty weak. I dead once a week, shrug twice a week and do farmers walk once a week, what are some other things I could add to get my grip not so jelly dick

    Justin and Brent love sofe shorts. I need to order some. Make sure you’re foam rolling your quads too. As far as grip is concerned what makes you think it’s weak?

  6. Do soffe shorts have pockets? I have a couple pair of short shorts, but they don’t have pockets. I don’t want to carry my shit around in my hands all day like a tard…

    Shorts without pockets are a joke. We need the resident sofe expert to check in on this.

  7. Adding to the comment above here, what’s your opinion on chubbies? Just curious

    I’d buy them if they werent so fucking expensive. I need elastic waistbands at this point. Curse this small waist and big thighs.

  8. Ok I’ll make sure to roll the ol quads. I feel like its weak cuz sometimes when I go for a 5rm on deads I can’t hold on for the last rep or two. I always feel like my body can do more it’s just my grip doesn’t hold up. And sofes no havey the pockets señor. But that’s what phannie packs are for.

    I assume you are using chalk? I bought a fanny pack for theme park visit purposes. Hasn’t let me down.

  9. Of curse I urses the cherk brer

    Maybe you should invest in some captains of crush my friend

  10. That’s a gerd erdea

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