Somebody get this man a hot dog

Starting a new 8 week program. It’s the off-season football work outs. It still contains Squat/Press/Bench and some cleans. The big lifts and plus some. Gotta figure out where to program in deadlifts. Just can’t go without those. I’m sure after that I will look into 5/3/1 or maybe go back to my previous program. The workout today was just so refreshing, mentally and physically. Different stimulus with the rep range and exercises. You can’t imagine how good that feels after doing a very repetitive program.

There is a handful of accessory work as well too. The variety is nice.

Football did their bench/clean maxes today. A lot of awesome work got done. Most, if not all, hit PR’s on both lifts. Some guys matched previous bests after a return from an injury. It was an exciting day. It was a proud day for me.

Starting from left to right: Tik, Koehlbeck, Jerick.

Tik can’t bounce the bar off his chest due to his shoulder/pec. He has to lightly touch and go. He basically paused 370. His best is 385, with a bounce. Koehlbeck hit 405 weighing 210ish. Jerick is the QB and he has done 405 as a joke before. He injured his hand so he couldn’t bench or clean today. He has hang cleaned 335×2 with ease. Also, my good buddy Trevor hit 440 with a close-grip. He has to because his shoulder can’t handle a wider (normal) grip.

Unfortunately, there was one guy who got injured on a 455 bench. I felt bad for him. He crushed 425 (previous best was 415), then he went on to DESTROY 440. His last attempt was 455. Apparently on the way down he felt some pain in his pec, yet he still decided to try the rep. He should have called for the spotter. He may have torn something. I hope not. I feel partially responsible for what happened due to the fact that I was coaching him through his lifts that day. It can happen to anyone though. I am just having a hard time coping with the fact that injuries can happen to anyone. Thats the first time it’s happened with me. It’s tough to deal with because you want the best for the guys that come in there.

Squat: 335×10/350×10/370×10

Power-Clean: 200×4/210×4/225×4
Close-Grip: 230/10/250×10/275×10

Front Squat: 255×5/270×5/300×5
RDL’s: 155×10/160×10/175×10

Bench: 270×10/280×10/300×10
Power Shrugs: 315x8x3

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  1. Hey A.C.,
    I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’ve recently switched away from a predominantly low rep/high weight program that I’ve been on for the last year to 5/3/1 (Boring But Big). Even though the program still has the low-rep heavy work in it, the 5×10 at 50% and higher rep assistance work is so refreshing (as well as the variety of assistance exercises it employs). Even though I was still progressing on my old program, I realized I was deep in a rut and I wasn’t approaching training with the same intensity as before. Now, I can’t wait to get to the weights everyday. Glad to hear you are reinvigorated! All the best with your training!

    We both experienced a little burnout. Good luck with your training as well, my friend.

  2. those guys surely don’t fuck around.

    too bad of the injury, I can understand that you feel responsible, but as you said these unfortunate events occur.

    They make me proud to be an intern there.

  3. Sounds like the change in routine will do ya good; if you responded that strongly to it, you might see some hellacious gains.

    Maybe my biceps will get bigger and I’ll have to change my headliner. Keep your fingers crossed

  4. It’s cool to see you are vested in what your athletes are doing. I too help the football team out at my college and am an aspiring strength coach. They are testing today as well and I woke up feeling shitty today because I am getting old and daylight savings time actually messes me up, so I was not looking forward to going in and helping the guys out. Reading this and seeing how bummed you were about your buddy getting injured on a big bench attempt made me re-focus and really help my guys out today. Thank you for being cool.

    Ha no problem man. Days like that make all the little things go away. Everybody is in there to max out and their moral is high. It’s a fun experience.

  5. Good stuff, AC. Enjoy the new program, even though you never sent it to me and I’m all sad panda over here.

    I’m not on my computer a lot during the week. I left it at the gym again. I’ll try to remember for tomorrow.

  6. Enjoy your testosterone while you’re young. Eventually you’ll be a 34 year old with a crap shoulder who is becoming more effeminate every day, no doubt eventually ending in the loss of his penis and the formation of a vagina. Don’t mind me, I’m fine.

    I’ll probably just do test when I hit my 40’s anyways. I doubt I’ll give a fuck what anyone thinks at that point. The only thing I’ll care about is being able to still plow my wife and looking good.

  7. I too would be interested to look at it!

  8. I really enjoyed the BBB template on 5/3/1. I’m thinking about trying a few of the other templates out there while I ramp up conditioning.

    335×10/350×10/370×10 – this is straight boss hawg, love it.

  9. Any plans to do an Overhead Press set up video like you did with Bench? Even with a slow and steady program like 5/3/1 my press just won’t seem to go up. It’s been within 5-10 pounds of the same 1RM since July. Or any advice on assistance lifts/volume for shoulder exercises?

    CLose-Grip Bench/Dips. Maybe even Pressing every week for a month, instead of alternating. I’m sure adding in any extra shoulder work would help, even hypertrophy assistance work. If you’d like a video I can probably make one.

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