The Arnie :(

Hey guys. I appreciate the support and it was nice to meet some of you in person. If I didn’t introduce myself during/post meet then I apologize. I had a bad meet and I wasn’t feeling as social as I should have been. I’ll do my short little write up on the meet later today. Again, thanks for the support.

And here it is:

Had a shitty meet. It’s all good though. Had a hell of a time at the Arny. I was in the hole for my first attempt squat when Arnold came out and gave a 5 minute speech on childhood obesity. Needless to say it fucked me up. I had my belt on and my music was going. By the time Arny was done I was cold and out of my zone. My opener hurt. I was cold after that point and my hips/knees were absolutely killing me. I’ve never felt that before. Usually I keep a pretty good tempo for lifting and I stay warm. Not this time, no thanks to the man himself. Ended up hitting 550.

View from my friends perspective (online)

My bench was going really well. I started to cramp EVERYWHERE once I hit my opener. My abdomen was cramping up so fucking bad. I wasn’t hydrated at all. I didn’t take account the day of traveling and walking around before the meet. I didn’t compensate for the lack of water the previous days. Fucking silly move on my part. Hit 383 and it was easy. I put 402 and I was so confident I was going to hit it that I fucked up. I got lazy at the pause and my elbows drifted back. I fucked myself. Thats what happens when you crush stuff in training, then act like a goon at the meet.

Courtesy of Chris:

At this point in the meet my body felt like dog ass. Dehydrated. Lack of mental attention. I wanted to go home. Deadlifts felt slow. Looking back at the video they were fast, but I was checked out at that point. Mike kept telling me to stay positive, but I was just so upset with how the meet was going that I mentally shut down. He’s a great friend and he was trying to help. I am an emotional volcano so when I shut down I shut the fuck down. Pulled 578. Like a fucking joke. I didn’t want to miss another 3rd attempt. Shawn, who was my handler, gave the judge my 2nd attempt deadlift. He forgot to sign off on it after he gave her the attempt. You have to sign off on it or else they just throw 5K on there and call it a day. Some stupid rule. I don’t understand why the judge didn’t just say “Hey you forgot to sign off on this”, when he walked away. That would have taken too much energy on her part though. During the strongman events they kept changing the numbers on the bar at their pleasure. I guess the amateur level lifting has to be taken more seriously. Ya know? cause of all that money thats at stake. I’m bitter about it.

I can’t thank all of you guys enough for the constant support. It helps when I have shit meets like this. I’ll be taking a break from powerlifting for a short while. I can’t give it the attention it needs being a broke intern.

On the bright side we met Steve Goggins

Here is a video of me lifting. I couldn’t film due to all of us lifting really close to each other. Sorry for the let down on the video end. We were a few men down this meet.

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  1. Bummed I didn’t get to meet y’all but the only time I could be there at your session was while you guys were warming up… definitely stalked you guys lol but obviously wasn’t about to break your focus just to introduce myself. I was coaching a lifter in the weightlifting event so I couldn’t even see y’alls lifts either. Sorry to hear you had a rough meet. Come back and crush it next time dude!


    Were you not there Saturday?

  2. FancyJayClancy

    Hey brother! Solid work out there on the platform. I don’t have a lot of expierience with powerlifting as I’ve only done it for a couple of years now, but with that said: not all meets will result in PRs, but it’s important to remember that it is still a lot of fun to get out there and try your best and be around a bunch of like minded individuals. If the attempts didn’t go as you planned or you didn’t total what you wanted then so be it. There is always another opportunity to come back and try again. Not that you needed or wanted this advice, but there it is, regardless. Will you be making another video ala nationals style?
    Take care.

    I appreciate the comment man. No video. My brother just filmed the attempts. Usually we all don’t compete at the same time. I couldn’t film.

  3. Hi A.C.,
    I watched you lifting on the livestream. Sorry that it didn´t go as planned. Still a solid performance and great intensity! What was the problem with your second deadlift?

    Shawn didn’t sign off on the attempt when it was given. According to the USAPL rules, if an attempt is given and not signed off on they will just add 5K to it and say fuck you.

  4. Sorry to hear about the meet, homie. At least you had a good time regardless if the outcome.

    What are your plans for training, since your focal point won’t be on PL’ing? I ask, because we’re in the same boat, and seeing other approaches intrigues me.

    Probably for the next 6-8 weeks I was going to do the current football program. It’s very similar to what I already do, in terms of the main lifts, and it has a little more variety. I just want to do something different. I can email you more details if youd like.

  5. I’d like to see it. Always up for learning!

    I’ll email you later tonight

  6. Personally for me and my wife it was inspiring and awesome to watch all the guys lift (specifically AC, Mike, Chris and Matt Nolan)! My wife and I had a great time watching them lift and going out after for dinner/drinks! If you guys get a chance to go see these guys lift definitely get in touch with them and have dinner/some drinks with them, they’re all easy going and hilarious!

    It was awesome to meet you man. Glad you thought we were funny and not huge cocksuckers lol.

  7. That sucks man. Negative momentum is such a bitch.

    On the bright side, you can bench what I squat, and I’m the second strongest person at my 30,000 person university….

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re strong as fuck.

    lol thanks man. It’s draining to keep doing the same numbers over and over again. I appreciate the encouragement. I’ll quit moping and feel better in the next couple of days. Just gotta get over a shitty performance.

  8. AC, I watched the meet on Ustream. I’ve never heard of everyone being lumped in together like that, the 93, 105, 120 and 120+ all lifting ONE lift right after the other. It seemed absolutely ridiculous and unfair that everyone had to stay warm and amped up from 2 PM till 7 PM. Also, I’m sorry to hear that Arnold fucked your rhythm up…you deserve better.

    lol its an efficient way to do the meet I guess. I don’t deserve anything. Arnold should just know better than to start his speech during the openers.

  9. Sorry to hear about the meet A.C. You’re a fuckin beast and inspiration though man.

    Oh, I’d be interested in the football program as well, if you don’t mind sharing.

    I appreciate it man. Feel free to email me so we can go into some details. I don’t want to share the program via the blog.

  10. Great job AC, sorry you didn’t have the meet you wanted to, if anything it was avoid learning process and yeah frustrting not firing on all cylinders but I’m sure you’ll bounce back and dominate next year. It’s still impressive to see your training and competition progression. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks homie. I really appreciate the comment. Next time.

  11. Maybe you and Brent should swap blogs for a bit…. lol

    lol could you feel the negativity?

  12. Michael Weeks

    I watched the live stream too, it was great to see you guys lift. I’m very emotional too, and I love the way you attack the bar, I find that style hard to keep up. It is so emotionally draining. I could see you were frustrated, and you were having a suck time. It was a reminder to us mortals that even the big boys have bad days. Fuck that shit we’ll get there. Keep us up to date on here, you may not realize how much it helps.

    Everyone has their bad days man lol. I will keep you updated man. No worries. Glad I could be of some use.

  13. Sorry to hear about the meet. Still some serious lifting, even your bad days are inspirational. Best of luck with everything.

    Thank you sir.

  14. Sounds like a perfect time to just train with nothing specific in mind and hit up some local amateur strongman shows to scratch the competitive itch.

    or masturbate myself to sleep

  15. Happy to see the report, sad to hear about the results, hopeful that you come back even stronger and with greater energy for the future

    Appreciate it my man

  16. AC,

    Have you thought about running something like 5/3/1. Don’t get me wrong you are strong as fuck, way stronger than me, but 5/3/1 and the endless possibilities of programming (and frankly how simple it can be) may give you a breather and reignite that training spark.

    Buy the book and just keep it simple. It really is fun as fuck, and a good way to get swole.

    Thanks for the tip. I ordered it.

    • Dave’s right. I run 5/3/1 for simplicity’s sake, and the fact it’s easily tailored. Only want to train twice a week because you’re busy? Done deal. Want to make it a four day a week program? Also doable.

      Plus breaking rep records and not doing anything over 90-95% leaves you feeling good.

  17. By the way, I would really like to see you pressing 300+ in the near future. Hope you´ll continue to pursue this goal since I always found your press videos impressive and highly motivating.

    I am pressing again. No worries my friend.

  18. Just echoing what the others have said, we get a lot out of your training log, whether it’s training related or just letting off steam or laughing at shit. Hang in there.

    It means a lot man. Thank you. I don’t update it as much as I’d like, but I am happy to be of service.

  19. Hay ayecee,

    Sorry you had a bad meet but your performance was still outstanding. Those are some very impressive numbers and I am continually inspired by your intensity on the platform. You rule, dude.

    Thanks man lol

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