Squatted 530 for a single on Friday. Hamstring held up fine. I think the reduced volume has helped tremendously (obviously). The rep wasn’t hard, but I’m interested to see how the meet goes.Looking forward to having a great time. Personally, for me the meet is about having fun and competing against yourself. I know people have different opinions about that stuff, but when there are guys totaling 200 pounds more than you there is no point in worrying about placing. I’m just a happy camper, rockin and a rollin.

Hey if any of you commenters/lurkers plan to go to the Arnold’s in a few weeks here please email me so we can meet if you’d like. It’d be interesting to all have dinner together or grab a drink.

I got a Instagram. Feel free to follow along: Acis70sbig. It’s a great place to check out all the gay ass pictures I put up. We can heart each others photos and shit.

The meet is next Friday. I am kinda nervous. I hope my hamstring holds up. Been working on it for a while, but it needs a rest week and some work done to it to heal properly. Looking forward to going on the platform again.

Squat: 530
Bench: 360
DE Deadlifts: 315×1/On the Min/5 Min

Press: 135x5x2
Mobility work

Squat: 455×3/440×3/425×3 Reduced Volume
Bench: 360 Paused/380 Paused
RDL’s: 155×5/200×5

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  1. Another reason why I want to live in the US 🙂 All of you have fun and good luck! I’ll try to find some streaming. Dont forget to film some stuff!

    Thanks man. I won’t forget.

  2. Are you planning on taking the rest of the time off, or just keep reducing load and volume?

    Reducing the volume. I really only have one more “medium” day of lifting, then I am done til the meet.

  3. Good luck to you and all the 70s big crew at Arnold’s. Praying all goes well! Get after it.

    Thanks man.

  4. Good luck at the meet…I’m sure you’ll dominate.

    I appreciate it.

  5. I’ll be there in spirit. Make sure you tell it what’s up.

  6. Good luck A.C. Kick some ass!

  7. Good luck!

  8. Hey man, where can we donate to help you butt-fuck cancer? I couldn’t a link anywhere.


  9. Good luck at the Arnie! Hope you hit some PRs!

  10. LeonidasfromSparta

    AC, good luck at the meet. Go and crush the weights baby! You were born to do this.

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