Bench: 335×3/320×3/305×3 Reduced volume
Dips: BWx10x3
Side Raises: 35x10x3
Side Laterals: 30x10x3
Seated Front Raises: 25x10x3
BB Curls: 100x8x3
Neck Machine

Squat: 455×3/440×3/425×3
RDL’s: 315x3x3 Reduced volume
Rows: 240x3x3 Reduced volume

Bench: 390×2 Paused first rep
Close-Grip: 350x2x3
Pull-Ups: 45x5x3
Tricep Push-Downs: 3×10
Tricep Pull-Downs: 3×10
BB Curls: 100x10x3

Deadlift: 500×1/550×1
DE Squats: 275×2/On the Min/8 Min
Back-Extensions: BWx10x3

Bench: 345×3/330×3/315×3 Paused first and last rep
Dips: 135x5x3
Side Raises: 35x15x3
Side Laterals: 30x15x3
Seated Front Raises: 25x15x3
BB Curls: 100x10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx10x3
Neck Machine

Squat: 455×3/440×3/425×3
RDL’s 345x3x3
Rows: 240x5x3

Bench: 385×2/400×2/410×1 Paused first rep of each set
Close-Grip: 355x3x2/355×3
Tricep Pushdowns: 80x15x3
Tricep Pulldowns: 50x15x3
BB Curls: 100x10x3
^Super-setted the three above
GHD Sit-Ups: 10×3

Squat: 540×1 Hamstring seized up on me. Almost fell forward.
Speed Pulls: 335×1/On the Min/10 Min
Pull-Ups: 25x5x3

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  1. Gonna get back into a LP. Prolly back to SS. Thinking I cut myself short and moved out too quickly. What’s your suggestion for starting percentages of my 1RM. I think 60% is recommended?…

    What makes you think you need to go back to SS?

    • Reading a lot of people (on 70s big), yourself included, who have milked it to a +405 squat or so. I think I transitioned out early cause of the time I did it at. If tht makes sense. Transition from summer to back in school was when I needed to reset my squat first time. So I haven’t gone through any resets and I think I cut my squat short at 305x5x3

      I wouldnt worry too much about what others do on the LP. How would you say 305x5x3 was? If it was too easy, then yeah you could def drive that number up.

      • At the time I failed 5×3 only once. My most recent 1RM on squat was 365. I’ve been progressing, but just really slow via 5/3/1. I was also thinking I need more practice of the movement so 2-3 times a week would be better?’

        From my understanding 5/3/1 is a slow progression. Progress is progress man. If 305x5x3 was easy, then yeah you jumped programs too soon.

        • Yeah 5/3/1 basically increases ‘training maxes’ on a monthly basis. I am gonna go back to SS for a set amount of time and try to milk it some more. Thanks.

          I can provide more help if you give me more information. All I know is your last working sets on SS were 305x5x3 and your 1rm is 365. How long have you been doing 5/3/1? How long was your LP? Is that your first max? Did you do that right after your LP or was it part of the 5/3/1?

  2. Hey man, can you give this a look and give me any form pointers? I posted on reddit and the main problem people saw was the bar starting too low, and then sliding. Thoughts on that or anything else?

    The bar slides on my roommates back too. Most of the time chalk fixes that. The bar looks like it starts off fine. It’s pretty fucking solid btw.

    • Alright thanks. Yea I have liquid chalk, but as my hands start to slide out and sweat, the knurl on the bar tears it off.

      Never heard of liquid chalk. Regular chalk is quite cheap my friend.

      • University gym bans it. You get kicked out for having it sadly. They don’t want to deal with the mess.

        Ah it’s like that huh. That sucks man.

  3. AC – loved the American Psycho video. You knocked that one out of the park, man. Hope training is going well in prep for the Arnold.

    Thank you sir. I’m nursing a hamstring issue right now, but I think I’ll be alright.

  4. Dude, I watched that one while on the toilet at work- so no volume. Even without sound, this has been the best one yet.

    Lol well watch it with sound now!

  5. I had a feeling you would use a sledgehammer instead

    Didn’t have an axe. Next best thing.

    • I liked the switch from sledgehammer to golf club.

      My friends house is nice so it was a little risky to sling a sledgehammer around.

  6. Great work man. I laughed so hard at the Dorsia part at the end.

    I appreciate it man. It is worth the time.

  7. Impressive. Very nice.

    Also btw my wife says that with that beard you look like a jacked Abraham Lincoln.

    I just shaved it into the chops. Now I look a little like wolverine. Nice quote btw.

  8. Okay so I have been doing 5/3/1 since the beginning of September. I started out with a 1rm of 315 on squat and i’m now at a 365 1rm on squat. My LP was only a month or 2. I started at the end of July and after transitioning back into school (beginning of Sept.) I started on 5/3/1. So, my first real max on squat was 315. my 365 1rm I did at the beginning of January, and I haven’t tested since then. I can email you if that’s easier. thanks fool

  9. Hey, how do you program your deloads on TM? And after your deload week, what load do you start off with? Do you repeat the week before the deload, or just move forward?

    I usually repeat the two weeks prior to the deload. Which is only 5-15 pounds less on most lifts.

  10. Haha awesome work my friend. My wife really likes the movie American Psycho and I showed her this, she was laughing pretty hard loving it all, then said “are these the celebrities that are going to be at the Arnold?”

    lol celebrities my ass. Make sure we all get to meet.

    • haha she was dead serious i just laughed and said yes of course.

      I’ll get at you through email/gchat sometime. We’ll definitely get together and pound some Boone’s Farm.

  11. What kind of hammy issue are you having, AC? My proximal hammy on my left leg has been giving me some fits.

  12. Should add that tack and stretching doesn’t seem to do much for it. Nor does stretching it.

    Probably just going to cut it off and make a lampshade out of it.

    Might be a high biceps femoris tear. It happened a while ago and it hasn’t gotten any better. It’s staying pretty stagnant in terms of healing. I’ll probably just go get a new leg

    • I heard Jax Briggs Inc. has some new metal legs modeled after their #1 selling metal arms.

      I need those. Are they in stock?

  13. The Huey Lewis and the News scene was spot on. My favorite is the business card scene, though. Did anyone request that? Awesome job.

    The American Psycho scene was up for grabs for a while. People chose the paul allen scene.

  14. Wot’s the difference between side raises and side laterals, friend?

    Your arm is at a 90 degree angle when you raise it during side raises and during a side lateral it is fully extended. I’m hungover writing this so I’m sure I could have done better explaining it.

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