Two previous Mr. Jamaica’s lift/coach at the gym I lift at in Alpharetta. They are some cool dudes.

Been working on the videos. Trying to figure out the set-ups and what not. It’s hard to organize them when people have to work/do shit over the break. Do not worry. They will be made!

If you don’t have any cool hobbies you should pick some up. Trying to get into hiking. It’s fun and challenging and most importantly free.

I was insanely tired just from getting down to the gorge. There were roughly 900 steps to get to the bottom. I was with a girl so I wasn’t gonna act like no bitch. On the inside I wanted to shoot myself.

Bench: 225x5x2 (light day again due to the condensed lifting week)
Dips: bwx10x3
Push/Pull Downs: 3×12
Dumbbell Curls: 35×10/40×10/45×10
GDH Sit-Ups: BWx12x3

Squat: 455×5/440×5/425×5
RDL’s: 315x5x3
Rows: 235x8x3

Bench: 370×2/385×2
Close-Grip: 345x2x3
Side Raises: 30x15x3
Side Laterals: 25x15x3
Seated Front Raises: 20x12x3

Squat: 500/515/525 (nursing hamstring)
Speed Deadlift: 315/On the Min/Ten Min
Back Extensions: BWx10x3

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  1. I clicked on the squat numbers thinking there was a video. Then I realized that I’m on my phone and it wanted to call your squat.

    Damn iPhone trickeration.

    iphones are gay anyways

  2. My iPad wanted to add your squats to my contact list since it doesn’t make calls.

    Also, hiking is the tits, especially when you live near beautiful nature stuff.

    I’m only an hour and a half away from some nice places. Wish it was closer.

  3. I think living in the woods will be my goal when I own my own home. Constant hiking, FTW.

    I’d like to live in the woods as long as I have all the modern amenities. Being able to supply my own food is a dream of mine. Like killing your meals.

  4. I wish there was more to hike to around here then just flat corn/bean fields.

    Where are you located?

  5. The photo smacks of “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

    Man that bitch was ugly.

  6. Needs more short shorts.

    Since I know it’ll get missed if I ask Justin, can I ask you for some advice? I was just at my lakehouse from the 29th-2nd, drinking heavily, for holidays and whatnot, and wednesday was my first time in the gym since the wednesday before. I did my squats with about half the workload of my regular volume day (TM), because I knew I wouldn’t have energy/strength for the full thing. So should I just do my light day on sat and intensity on sunday, or will the lowered volume fuck up my intensity? Should I do light saturday and then restart with MWF next week with volume?


    You can ramp it back up over the next week. You’re on the right track now. I would do the light day Saturday then start with normal volume on Monday. However, you can do the light day Saturday with the next workout on monday being “medium”. That way you can ramp it up over a few days. If you feel fine on Monday, then just proceed as Normal. Right now though you are probably going to just have to skip intensity day on Sunday so it doesn’t fuck up your schedule

    • Cool thanks. I was planning on just repeating my previous week before I left since I didn’t hit all of my PRs (xmas and such).

      Glad to help. Get after it homie.

  7. how has your program changed now that youre gearing up for the arnold?

    I basically bench every week now. I cut Pressing towards a meet.

  8. If you ever visit Scotland (I’m Scottish) then there are some amazing hikes/climbs. You can scream “Freedom” all day too.

    One day I’ll visit. Hows the food? Your name is badass btw.

    • The food is good as far as local grass fed beef etc goes. There are plenty farms and the like to get some interesting cuts from bison, angus cows and game. I never realised my name was badass so thanks.

      Keep up the good work, AC.

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