George Michael

Fucking finally found my charger for my camera. The movie recreations BEGIN!!!!

Today was the last time I was gonna Press before the Arny. I was fatigued from Deadlifting still. My back was just fucking tired. Every Press felt significantly harder than it should have been. Of course this is relative to me. I don’t wanna sound like a douche.

Gonna do some hiking this weekend. Thought this was sweet.

Wrapped my knife in some paracord. Only took about 2-3 minutes to do. Looks nice and the handle is easier to grip. BTW the knot at the loop is called a SIXTY-NINE knot.

Squat: 455×3/430×3/415×3
RDL’s: 295x5x3
Rows: 225x5x3
Curls: 30×10/40×10/50×10

Press: 205x3x3
Dips: 135×3/142×3/145×3
Tricep Pushdowns:125x12x3
Tricep Pulldowns: 90x12x3
Squat: 520×1/500×2 (Had a shit day. Not recovered from Deadlifting. Not sleeping since I got home in Roswell)
Power-Cleans: 200x2x3
Back extensions: BWx3x10
GHD Sit-Ups: 3×10

Press: 290
Close-Grip: 225x5x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
Side Laterals: 30x12x3
Side Raises: 25x12x3
Front Raises: 20x10x3

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  1. Strong work, bud. I still say you go after 300 for funsies before the Arnold.

  2. strictly business 🙂

  3. what is that on the side of your shorts? a satchel?

    lol I think the stripes of my shorts are being bulged out by my phone.

  4. Siiiiiick. Do you think after focusing on bench for the Arnold that your press will come back stronger, or will you need to spend some building it back up?

    There will be some build time, but it will come back quick. Strength is a pretty persistent attribute.

  5. You have 300 easy. I’ve grinded reps muchhhh slower than that and completed them. You got this.

    Well that is the last time I am going to Press. I have to gear my training towards my next meet now. After the meet I will work towards it again, thanks though.

  6. Fuck. I’ve been struggling with 115lbs. Yes, I am a man (technically).

    Patience and perseverance. I cried the first time I squatted.

  7. Good job man!!

    I think speak for everyone here…we want 300.

    lol It will have to wait 🙁


  9. nice work on the paracord wrapping, did the knife saw blood?

    I wish. It was thirsty for some pain. Only problem with a paracord wrap is that you have to do it again, if it sees blood.

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