Thats Kyle in the pic below. He is one of the linebackers for GSU and he sure is a handsome man. The pic is kinda blurry. He is a good friend of mine. Puts up some pretty good numbers and stays incredibly fast. He never ceases to impress.

The comments are working again thanks to Kincain. Just as an FYI I have to approve the comments before they are posted. That would explain to you guys why they don’t immediately show up.

BTW This was typed into my search engine recently “pussy getting fucked hard“. Lol Who the hell searches that?

Squat: 465×3/450×3/435×3
RDL’s: 285x5x3
Rows: 220x8x3
Curls: 90x10x3
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx8x3

Bench: 340×5/325×5/310×5
Dips: 145×5/145×3/145×5
Tricep Pushdowns: 40x30x3
Trying to get a little rehab for the elbow

Box Jumps: 36inchx5x5
Hurdles: 2-holex10

Deadlift: 610 (Tough after the knees.)
Squat: 275x5x2
Back Extensions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 90x10x3
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx8x3

Bench: 400×2/415×2
Close-Grip Bench W/Chains: 340×2/350×2/360×2/20lb deload
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

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  1. testing comments

  2. Regarding the search engine terms: What else do you think got me to your page?

    Apparently some hard core stuff

    • I think I searched, “Bench Press Banging” and landed here.

      Which is exactly how Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got to the moon.

      It’s only science. Duh.

  3. testing complete

  4. Sheeeit 610. 700… 700…

  5. I love that your log goes

    Deadlift 600+
    Bench 400+
    … Hurdles

    Great work man

    I figure I’d try some plyo stuff on my off days. Can’t hurt and it’s a nice way to get some extra stretching in to recover.

  6. Whoa happy haircut!!

    btw what’s up with the elbow?

    sup question – a while back you did a strongman comp? Any plans for another? I’m getting interested.

    I got me a high and tight. There is some tendon inflammation. Nothing too serious. Just annoying. I’d love to do another one. Especially a legitimate one. I’ll probably look into it after the Arnolds.

  7. What up AC! I have a question about close grip bench press: Where on my chest should I be aiming to hit the bar. I noticed today that when I did them they hit below my nipples and even on to my rib cage. Is this something I should seek to fix or is it just how I do them? I just started close grip recently so I am learing the movement. Thanks, dood. Take care.

    The spot on the chest should be the same as your bench. You may be letting the bar drift. Adjust your grip accordingly. Let me know whats up next time you close-grip. O and Whats up? too.

  8. The sweat on Kyle’s shirt looks like a wolf’s face

    His spirit animal is a puma

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