No Shave November

The end of the week is will signify the end of No-Shave-November. I received several donations from a lot of you. It is greatly appreciated. I said I would recreate a movie scene per donation. Here is the list of scenes. If I forgot yours please post it in the comments. I don’t want miss it.


Zoolander Scene

Superbad Boop scene

Ace Ventura Mission Impossible scene

Chris Farley Chip and Dales skit

Patrick Bateman scene (This is up for grabs. If anyone wants to comment for a particular scene it’s yours)

Little old Asian man from Batman Begins

Swear to me scene from Batman

Milkshake Scene from There Will Be Blood

Roadhouse Bit

Top Gun Locker Room quarrel

Archer, season 3 episode 8

Looking forward to the awful remakes .Thanks again for donating. Every single dollar helps the foundation. Fuck Cancer.

Squat: 455×3/440×3/425×3
RDL’s: 265x5x3
Rows: 285x5x3
BB Curls: 90x10x3
GHD Sit-Ups: BWx5x3 (Haven’t done abs in a LONG time. Taking it slow.)

Bench: 335×5/320×5/305×5
Dips: 135x5x3
Tricep pushdowns: 80x15x3
Tricep pulldowns: 60x15x3

Hurdle Jumps: 10 Reps
Sprints: 20’s x10

Squat: 275×2/On the Min/10 Min
Deadlift: 315×5
Back Extensions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 90x10x3

Bench: 400×2/415×1 (Only Got 5 hours of sleep. Restless)
Close-Grip: 355×3/340×3/325×3
Weighted Pull-Ups: 45x5x3
Side Laterals: 30x15x3
Side Raises: 25x12x3
Seated Front Raises: 20x10x3
Mashed my triceps after.

  1. I was really hoping for a patrick bateman scene.

    Me too. A gentleman donated and told me to do a movie scene of my liking. There were two that did this. One of them can now be a Patrick Bateman scene.

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