I think you guys are forgetting that I will remake a movie scene for every donation sent in to my Movember page!!!!

Here is my Movember page. We are raising money to kick cancer in the balls. All we are asking for is each of you to donate 1 doll hair. You got some filthy change lying around don’t ya? For every 10 dollars I get I will record myself butchering your favorite movie quote on camera. I’ll try to mimic the whole god damn scene and everything. Or I’ll Press heavy and dedicate each rep to every member that donated. We can think of something. Those two were just thoughts on the fly.

Long weekends equal tired training. Worked three nights last week. Its enough to mess up my sleep schedule. It’s a broken record honestly. I put in my two weeks notice so I can live a normal life for the remainder of my college career (which isn’t long).

I can’t think of much to write. This post will be short. On a good note, my butt is almost fully healed now. It’s only been like 10 months.

Heres a picture of me sleeping and driving

Squat: 445×5/430×3/415×3
RDL’s: 245x5x3
BB Curls: 90x10x3

Squat: 515×2/530×2
Rack Pull: 545×3
Rounded Back-Extensions: 15kx10x3
BB Curls: 90x10x3

Press: 260×2
Close-Grip: 340x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
Side Laterals: 25x12x3
Trap Mobility

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  1. Hey man, if you’re gonna sleep and drive at least close your mouth

    I swallowed a june bug. Kinda hurt.

  2. looking classy as always a.c.

    Its the only way to live

  3. Top off the jeep and you have a t-shirt on? Not cool. Nice babe.

    It wasn’t hot enough for no shirt. Trust me. Im shirtless at every opportunity

  4. lol…sometimes you gotta nap you know

    where you going to work at now?

    Not sure. I’ll have to look around

    • btw Jeep Wranglers are the best couples/single guy car ever.

      I miss mine tremendously! Cherish it, it’s a special ride.

      It was my friends car. She let me drive it for the day. I used to drive on, but that . . . was a long time ago, on Gordon Street.

  5. That picture could be me. Same beard, same car, same looking blond hair GF, same big neck…. If only my lifting videos were as similar.

    Just use photoshop, man.

  6. Your adam’s apple is more like a grapefruit. A big grapefruit.

  7. Noticed any difference from doing your bodybuilding stuff yet? I’ve been thinking of throwing in some myself – what’d you think are the most worthwhile additions? Seems like curls, pushdowns, laterals maybe.

    I think I see myself too much to notice any difference. I don’t take pictures or anything either so I usually just wait for someone to say something or my mom to call me fat. The generic curls/tricep push/pull/shoulder shit is probably a good addition. My rest in between those exercises is short though. I usually keep it at 2 min flat. The timer on my phone comes in handy. That way I am done in less than 15 with all that shit.

  8. I lost it on the part where chris is flexing drinking water. hah

  9. I know it’s been talked about before on here, but I am looking to buy some weightlifting shoes for the first time, and I was hoping to get some helpful comment/reviews. I have looked at the VS, Risto, Pendlay, and Adidas versions. Leaning toward the first 3; any advice would be appreciated!

    I’ve got some VS’s and I have had them for over 3 years. They are quality.

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