Back in ’89

Thank you guys for all the song suggestions. I really appreciate it.

Today was the first bench day after a deload week. Overall it was two weeks without Benching, minus close-grip. Hit 365×2/380×2/395×2. Felt great. I could have potentially gone up more, but there is always next week. My bench is significantly stronger now than it was before when I stopped Pressing. In terms of health, it’s better as well. Excited for each week. Im going to attempt a 600 Deadlift tomorrow. I pulled 590 the other week at the end of a 6 week cycle and it was kinda slow. I expect with the rest and recovery from the deload 600 should feel better. It’s been a battle for a long time to get to 600. With surgery and life intervening at the most inconvenient time. We shall see how it goes. If anyone has any good pump up songs post to comments please. If I don’t get it and you guys dont hear from me, I’ll be in my closet hanging by my fucking neck.

And I saw Cloud Atlas. Shit sucked.

Bench: 335×5/315×5/300×5
Dips: BWx10x3
Worked two nights in a row. Didn’t do any of the other auxiliaries. Tired as fuck.

Deadlift: 600
Squat: 315x5x2
Rounded Back Extensions: 15K x10x3
Barbell Curls: 90x10x3

Bench: 365×2/380×2/395×2
Close-Grip: 335x3x3
Tricep Pulldowns: 80x15x3
Tricep Pushdowns: 60x15x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

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  1. I listen to this when I need to hit a PR. It gets me pumped like a Mohican about to scalp some bitches. Hit your PR like a fucking Sir, Sir.

  2. Metallica – Of Wolf and Man for the following reasons:
    1) It kicks ass
    2) It’s the week of Halloween and the song is about turning into a werewolf
    3) James Hetfield has apparently said at concerts that the song is about finding the animal inside all of us.
    4) It kicks ass

  3. “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphy’s is pretty much the only song I pull my max-effort deadlifts too.

  4. The best pump up songs:

    – Nero My Eyes
    – Now by Staind
    – Go to sleep by eminem
    – Till I collapse by eminem
    – St Anger by Metallica
    – The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
    – Machine gun kelly D3mons.
    – Wake up by three days grace
    – Monster by skillet

    Take your pick. 600 will be alright, don’t worry.May the force be with you

  5. Nice bench man. I finally got some coaching at a real gym and squatted 375 for a single last week to this song. Pretty sure thinking about the video was what made it feel light.

    BTW is your mailbox fixed? I still need to re-send that package. I’m a dork for not doing it sooner, life is crazy I suck at lifting etc etc.

  6. Fucking epic! Good luck man

  7. Rap usually doesn’t do it for me, but I like this:

    +1 on the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack.

  8. This song gets me more amped up than literally anything else in the world.

  9. I just love ‘O, Fortuna’ in general, but the Trans Siberian Orchestra version is pretty awesome (also my uncle plays bass for them, so I’m a bit biased).

  10. Metallica S&M-The Call of Ktulu and Master of Puppets. Ktulu begins your descent into madness. At first the instrumentals are soft and soothing…but there is a storm brewing, my friend. Much like the dark places of your mind, there is something in this track that does not belong, and it wants to get out. A great conflict builds as the band and orchestra make sonic warfare for 8 long minutes, but there is no time in this place…only power. Let the rage build, boil and spill over the moment Master of Puppets starts and you hear the crowd roar and the guitars scream! Pulling 600lbs is easy; regaining your sanity is not.

  11. Wait until the 2:00 and go!

    At the 2:10 all hell breaks loose

    Some ‘metal’ that gets me going, wait until 2:50


    You can do magic AC, MAGIC!

    hahah holy shit this is awesome

  13. 600 big dawg!!!! Nice work!!!!

    Just curious…what song did you go with? Not exactly a song, but playing this during the lift was redemption.

  14. Oh yeah!!! 600 pounds is awesome. So god dang inspiring.

    ps. Your cue for bouncing triceps off the lats at the bottom of the press was a big key to success for me lately. I could never decide how deep to go at the bottom, and this cue provides the perfect answer.

    Thanks. Glad I could be of help.

  15. Awesome deadlift. This is my lifting track of late… I’ll be surprised if many other people like it, but you never know.

  16. Congrats AC. Pretty impressive with the surgery not too long ago and your crazy work schedule.

    Thanks a lot man. The surgery is still an issue. Not like pain or anything (sometimes). It took a lot of patience lol.

  17. Disappointed it wasn’t this song.

    I listened to this entire song lol. It reminds me of GTA.

  18. Christ, AC is a fucking beast. going beast mode all over the fucking place.

  19. LeonidasfromSparta

    Congrats brother! That’s how things get done!
    A little late to the party, but when going for PRs, I’m listening to this lately: Seether – Fine Again

  20. Was this post title a Tribe Called Quest reference?

  21. The buildup to this song makes for the best adrenaline rush ever. Seriously. Listen with headphones not speakers and you’ll see what I mean.

  22. Congrats AC, great lift! What´s your current bodyweight?

    Like roughly 219-223

  23. Could you explain how you do your rounded back extensions. What utility do you find in them?

    All that I really do is at the bottom of the extension (hips in flexion) I round my back. Just hamstring work.

  24. How do you weight the rounded back exts- 15kg plate to your chest?

    Chest or hold it behind you. Whatevers more comfortable

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