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Here is Agnes pulling 135×5. It’s painfully easy. One day she will be deadlifting well over 300. I just started to do bigger jumps for her because each week is definitely NOT challenge. I don’t want her to jump too high though because I want her to progress up at an even pace. She also has no concept of being aggressive during lifting so I want that to develop as well.

Burnt my fucking feet at the beach on Saturday. Real fucking cool. Thought I was a Tommy Tough Guy and tried to walk to the beach without shoes. Hot black pavement > my bare skin. Got some blistering. I’ll be killing myself if you need me. Shotgun to the dick (name that movie).

Press went exceedingly well today. Hit a PR of 255×3. I was just going for a double, but the rebound was so good and felt so easy I went for another. Honestly I could have gotten four. I didn’t video it. I had a song playing to amp me up over the loud speakers but I didn’t time it right. I was getting cold so I just put on my headphones and went after it.

In work news, the two bar staffs are in a picture battle as of yesterday. This was the one that started it. If you have any ideas please let me know. I want our bar to win. We are gonna print out the picture of the winning team.

Squat: 445×5/430×5/415×5
RDL’s: 195x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 265x5x3
BB Curls: 40k x5x3

Was real tired today training. I don’t have a sleep schedule so I can never adjust properly throughout the week. O the day will come where I don’t have to be up til 3AM.

Press: 180x3x3
Dips: 135x6xx3
Tricep Pushdowns: 80x15x3
Tricep Pull-downs: 60x15x3

Rack Pull: 520×5
DE Squat: 315×2/On the Min/5 min (Real tired today so I didnt go full 10)
BB Curls: 40kx10x3

Press: 255×3 PR!!!!
Close-Grip: 335x3x3
Side Laterals: 25x12x3
Side Raises: 20x12x3
Front Raises: 20x12x3

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  1. The position of your right arm robs the viewing audience of your impressively thick thighs. Consider re-shooting.

    lol noted.

  2. Do you feel like the side/front raises/laterals, etc help your shoulder feel better?

    Not really, no. It’s more for yolkage. Not benching every week makes my shoulder feel better.

  3. Is it Hobo With a Shotgun? Or Pulp Fiction?

    And I just heard this for the first time, get’s me focused pretty well.

    Hot Tub Time Machine. C’mon!!!!! Song is legit.

  4. Pulp fiction!

    But yeah man, I had hip surgery last thursday and so I’m chilling and walking around with my one crutch like a boss. I’m recovering wayyyyyyyyyyy faster than most of the logs I’ve read online, except for a guy who had one on Everyday I have better ROM and strength. My follow up appointment is in a week so I’ll find out much more then, but I’m already able to move my leg up and down a lot. Which I couldn’t do at all after the surgery. Grats on the press PR mang, I have a buddy at my college who just set a federation record at 100% raw for jr. 242s with 416. He’s a beast. And for the bar staff pic definitely recreate a famous piece of art. THat’s always a good direction to go

    Glad to hear that you are coming back like a champ. Thats a monster press. Good for him. Update me after your appt.

  5. Life PR – wife and I found out our first kid is going to be a boy! Training PR- squat 275×10 For the bar photo you need to do this photo

    Congrats homie. Im sure you wanted a boy right? Jesus that meme is scary.

  6. nice pressing mayne! Too bad you haven’t got the vid of it. Ah well 260 is more impressive 🙂

  7. Recreate the Sistene Chapel painting.

    If you do it true to the painting I think it’s end game.

  8. Hey AC, ESPN did a 30 for 30 short on Arnold, thought you might like to watch it:

    Watched it. Anything he does is inspiring.

  9. I’ve found lack of aggression to be the hardest thing to improve in someone. It seems more ingrained in their personality, and if they are just not aggressive by nature it’s almost impossible to get them to be aggressive at a bar.

    Well she has the desire, I just have to funnel it somehow. Brent is the only guy I know who is the opposite of most lifters.

    • Well if you ever find the secret then let us know, my wife could do with it. And me to a degree if I’m being brutally honest.

  10. I pressed my body weight (185) over head today. I feel like I could have gotten a double but I had no energy today/this week. It was still cool though, ya’know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

    You need to punch your body forward more, get under the bar faster. Cue “Under” 🙂

  11. My commment is not showing up on your blog for some reason.

    I have to approve all of them now for some stupid reason.

  12. Those deadlifts look ezpz.

    Some people are pretty “meh” when it comes to lifting. I’ll be interested to see if you can cultivate more intensity with her.

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