Did have to work this past weekend, well not on Saturday, so I feel a bit more rested. It would be tight if all I had to do everyday was to lift and eat. Only if. I really want to get into Muay Thai (SP?) and back into Jiujitsu. I kinda crave more physicality out of my training and I want a thick neck. I think down the road when I leave Statesboro here in a bit I am going to find a place to do that. Here is my Press from today. Felt good. I am getting some consistent neck soreness on my left side. Gotta do some trap mashing, maybe that will clear it up.

Apparently I can’t fucking embed it. Every time I do then click update on the blog it just deletes the code. Here is the link to the video.

Today (9/11/12) felt good even though I had about 4 hours of sleep. Dipshit neighbors were riding their mini-bike around real late last night. Had to go out there ask them to stop. They were looking for trouble so I just called the cops. Kept me up. Surprisingly easy pull though today. Was consistent all throughout todays session.

Taking an applied sports physiology class and our chapter was supplements. Probably gonna start taking more shit here soon. Maybe some pre and post workout to try to enhance my lifting. My teacher is HUGE on creatine. She showed us a bunch of studies on it and it was pretty compelling. Might give it a shot here soon. Actually drank coffee before I lifted due to the effects of caffeine. It’s not the best way to get it because its not direct caffeine, but it pushed back my point of fatigue on volume day. It was nice. Might start doing that more often.

Squat: 445×5/430×5/415×5
RDL’s: 175x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 285x3x3

Press: 175x3x3
Dips: 185x3x3
Tricep-Pushdowns: 80x15x3
Tricep-Pulldowns: 60x15x3

Deadlift: 530×2
Dynamic Effort Squat: 315×2/On the Minute/8 Minutes
Rounded Back-Extensions: BWx10x3
BB Curls: 45×55

Press: 250×2
Close-Grip: 335×3/345×3/350×3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3
Side Laterals: 35x12x3
Side Raises: 25x12x3

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3QP1kYWuMI

    That’s all I could think off when I read Choooooo Choooooo.

  2. After watching how easily you pressed that weight I just want to say two things: 1) Yes, you deserve to die, and 2) I hope you burn in hell.

    lol thanks man. I always like to hear from fellow lifters

    • Also, there is a great MMA gym in Nashville called Ed Clay’s. My cousin grappled on Indiana’s BJJ top team and he said Ed and his coaches are some of the best in the country, especially for the price. Where you thinking about relocating after Statesboro? Peace.

      Potentially the New Orleans area

      • Just out of curiosity, what’s the move for? Seems like a cool place, I’ve always wanted to visit. Also, I stole your tip about forcing the elbows into external rotation on the press and it seemed to help out quite a bit my shoulders felt much better afterward!

        A job. Glad I could help man. It’s way easier now isn’t it?

        • Ah cool. Yeah it gives me a lot better base to push off of if that makes sense. My shoulder girdle feels loads more secure to press with just from the cue.

  3. Royce Gracie has a Jiu Jitsu school here where I live, but it’s crazy expensive. Josh Koscheck runs a school here too that teaches muay thai & kickboxing and all the other MMA stuff, but his is really expensive too.

    I trained at a place called Tiger Academy. They were a gracie school and would always have the gracie family there. Place was legit. Expensive as well.

  4. Do your elbows tend to flare out as the weight goes up (from set to set) with OHP? I’m not sure if the weight is just heavy for me or what, but my warm up sets I can keep my elbows tucked in, but as soon as I get to heavy (for me) weight, my elbows flare out. Does this mean I’m using too much weight?

    Yeah they flair out a little. I try to stop it as much as I can by cueing it. Do you do any mobility for your shoulders?

  5. AC. It’s time for me to get some lifting shoes. What brand do you wear?

    Are there any brands that you would recommend I go for or avoid?

    I live in the UK. Any ideas of decent stockists over here? Justin posted links on the main site but they were for US and Canada.

    I have found http://www.213kg.com/ which is UK based and seems alright. Any thoughts?

    You look like you could have got another rep on that press video. Great job. Find the videos you post are massively inspiring. Keep up the good work!

    As long as you just get a pair you’ll be fine. I’ve had a pair of VS’s for over 3 years. They have held up pretty well. They were great quality for the price and how long they have lasted. I haven’t really heard much of any companies to avoid man. Check out some Adidas. I probably could have tripled it. I never think to do another one because Pressing, although it may look easy, is tough as fuck.

    • Just my $.02. If you can’t get the VS (which at the time I ordered my Do-Wins the VS’s were out of my size) look at the Rogue 2012 Do-Wins.


      I bought these last year, it’s my first lifting shoe so I can’t compare to much. But as far as fit and overall quality they seen to be very nice. I wear them 4 days a week for lifting and they’ve held up well. The two metatarsal straps are awesome and really lock down your foot. The price wasn’t anything crazy but I dunno how it would be to the UK.

      • I have a paid of Wei Ruis that I’ve trained in for over a year now I think. If you’re actually competing in weightlifting I’d say get something better, but if you’re just squatting, etc. in them they are fine.

  6. Press was awesome.

    Thanks man

  7. Two goes at the curls now. Respectable 50 and 55. You like them?

    Just something quick yeah cause I fucking hate curls. I had a tough workout so I am just upping them by 5’s every time.

    • I tried the 45xMax Reps curls last night at the end of my workout. I got 50, but fuuuuuuck. Could barely lift my arms to take my shirt off afterwards. Next week I’m going to try for 60, rest 1 minute and go for max reps again.

  8. I pressed 140 x 9 yesterday, felt like a big man. Then I watched your video. If I could just press 200 x 2 by next spring/summer I would be really happy.

    Why are you doing sets of 9?

  9. AC, try having Agnes do some ghetto Graston on your trap. I use the butt end of a butter knife and some Jergen’s. Basically have her hold the knife at an angle and press it into your trap and then slide it down. It works awesome.

  10. Sick Press man. Question: you guys ever play around with having Bench and Press intensities on the same day? I know Justin writes about putting a push-press after Bench on intensity but I’m wondering if you guys have tried pushing up Bench and Press on the same week.

    Nah. I’d always do Heavy Press/Volume Bench. You could I guess.

  11. I’ve noticed most of the 70’s Big guys do their RDLs really light in comparison to their squat/dead. Do you just not want the extra fatigue? I feel like I benefit from going pretty heavy on RDLs…like almost the same weight as my volume squat.

    I would go heavier except for the fact I work on the Weekends and the only place RDL’s fit for me is Fridays. I have to be on my feet and up til 4AM. Not the best recovery situation.

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