More work?

I had to work Friday, Saturday, and be the DD for the other bars employee party on Sunday. All three nights staying up past 4 AM. My body doesn’t know what to do right now. I slept well last night. So it’s all good for right now. O wait. I have to fucking work tonight too. FML. My bench was shit yesterday. Roughed out 395 for a single. Did a drop set with 365×3. That was easy, but I am still upset. Now that I am rotating my bench and press I am gonna have to wait til next week for redemption. If work keeps hindering my lifting like this I am gonna have to request less days or freakin quit. AND I’m getting a fucking hangnail. AND my neck has been bothering me for three days now. WTF. I won’t be posting that much this week so I am sorry for that. My days are just zooming by so I don’t have much time.

At least we got one cool pic out of Sunday

And heres what I did today.

Squat: 445×5/430×5/415×5
RDL’s: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 265x5x3
BB Curls: Empty Barx50

Bench: 335×5/320×5/305×5
Dips: 160x5x2/160×3
Tricep Pull-downs: 80x12x3
Tricep Push-downs: 60x12x3

Squat: 515×2/530×2
Power-Cleans: 200x2x5
Rounded Back-Extensions: BWx10x3
Hammer Curls: 55x10x3

Bench: 395×1/365×3 Exhausted from work
Close-Grip: 315×3/325×3/335×3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

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  1. solid pic – i like how the guy in the upper right, his arm is merging with yours.

    Hahaha I didnt even notice

  2. Scumbag AC: Goes to bed at 4AM. Still benches 395.

    But seriously, lack of sleep fucking blows. Hawt Squats

    Yeah had to work tonight too. Just getting to bed 3:00AM

  3. Those doubles looked ezpz, brah! Strong work. Hey I want to warn you, if you have not tried the 100 curls with an unloaded barbell yet, maybe just do 50. I did the full hundo and I think I jacked up myr right biceps. Seriously I can’t straighten my arm w/o pain and its been 4 days. Am I gonna die?!?!? 🙂

    I’ll try it Friday. Thanks for the heads up. You’re probably gonna have to get your arms surgically removed.

    • Do the 100’s once a week for a month. Your arms will be tight,sharp, and noticeable. Bitch’s be floodin when you wear a tank.

      I’ll work up to it. It’s gonna fuck me up. You said one set of 100 right? but start with 50?

      • one set of 100 is the goal. Do as many as you can without rest, then when you hit the wall, rest without letting go of the bar and do mini sets of 5-10reps. My advice for first time is do as many as you feel “comfortable” the first set, ex:45reps. Then take a short break and hit it again for two more “comfortable” sets. With the extra sets try to get your total reps to 100.

  4. Those squats looked stupidly easy.

    I wish my gym played woodkid…

    They felt slow because I was tired from working all weekend. A little redbull helped . . . and cocaine. Luckily the other coaches weren’t in there so I could play it over the loudspeakers.

  5. Look at that subtle off-white coloring from the chalk on his back. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, he even hit it for a double!

    Impressive . . . nice

  6. srs question: where do you get your shorts?

    as far as pants go levi 569’s fit me well. shorts are a problem, though. only shorts I could find that fit me are RL 6″ inseam pleated shorts, the ones that every man over the age of 60 wears (I got two pairs for like $20 each though, fuckin steal). in the summer i’m forced to wear those or gym shorts all day err day.

    I just get cargo shorts at Kohls. I don’t have a shred of style and my thighs are too thick to fit into normal shit. I pretty much wear cargos all the time and I have one pair of khaki shorts that fit.

  7. Sometimes my neck gets jacked up after heavy deadlifts. Especially if I hold the lockout for any length of time.

    Also, I work in surgery and I HATE getting called in the middle of the night for emergency surgeries cuz it messes with training. You should just quit work and focus on lifting.

    Also, solid work on the hammer curls… How long are your rest periods between swollertrophy sets?

    I am REALLY thinking about quitting. They got me working 3/4 nights a week we are open and they want me on 4. I’m restless and groggy because I have no sleep schedule. What is your exact job title? I take about a minute.

    • Official title is “Dr. Strong,” which is what they page overhead when there is an unruly patient that requires strong male intervention.

      Paycheck says “RN Circulator” (male nurse).

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