J&B Straight Up and A Corona

Edit: This might make me lose cool points with some of you, but I don’t give a shit. I want to kick more ass at Diablo 3. WILL CRITIQUE/PROGRAM FOR GEAR. IF you play.

Did some volume press work. Finally feel good after work on Tuesday. It usually takes a day to recover from standing and sweating all night. Shits gay. Got Agnes lifting again now. If I didn’t mention it before she went back to Poland for a bit. Im having her go light so she can transition back into it without being ungodly sore. This time next week she will be in full swing. I’m having her journal all of her lifting so she can get used to keeping track of it. If you don’t do this then I suggest you do. Chris just ran out of pages from his journal from a few years ago. I used to keep one as well before I started posting it online.

I also started doing more “Body-building” stuff just for some extra hypertrophy so I can looked more jacked. Oddly enough I’ve gained 5 pounds and people are telling me I look skinnier. Thats the last thing you want to tell someone who works his/her ass off in the gym every week to get bigger and stronger. My body composition might have changed a little. Now it’s time to get huge pipes.

Squat: 445×5/430×3/415×3 Back was fried from pulling Tuesday
RDL’s: 150x5x3
Back was too tight/sore to continue. Wasn’t worth it.

Press: 170x3x3 (Shoving my elbows into external while in the rac position is saving my ACJ)
Dips: 135x5x3
Tricep Pushdowns: 80x10x3 (its not that much here, but the machine only has one pulley so its a lot harder than most)
Tricep Pulldowns: 60x10x3

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  1. Re: Huge Pipes

    I got this from Paul Carter (Lift-Run-Bang). Do as many curls with an empty barbell as possible. Shoot for 100 reps. Your arms will thank you. I have also done the 100 for band tricep push downs. Swole and throbbin. I do not do this for “strength” just size so strength can follow. You will always have a greater potential from a car with a v8 vs v4. No replacement for discplacement. Muscle is the same.

    I’ll give it a shot

    • There’s a funny video of Wendler killing himself on these with Paul Carter laughing like an evil hyena behind the camera.

  2. Can you elaborate on this, “Shoving my elbows into external while in the rac position is saving my ACJ”? I am trying to save my left shoulder. I have some ACJ inflamation in it (I assume) from BP and OHP.

    I imagine you do a more strict type press? Do you use any stretch reflex in the press or do you pause in the rack position?

    I don’t like calling it “strict” because it is a Press. That’s all it is. Like you wouldnt say “I’m gonna do a lay-down bench”. There are lots of Press’s, but in the strength training context we can assume Press is just a Barbell Press. Sorry. It’s like nails on a chalk board to me. I’ll denote the type of press if I ever do anything other than it, like Push/Jerk/Etc. Moving on. When you are in the rac position cue to yourself “elbows in”. You are going to squeeze your elbows towards each other. This will put them into more external rotation saving your ACJ, at least it will take the stress of them. I use a stretch reflex after the first rep for the remainder of the set. Still considered just Press. Does that clear it up? Ask away if you have any other questions

    • Yes, I think so. It sounds like the cue is to prevent flaring of the elbows out similar to tucking on the bench?

      I would consider myself a novice trying to learn via the interwebs, so forgive me. There is no one in my gym that seems like they know much about strength training(including trainers), which is a shame becuase it is a military facility. I have to take the fucking maxi pad off the squat bar every morning. 🙄

      Very similar. It’s ok man. I am sorry for responding like that. It’s one of my pet peeves. I feel your pain man. One day you can train like a real boy. What branch are you in?

      • No problem. I almost asked you if you pressed like rippetoe prescribes, which probably would have been worse 😯 . I’ve been in the Navy for about 8 years, landed a sweet desk gig where I proceeded to get weak and fat.

        The gym on base really gets me… They took the chalk away last year. Last week I watched a guy load the bar up with 405. I was like dayum, that’s my goal to squat that in a year or so. Then I saw his basketball shoes….. Then he put the little fag pad on the bar and did some 1/4 squats. 😕

        Ha well I do press like Rip teaches. Minus the elbow evolution I just added. Can you bring your own chalk? Usually if they know you are not a douche then they don’t mind. Most guys who load up 405 do that shit.

  3. This video seems like it may be relevant to your interests.


    I like it a lot

    • I need a home gym so I can play weirdo music like this. I hate the pop music at my gym. And headphones just aren’t as good as a loud stereo for training.

      It’s weird I actually prefer the headphones. Stereo has to be real loud to get the same effect for me.

      • Yeah, at my old gym I could put anything I wanted on the radio and play it as loud as I wanted. It was almost always empty and there was dog pee on the floor. I wonder why it went out of business?

        Ha its a mystery

  4. I guess it is just because you look more jacked people tell you you are skinnier because in their reference skinnier means better looking. Or it is because you are neglecting the four-way neck machine 🙂

    Ha well I just started pressing again and my neck gets sufficiently sore from that so we will see

  5. Holy shit those dips

    Explain difference between pushdown and pulldown? I’ve called the same exercise with both names before, so I’m curious as to what you’re doing.

    When USAPL moves to the new IPF weight classes, are you going to make a push to be closer to 230?

    Push is with the bar and pull is with the rope. Looks like I am going to have to get closer to 230. I don’t know if I want to though. Thats a lot of mass for my frame. I’m not that big.

    • I guess I’ve only ever done the pulldowns then. Ropework4lyfe!

      It’s funny you say that. We’re around the same height, and I’m just a bit lighter than you (205ish) and I still feel like I’m really small for my frame.

  6. AC, how long did you do bodybuilding then the transition to crossfit before straight powerlifting?

    This was probably over a 7 year period.

  7. I put on about 20 pounds over this past summer. And I worked hard to not only gain the weight but to put weight on the bar. I went to a wedding rehearsal yesterday and was told “omg you look a lot smaller than the last time I saw you” by my friend’s sister. She specifically used the word “smaller” not skinnier, not less fat, but smaller. I cried.

    lol It’s a horrible feeling isn’t it? I know now why you cry.

  8. Glad to see the press is going up and Anges is back in the Thunder Dome!

    So I straight up racked myself in the knee on a coffee table last night, just straight up, get off the couch, knee/patella right f’ing into it. It felt awful last night. It feels better this morning, I’m going to ice it over lunch, sux cause today is my squat day, I think i’ll just do some air squats and enjoy the weekend then get back to it next week depending on how it’s feeling.

    Yeah that shit blows when that happens. Its amazing how that can take you out for a few days.

    • def. a real ball buster. I’ll just ice it up and take a few days off, I figure it should be better after the weekend and feasting at Golden Corral (my first time tomorrow, I’m going to destroy it).

      Side question? Are you going to see Lawless or any other movies lately – give us your review plz.

      I want to see lawless but I fucking hate Shy Lebouaeux or whatever his fucking name is. Ill see if its online somewhere

      • He’s the main reason I’m hesitant to see it. He claims he gained 40 pounds in a month for the role. Plus that old Virginia accent seems really easy to screw up and just get annoying.

      • haha I can’t agree more. Sha – Shae – Shai – Shia……ugh.

  9. If your goals are to get bigger, lift with that goal in mind.

    Muscle hypertrophy is largely about volume (40-60 reps per muscle) and lifting around the right intensity (above 80%). You may want to look into running a upper/lower split focused on growth for a while. 3×3 is not going to cut it.

    It might also be a nice change of pace from all the heavy lifting.

    Just an outside opinion. Hope you continue to stay healthy and strong lifting as always. Always inspiring.

    It would just be for the pipes. I need to up the volume on those puppies. Thanks man.

  10. Hey man,

    Been following this site and your log over the last couple of years since I began training. Awesome stuff man.

    Have you ever read any stuff by Pavel Tsatsouline? He’s got a “Russian Bear” program for hypertrophy. Basically just doing between 10-20 sets of 5 with 30-90sec rest at about 70-80% of your 5RM. Don’t know anyone who has done it though…

    I’ve heard vaguely of that. Yeah it’s all based on hormonal response so once you have an idea of how that works then you can alter your training. Im gonna give some of the high rep stuff a shot, only for my arms of course.

    • Tried The Bear for Deadlift/Press….DL busted through a plateau, press not so much, but got some epic shoulder pumps. Stock up on ibuprofen and ice if you give it a shot though.

  11. I’m on D3 all the time (as you know). What are you looking for? I can set stuff aside for you as I farm if I find something you’re looking for. I don’t need any help at the moment since I’m not currently lifting, but I can take you up on that part down the road.

    His res/strength for gear. Maybe some life reg. Weapons with sockets and LOH.

    • Damn, a couple weeks ago I had a 900dps sword with 117 strength, 35 vitality, 874 life on hit and 45% critical hit damage. It sold for 20 million, if it had a socket it probably would’ve gone for a lot more. I’ll keep an eye out when I farm from now on.

      Wow holy shit. I found a dagger that did 850 LOH and had all this sick extra shit, but did 400 dps. I was so fucking pissed.

  12. I did 100 curls with the bar on Friday and I haven’t been able to straighten my arms since. Seriously, I think I fucked up my right bicep. Shit’s tarded now.

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