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Started to rotate my press and bench so I could have a little less stress from benching all the time. Let’s see if it pays off in the next few weeks. Made an adjustment to my press as well. I widened my grip just a hair and when the bar is in the rack position I jam my elbows into external rotation. Felt a lot better on my AC and was actually a little faster out of the hole. It was nice. Hit 245×2 no problem. Today (Tuesday) I deadlifted 575. It wasn’t slow, but not fast. It was nice and smooth. After that I did some speed squats and that wore me out completely. I was supposed to do some auxiliary stuff but I was kinda tired and the workout was running long.

Agnes is back in town now until January. Im pumped about that. She is gonna start lifting tomorrow. Ordering her shoes as I type this. I love seeing progress so I can’t wait for a month or so down the road to see where she is at.

And here is us just being badass at work

Deadlift: 575
Dynamic Effort Squat: 315×2/On the min/6 min (increasing by one minute each time to get back to ten)

Press: 245×2
Close-Grip: 315x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

  1. awesome things going on! Interesting to see how the press/bp rotation is going to work.

  2. Discovered that a friend of mine’s terrible Sean Connery impression actually sounds EXACTLY like Bane. Naturally we went to a steak place and ordered everything as Bane. The manager knows my friend and came over to talk, and he just carried on being Bane. Manager didn’t bat an eye. It was awesome.

    Not even phazed.

  3. Good to hear the press is back and running.

    Haha in that second pic Norman’s face looks like the Joker.

    BTW I listened to the last song in ‘The Grey’ when squatting last week, I felt like I could squat a f’n mountain.

    That song really gets the adrenaline going

  4. Norman is looking jacked! Nice pic with the daiquiri bar. They still sell one with golden grain? 181 octane or some shit like that. A legit question. How does the football program change there lifting from preseason to in season?(assuming you still work with them)

    They pretty much all have grain alcohol in them. Its long to describe, but there is significantly less volume and less overall work done in the weight room.

  5. I was in a long-distance relationship for a while (we’re living together now). The visits are fucking great (but too short). Enjoy, dude

    I will dude. Glad someone else had to go through that.

  6. Have you used the line on her yet?

    lol I’ll show her the hotel info later today then drop it.

  7. Sup man so my hip surgery date is september 20 and what I’ve been thinking about is that it would be sweet to pull 500 before then I pulled 475 last Tuesday for a fairly tough single. However, I had also been walking and swimming all day for my camp counselor job. Any tips on how to pull it off? I’m between 175 and 180 at 5’7 for some background

    How hard was 475? Youve got 3 and a half weeks to pull a 1RM again. I think you have time. Keep the training as is for now then hit it before your surgery. It will be EZ.

    • fuuuu. i went for 485 today and missed it. barely cracked it off the ground as I felt my back rounding. 455 felt heavy too. I’m gonna work my ass off but idk if it ill happen

      Maybe you shouldnt be doing 10 pound jumps.

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