The Shadows Betray You, Because They Belong To Me

I’m really running out of title ideas at this point. Training resumes as normal this week. Hit 385×2. Felt a little funky. Hadn’t gone heavy since the meet and my shoulder is a concern now. Hopefully with the mechanical change I can keep it healthy. Close-Gripped 315 for some triples and then did some weighted chins. I’ll be back on my normal routine except instead of benching every week I am going to alternate Bench/Press like I used to. Probably for 2-3 months. Mainly to give my problem areas more rest. I think the constant benching has caused some issues.

Had to work Saturday btw. It was pretty miserable. Outside in what felt like a sauna for about 5 hours. This is a guesstimate, but over 600 people came through the building. It was busy ALLLL night. Imagine that lunch rush at a restaurant, but the entire night. And with drunks. And with bitches. And with assholes. And with people who feel entitled to everything. It was a clusterfuck. Definitely made me not miss it, but I do it because I love to hate people.

Had my friend Steve mash my elbows for about a minute each. Hurt so fucking bad. I’ve got knots in there that need to be worked out badly. Hurt so fucking much, but its such a huge relief after.

Squat: 445×5/435×5/415×3
RDL’S: 135x5x3
Drove to ATL and went straight to the gym. Tired from travel.

Bench: 345×5/330×3/315×3 (Some funk with my left arm)
Dips: 90x5x3
Side Laterals: 30×10/35×10/40×10
Side Raises:25×10/30×10/35×10

Squat: 500×2/515×2
Dynamic Effort Pulls: 315×2/On the min/5 minutes (Will sets next time)
BB Curls: 90x10x3
Mashed elbow with Lacrosse ball

Bench: 385×2
Close-Grip: 315x3x3
Chin-Ups: 45lbx5x3

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  1. You didn’t get bit this time, at least?

    No thank god.

  2. Glad to hear you’re bringing the heavy overhead pressing back.

    Trying to hit 300 before the years out.

  3. Are you doing more close-grip, or are you switching completely? I’ve read of a few guys – Paul Carter of lift-run-bang comes to mind – who close-grip exclusively because of prior shoulder issues.

    And on an unrelated note, were you always able to get psyched up before every lift, or did it come with time? I find there are days when although I’m energised and raring to go, I can’t tap into that emotional well (if you know what I mean) and then there are days when it comes really easily. I definitely can’t just switch it on by willpower alone, at least not at the moment.

    I am doing the same amount of close-grip. I am just alternating my bench and my press weekly. Any internal rotation hurts it so I just have to keep that elbow tucked. Dude there are days when I have to force myself to lift. Some days I can get psyched up and some days I just go through the motions. I can’t do it every single time. Now over time I have gotten better at it, but I can’t turn it on sometimes.

  4. God when I helped work the door at a bar in college that was the best part – just ripping on dbags/bitches all day. Knowing some behemoths are on your side and none of you are drunk so you could destroy any brolio.

    I miss it.

  5. Ok cool. Good to know I’m not just dead inside.

  6. My proximal forearms felt like gristle and knots, so I lacrossed ’em for a while a couple weeks ago. I must have over done it, cuz then I couldn’t bench proper or get my hands over the squat bar without some “bad” type pains deep in the elbows.

    Not bad like “this hurts too much” but bad like “dude, seriously, you messed something up.”

    Took 3 weeks to get back to previous strength levels without the pain. Hope you enjoyed my story.

    Yeah you never want to crush it at first man. Because you CAN over do it.

  7. Internal rotation hurts me too. I have been mashing the hell out of my pec/anterior delt area as well as stretching the lat and it seems to be helping. It’s funny I just read the comment about psyching up because tonight I felt terrible during my squats and I found myself stomping my feet and shaking the bar before setting up to try and get into it. It probably looked really weird but luckily I was alone in the gym. Just me and my shame.

    Ha if you are alone then you never have to worry about yelling/making noise. No one can silently judge you.

  8. Can you talk about your shoulder and bench feeling funky? I’m fairly certain I have some bursitis in my left shoulder. There’s no pain during pressing or benching (and pain isn’t always the right word, just discomfort and a bit of clicking). It seems to be aggravated when I sleep on my stomach, but I’m trying hard to convert to side and back sleeping though it really sucks. I also switched to closer grip in the spring (about 2.5″ outside the innermost knurling).

    Also my bench has felt heavy for months despite not making progress in a year. I’ve decided to reset it, which I probably should have done a long time ago. It pisses me off because my bench is fucking shit already and I’m still pressing almost 75% of my bench. I know being more consistent in my training will solve 90% of my problems.

    Not really sure what I’m asking here. I guess I just want to know more about the funkiness you feel in your bench and shoulder and if you have any words of encouragement. If you want to tell me to fucking suck shit that’s okay too.

    I just need to make my own training blog already so I have a place to get this shit out.

    My Sternoclavicular joint and my Acromioclavicular joint are/have been getting jammed lately. Had to have a chiro open them up for me, but when my left elbow flares out they jam right back up. It also gets aggravated when I sleep on my left side. I’d suggest you get it checked out if you have the money. That way you can know EXACTLY what it is an you can potentially treat it yourself. You’ll be fine dude. Shit like this happens to everyone and resets happen too. I was benching 425 for doubles and now I get crushed by it. Shit happens. You have to be patient.

    • Is that anything like impingement syndrome? I’m almost certain I have that and some subacromial bursitis. I can’t afford to go to a PT (I have Don’t Die insurance but have to pay out of pocket to see the doctor) but I might be able to swing for a chiropractor or massage therapist.

      Thanks for the words. I’ve gotten back to a much more positive attitude about my training over the last few days.

      No, its not impingement. Don’t die insurance legit lol. See a chiro if you are going to do anything. Try to find one first that knows what to look for. Maybe one with an athletics background, like works with sports. I say it because you would think they would know what to look for, but Chiros who consistently treat or work with sports know exactly what to look for with lifting injuries.

  9. My Bane picture is famous 😎

    lol I told Justin to squeeze that pic in a post somewhere

  10. Dude your nationals video got me hooked on Do I See Color. I’ve never listened to dubstep at all and so far I haven’t been able to find anything on the same level. Any suggestions?

    Most adventure club is awesome. You have to sort out the shit that is too much noise. Check my youtube favorites acanecc1.

  11. The adrenaline these two videos produce is always enough to carry me through shitty days at the squat rack. If you like house music, I recommend you download the audio from them.


  12. Seriously running out of Batman Rises quotes???

    Victory has made you weak?

    It would be very painful…….for you

    Theatricality and deception are powerful agents against the uninitiated but we are initiated…long but I am sure you can make it work hmm thats what she said haha

    Speak of the devil and he shall appear

    I can quote all day. I was referring to making new titles. At least ones that reference what will be in the post.

  13. Dips don’t blow up your AC joint issue? I tried some the other night and have had a bit of soreness in my right AC joint. With just BW my AC screamed at me right away.

    Surprisingly it does not.

  14. I had an AC joint problem for a long time in my right shoulder that would never keep me from benching, but after benching it would flare up and certain times would be pretty painful. Come to find out my right arm is about 1.5″ longer than my left arm. I fixed my grip so my right hand is moved slightly farther down the bar than my left and no more shoulder problems. Thought I’d share a weird story. haha.

  15. The title of this post was stuck in my head — Bane talking about darkness — when I woke up this morning.

    Not sure if that’s relevant.

    How bout I’m rotating press and bench again too and it makes my shoulder feel better too?

    How much better does it feel?

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