R & R have been important, until now.

Did some “Medium” work earlier this week. Nice easy day so I wouldn’t be so fucked up going into my volume. Couldn’t lift on schedule because the RAC wasn’t open yesterday and Ironworks is all over the place because football is in camp. I assume I’ll be back at the RAC for the next week. Yay. I’ll kick it into regular training next week including all of the accessory work. Never hurts to ease into it after a break. Going to see The Expendables here soon. It’s going to be a jizzfest to see all of my favorite action stars together again. When you grow up with these guys as your hero’s its sad to see them get old, but you don’t want them to stop. Hopefully I’ll meet Arnold at the Arnold’s. After that moment I am going to bang my girlfriend without washing my hands (shaking arnolds hand) then put a .45 in my mouth and end it all.

In other banter, my friend Evan is starting to work out with me now. I fucking hope he sticks with it. He is a fucking monster even though he doesn’t lift. If he gets into it there will be another guy competing in the 242’s thats ferocious. Also my asshole ex roommate benched 500 and he weighs 250. His name is Elliot and he is a big fucker. He’s the one all the way to the left

Squat: 445×3/430×3/415×3
Bench: 345×3/330×3/315×3

Squat: 405×3
Hammer Curls: 50x10x3

Bench: 315×3
Press: 165×5

  1. “I will show you where I have made my home while preparing to meet Arnold, then I will bang you.”
    – AC’s last words to his girlfriend.

    Wow I am definitely using that when my girlfriend gets back in town. You made my day.

  2. Good job at nationals, dude. That video was tits. I have watched it a bunch of times now because it fires me up and I really like the song.

    Thanks man. It means a lot.

  3. AC,

    Have you had any experience of getting your athletes bigger and stronger during the course of the season?

    I need to get bigger and stronger to challenge at the level I want, and because of this I’m debating taking a season out to concentrate on it, but I’ve missed playing over the past few months.

    Do you do consultations?

    Most of the work during the season is “maintenance”. Keeping them healthy and keeping the bar moving. It’s not for size. Most of it is speed work with mild intensity sprinkled in. Keep in mind I intern there so I am not the top authority on that, but that is how it is done here at Georgia Southern. Other places might do something different, but in-season it is more about practice and game prep. You should have plenty of time to get big in the off-season. I could do a consultation, sure. Email me at Acis70sbig@gmail.com

  4. You hang out with some big dudes, you look tiny in that pic.

    I look like a bitch in that photo.

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