Here you go

Had a lot of fun. Glad to hang out with some of my closest friends.

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  1. Your D3 Barb would be proud 😎

    lol He would. Only if he was real 🙁

  2. That was great. Gratz on the lifts, bummer about the sock bullshit.

    If it’s not too personal a question to ask, how the hell do you get so amped before a lift? You literally look like you’re about to kill someone.

    Shit happens. The bitch was too busy thinking about her next cheeseburger to pay attention on the first attempt. There are some inconsistencies and issues I have with USAPL, but no one will be perfect. I first off have really sad shit playing at all times (The Grey OST). I mainly listened to a Dark Knight Rises trailer. The music on top of my imagination can help me take off. Honestly, most of the time I think of my dad. He can really amp me up at meets. One time he said “That bar aint got no heart. That bar aint got no soul. It’s just steel. YOU got heart and YOU got soul. Let’s go son. I fucking lose it. You can see me fuckin my dad up with a hug after this squat. I think of him dying too from a Zombie attack too. Lol weird I know. I can get into more detail if you’d like.

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome. (Justin’s recap dwells so much on what could have gone better that it’s hard to remember how much good lifting happened. I don’t blame him, he’s just being a really good coach. But this vid is a really good counterpoint.)

    Good music choice, too. 😉

    Justin only sees the ability to improve so I can understand his post. The song is tits.

  4. this video gets me so jacked….so good AC

    Enjoy it.

  5. awesome vid ac! I really like your intensity. What was the problem with your socks, do they need to be longer or something?

    Weren’t long enough. They got through equipment check and my first attempt deadlift though. Sigh.

  6. You keeping the stache, or is it just for game day?

    Ha just for game day homie.

  7. Cool video dude. I love how (in that comment) you just waxed lyrical about the cool stuff your Dad says and then blow it out of the water with the zombie attack line. Why zombies?

    Because when we are running away from zombies in my imagination. We stop for one second and it seems clear, then the wall next to us breaks down and he gets over run. Nothing I can do about it but watch and run away.

  8. congrats everyone on the great job/work!!!

    AC – this might be your 9th symphony. Masterful work my friend! MASTERFUL!

    Ha its not that good, but thanks.

  9. If this is how you get with imaginary scenarios involving your dad, I can’t wait to see what happens when you have kids.

  10. Who does that song?

    Nero – My eyes

  11. The video is amazing. ITS GETS ME AMPED.

    It kind of reminds me of this gem.

  12. that hug was pretty awesome, i may or may not have teared up

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