We’re doing it man. We made it.

Going to Texas tomorrow. The meet is Saturday. Working to my last warm-up today for the training. There will be plenty of videos that come out of this weekend. No need to worry. There is also a live stream link if you want to watch all of us compete. Im sure Justin will have it up on the main site. I won’t have access to a computer for a few days so this will be my last post until I get back. Most likely after that I will be editing multiple videos for all of your entertainment so I won’t post for a little bit. No worries though. The following posts will have the video from the meet.

I have seen the thread about the hip surgery. Please continue it here. I don’t mean to mess up the communication by adding another post. I suggest you guys email each other because lately I have had to “approve” the comments for some reason. With that said, I won’t be near a computer to do that. So exchange contact info if you want to keep talking to each other.

I’ve already cried a few times this week because I am real pumped for this weekend. My “Limitless reserves of strength” (Brent) come from me being emotional lol. Look forward to crying in the video and having a fuck-ton of people seeing that.

Watch this video btw. It’s incredible.

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  1. The video blew my mind

    I can’t stop watching it.

  2. AC, some of my comments didn’t need approval and some did; weird. Thanks for letting us take up your blog with this.

    welyn, you can email me at aporter600@hotmail.com and we can continue from you last comment. I was told the bone spur cannot grow back. I have also been told this by a few people in some the facebook groups I am apart of. the main reason for unsuccessful operations is due to bursitis, scar tissue, and bad surgeons. You need to make sure your doctor has done this alot, and your physio knows a lot about hips and soft tissue work. At your age, and as long as your labrum and the arthritis tonnage are okay, you’ll be fine. Alex Rodriguez, Michelle Kwan, Bog Nog, and countless other athletes have had this surgery. Don’t stress until you’re at that point. Borrowing tomorrow’s trouble only makes today harder. Let me know if you need anything or if you just want to keep up with my progress since I am active and plan on lifting again

  3. man I feel like I’ve been away from the blog for far too long. It’s only been 5 days but it feels like 5 months.

    Haha that video is odd, but I like it. This guy has some serious swagger.

    Good luck at the meet can’t wait to see the pics/videos!!!

    • haha, you got married already in the meantime?

      • yes sir I sure did!!! Got married on Saturday.

        I have a pretty sweet story that I know the fellas here will enjoy. Short story long after the ceremony we had a party bus and went to a few locations to take pictures of the whole wedding party. One of these locations was our local Harley Davidson dealership which has some really old looking barns behind it. Well the Harley dealership was sponsoring a wrestling event and had among a bunch of amateurs, Badass Billy Gunn from DX (wrestler from WWF). Youtube search if you’re unfamiliar. Well one of my groomsmen flips out when he sees Billy and yells over to him. We start talking before he gets there about how great it would be all of us in our tuxes to get a “Suck It” pose with Billy.

        Billy comes over, says hello, the dude is still huge, and jokes and says lets get a pic doing the suck it. We all almost started crying. So with Badass Billy Gunn present all the groomsmen, ushers and myself lined up and did all yelled suck it and got pics taken. Haha I still can’t stop laughing about it and how hilarious the pic will be when we get it back.

        All in all it was a very memorable day I’ll never forget.

  4. Have you seen this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCSc6E4yG9s ?

    I heard about it on the radio yesterday, I guess it surfaced recently and people are speculating that Heath Ledger based his voice and mannerisms for the Joker on Tom Waits from this interview.

    I saw it yeah. It’s pretty clear. I don’t know why they are speculated.

  5. good luck to you and the guys ((again), I realized I also did this a few posts back)

  6. Good luck with the meet, AC.

  7. Hahah, I watched the vid several times now and I’m still waiting for Brent popping up in the background doing his interpretive dance

  8. LeonidasfromSparta

    Good luck bro!

  9. Do it up, brah! Have a good time. Summon the deamons, let them breath!!!

  10. Good luck this weekend, AC.

    Get fucking emotional and lift your ass off!

    Think of Hulk in The Avengers when he goes ape shit!

  11. Good luck man. If you can get some tears on a judge I’ll give you extra points.

  12. dude i just watched your meet. wtf happened on your 2nd deadlift attempt?!

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