Your Spirit Or Your Body

My friend came into town from Vanderbilt. Had to take this picture. Does this make us look gay?

Downloaded “Motion” today. Testing it out to see if I can make a nice intro graphic for 70s big. It’s gonna be my first time doing any of this so if any of you are familiar with it please email me if you can give me some pro-tips. I’ll try to post my results and you guys can tell me if its shit or not. If you guys have any cool ideas for a intro graphic let me know in the comments. I can maybe see if they work or I might steal it from you if the idea is cool.

I also got an iPhone today. If anyone has any cool apps that they use or they find come in handy. Post to comments please.

Did some mobility work and light lifts today. Really haven’t had much to write about. Not a lot going on for the taper.

Here is a picture for your entertainment.

Good Guy Bane

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  1. NBA Jam. It’s 99 cents and well worth the money. Especially when you’re on the shitter. Nothing like an announcer yelling, “Boomshakalaka” when you’re crapping.

    I also like MotionX Sleep. It goes off your body’s movement when sleeping to determine which stage you’re in, how long you’re in it, and a slew of other things. It’s also 99 cents. Or maybe it was two bucks. I can’t recall.

    Waze Navigation for obvious purposes. It’s free and the best navigation app I’ve seen for the iPhone.

    I lol’d at NBA jam. I need a navigation app so I’ll be downloading that. Thanks man.

  2. Oh my goodness. I haven’t laughed like that since… Well, it’s been a while. XD

    That is awesome. (To be fair, though, it was the doctor that wrecked his (Bane’s) face…)

    By the way AC, I’ve been wondering how much Oly lifting you’ve done? Anything beyond the obligatory Power Cleans?

    I’ve done some dabbling in C+J and Snatch. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I didn’t do it long enough and the style I was doing it in never worked for me. The Jump-Shrug method didn’t help. I was thinking about trying it after my Powerlifting career.

    • Oh, I see.

      When are you ending your pl career? Do you have some goal you want to hit first, or will it be when performance starts dropping? Or something else? Lol.

      I started out with the slow lifts, but when I first found out about Oly lifting when I was 15, I was hooked… I wasn’t actually able to train them until earlier this year, lol, but I’ve sure spent a long time learning them…

      I’d like to squat 600 and pull 650 before I stop. You need a good coach for weightlifting. It’s harder to do. At least for me, personally.

      • No kidding it’s harder to do. I think one of the reasons Snatching made such a big impression on me is because I got so incredibly FRUSTRATED trying to do it the first couple of times, lol. That never happens.

        I wish I had a coach, my goal is to snatch 315 lbs and C&J close to 400. I think I can get there before I’m 30, but without a coach, it’s gonna take a lot longer, and be a lot harder, I know.

        The things we do for love… 🙄

  3. I haven’t used motion, but I’m always available for artistic directions and motivation.

    Well if you have any creative ideas for a 70’s big logo then email me. The one I am working on right now is a logo that says “70’s Big” and the logo dolly’s in and there is a barbell behind it. Once it is in close enough weights kinda slap on it. It will take me a while. SOmething simpler might work too.

  4. Hey AC, I got xrays today at the doctor and apparently the hip pain I’ve been having is something called cam hip impingement. basically, my left femur is shaped weirdly and squatting aggravates it. So I’m probably having surgery some time next month and then will need at least a few months to recover before returning to squatting. I know you had surgery earlier this year and I don’t want my squat to fall too much. I also don’t think I can dead lift but I might be able to rack pull. Any ideas on how to keep myself from losing too much lower body mass and strength?

    You are just going to have to follow your PT’s instructions hombre. Read the below comment to get a first hand heads up of what you will do.

    • Do you have impingement in both hips? Have you had them both checked? I’m four months post op from the same surgery and I am not yet cleared to squat or pull. I am riding a stationary bike every day as part of PT, have been since the day after surgery. I’ve been able to at least keep my legs strong through the cycling. Depending on your PT protocol, you’ll be just working on ROM, flexibility, and hip integrity for the first few weeks. I just recently started adding in weighted glute bridges, leg ext, and hamstring curls. You’re looking at about 4-6 months before you can go back to “full” activity. Be diligent with your rehab; if not, scare tissue, bursitis, and a whole lot of other shit could happen. Also, see if you can get a CPM machine to use for the first month. You strap your leg in while you sleep; it slowly moves your leg and you increase the ROM as time goes on. This is a great way to help fight scar tissue. Good luck, PT is long and full of set backs. stay strong dude

      Thanks for commenting on this

      • thanks for the info. wow 4-6 months 🙁 that’s not gonna be fun. At least I can bench and press. I still haven’t gotten my MRI but the doc showed me the cam on the xrays.

      • did you get it arthroscopically?

        • Yes, I had mine done arthroscopic. One night in the hospital, and PT the following day. I’ve got two small holes on my hip, that’s it. Some folks have to have open surgery, and some also have to have the hip micro fractured in order to create more joint spacing. Also, severe hip dysplasia can cause them to microfracture as well. The microfracture is a whole lot worse and recovery is HARD. Not trying to scare you or anything, but I go to PT with a girl who had surgery a month before me, and I quickly passed her in rehab. One more thing I meant to tell you: you may as well start getting your piriformis, IT bands and flexors loose now. They are going to be tight as hell after surgery. That’s going to be your worst enemy trying to progress too quickly. Those suckers will seize up and spasm like crazy as you progress. The psoas is the main culprit. After my operation, I kept getting a pop in the front of my groin/hip. I got bummed out thinking the impingement was still there. Nope: my psoas got so tight it is rubbing across the front of my hip. I roll that sucker everyday and stretch out my hip flexors. Things are getting better now though. Justin just posted an article on the psoas last week. If you look in the comments section, I posted a few links to some good mobility exercises. I was born with hip dysplasia, so I may not have been able to avoid this crap; but I wonder if I would have given more time to the mobility/flexibility side of things, could I have alleviate some of the impingement.

          • Interesting, thanks again for the response. I’m concerned for the extended recovery period because it seems like the patient will never again be 100% according to the medical descriptions of hip impingement surgery. I want to be lifting for the rest of my life (I’m 18) and im surprised that something that seems so major can arise at my age and lifting experience. What is your age

          • my email is In case you don’t want to post yours

  5. Apps I use the most are IMDB, Flickster, Unit Conversion, Free Calculator, and Giant Timer. And Sudoku2.

    Thanks man. I just downloaded IMDB. Comes in handy for arguments.

  6. Was just chugging some milk and remembered you were gonna post a Gallon Challenge Video. Any idea when we might get to watch that summer blockbuster?

    The two other guys that were supposed to do it pussed out/are avoiding it. I’ll make sure they do it sometime.

  7. Leaving to see it in Imax finally 😎


    • It’s definitely the way to see it. So many Imax scenes in this one compared to TDK, and the sound was so much better.

      Looks like I need to do that now.

  8. Hawt pic. Remember it’s only gay if the balls are touching.


  9. Finally went to see BATMAN!! It was solid, tight, and with so much hype lived up to being awesome. As far as other Summer blockbusters I am down for the gallon challenge. Anyone want to go head to head on video, maybe some arm wrestling? Sweet embrace from a bromance is like no other. This the only one with shorts on?

    lol you can count me out. I’m a pussy. I’ve done a good bit of challenges in my day and I think I’m done.

  10. LeonidasfromSparta

    For the apps: Get Shazam.
    Also I suggest subscribing to IGN’s app store update, has great info on free apps and new ones every day.

    Just got Shazam. Great choice. I’ll check out IGN.

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