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Aaaaaaannnnnd here begins the taper for the meet. My volume is reduced to triples and I don’t have an intensity day this week. Then next week I warm-up to my openers and thats it for that day. The following workout is just a light day basically. I am pretty excited. I don’t know if I am more excited for the meet or more excited to hang out with my friends again. I’d like to see how suicidal Brent is these days.

Hopefully most of us saw The Dark Knight Rises this weekend. I won’t give out any spoilers in case someone hasn’t seen it. I really enjoyed it. It was a great way to wrap up a trilogy. The movie had some flaws here and there and some minor plot issues, but this movie is more about the emotional side of Batman and the tragedy that he constantly faces. Bane was cool as fuck. There was no problem understanding him talk. In fact, it made his lines that much more badass.

I did feel bad for him.

We can discuss some movie stuff in the comments if you guys want to. Keep in mind some people haven’t seen the movie. Preface with “SPOILER”.

Squat: 455x3x3

Bench: 345×3/330×3/315×3

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  1. I hope you’re going to film all of your lifts at the meet. I can’t wait to see em!

    Hardy did Bane good. His mannerisms and cocky walking was my favorite.

    LOL there was about 3 times where my dad had to ask me what Bane said. The surround sound in our local theater wasn’t the greatest, I had a hard time during a few spots in the movie.

    I guess it could depend on the theatre audio. The two places I saw it were high quality, but I have been to places that are shit. That could make the difference. We are going to film it all so don’t worry.

  2. I love the quote from your title. When he laid his fingers on that guys neck and said that. That was my favorite line of the movie.
    Joseph Gordon Levitt did a fantastic job too. He’s getting to be one of the better actors in Hollywood. I’d love to see him pack on just a few pounds so he can get involved in some leading action roles to accompany his work in dramas.

    That was one of the best parts.

  3. Dude, not gonna lie. Got a little misty at the end. The Dark Knight, man. The Goddamn Batman. What a story. Bane was tight. Felt like a mark cause I did not see (the thing that happend) coming. Really well done. Now lets see what happens with “Man of Steel.”

    It’s hard not to get misty when Michael Caine punches you in the face with emotion.

    • No kidding. The two times I started getting a lump in my throat were Alfred scenes… That guy is good.

  4. Also the role of “Bane” will be played by Traps McGee…er…Tom Hardy. Damn yo. Things came up to the bottom of his ears.

    He was pretty yoked.

  5. I liked Cat Woman, too.


    • I’m with AC on this one. I think Anne Hathaway kind of over-acts. But let’s be honest, none of us would kick her out of bed for eating crackers. She made that cat outfit look pretty hott.

      • =\ I dunno. I just enjoyed the character… Also, the goggles/cat ears were clever.

        It worked well in the movie, but I generally hate catwoman/anne hathaway.

        • This is actually this first time I’ve seen Hathaway, so I have no idea how she’s done in the past. But I will agree with you on Cat Woman. Frankly, when I first heard she was going to be in this movie, I was pretty surprised at Nolan, since she’s such a silly idea for a character, and has been portrayed so poorly/ridiculously in the past. Of course, Nolan doesn’t disappoint.

          tl;dr: Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to be going out and watching everything with hathaway or cat woman in it…

      • I didn’t mind the suit she was wearing

  6. Saw it again tonight 😎 3rd time has to be Imax.

    Ha yeah I got 3 times under my belt now.

  7. Just got back from seeing it. First time. Enjoyed it a great deal, and yes Monsieur Caine brought a tear to my eye. Marion Cotillard is always watchable.


    Nobody is mentioning how moving the dangerous thing further away at the end of the film WOULDN’T SAVE ANYONE. It just makes things less… immediate. No?

    • I think the blast radius of 6 miles is the only thing we were supposed to worry about

    • Eh, as long as it was underwater, the effects of fallout should be minimized… Of course, the bay is going to have a problem with radioactivity, but as long as everyone keeps up with their doses of potassium iodate, there shouldn’t be mass casualties.

      I was surprised at the lack of tsunami, however. 😉

    • I really don’t know enough about bombs, but I think the terms atomic, hydrogen and nuclear fusion were used erroneously. But I didn’t mind, it was just a big bomb

      lol we can all agree that there would be more to the explosion than the flash they show.

  8. judging by the one part with bane and batman in that one place, i’d say bane can press a shitload. now that i think about it,it was more of a snatching motion actually. you think bane does the oly lifts? p.s. bane has mad swagger

    He’s real strong. Stronger than batman. My military friend appreciated how he would hold his flak jacket by the front collar. He said it added to the swag.

  9. Bane has always been my favorite ‘super villain’ and I think Tom Hardy did a pretty wonderful job. On a lifting side note, to make myself feel better, at what point did you start doing TM, and/or what did you do before?

    He made the character. I was on SS for about three ish months or so. I assume “what you did before” means what did I lift. Squat 455-460? Bench 335. Deadlift 500×5. Press 220. Those are all 3×5’s.

    • yeah, I wasn’t sure if you did SS or not before moving to TM. I’m doing SS right now and doing well on it, my pressing is the only thing really lagging behind and I’m hoping it’s because my mechanics for it just aren’t as well developed because I would say it’s a ‘new move’ for me. Thanks

      Video of press?

  10. LeonidasfromSparta

    A little late to the party, but this is what happens when you live in a 3rd world country. Anyway the movie was great, Hardy was stealing every scene he was in, acting and action were top notch. BUT still IMO The Dark Knight was better, because of Ledger and the plot (TDKR had many plot holes).

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