Hip to be square

Got tickets to The Dark Knight Rises for tomorrow at 11:00 AM. SO amped to see this movie. I hope that having high expectations doesn’t fuck it up for me. I really do expect gold. They delivered on The Dark Knight and I had the same expectations. Sequels are usually great, then the third installment kind of lacks. Either way I am gonna pass out from all the blood that rushes to my dong whilst watching.

Benched 395 for a pause rep today. Felt FANTASTIC. My chiro has been working on my shoulder. I feel a lot more power out of the bottom now. I was a little nervous for a while, but I am pretty confident in being able to hit 400 at the meet. That will be a fun ass week/weekend. Norman hit 450×1 today on squats. He will hit a little higher at the meet and thats gonna be a nice 30+lb meet PR for him.

In the mean time enjoy this picture.

Pic is from video.
Bench: 395 Paused (EZ)
Didn’t Press. Letting shoulder heal.

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  1. Good deal on the shoulder feeling better! Keep doing that thing.

    As for the photo, I feel like I want to ask for context, but I’m afraid to actually do so. Standard ops.

  2. harveymushman

    Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin’ huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

    Is the shoulder injury your out of place rib, or did something else happen with your shoulder?

    • harveymushman

      Also, what video game is that music from? It has to be a video game, right? Something Capcom, I hope.

      It’s from F-Zero. The shoulder isn’t related to the rib issue. Ribs are A+ now and my stern/ac joints were all jammed up. Very irritating.

      • I love you for using that song. I’ve been playing old emulators on my computer with my xbox controller lately, and played F-Zero X for a solid 4 hours last night.

        Hey take it easy man

  3. That video was excellent. I don’t know the context but I don’t even think I have to

  4. How do you guys usually wear your belts? I recently got mine in the mail, but I accidentally ordered 2″ too short because I somehow measured wrong. It still fits but I am on the third to last hole. WIll that be okay?

    So you are on the third hold. Unless you plan on losing a lot of weight don’t worry about it.

    • yeah I don’t see a problem if it still fits.

    • It’s fine. If you lose weight you may need to drill more holes in the belt. I ordered mine a bit big and for the longest time cinched it down with two holes to spare. I’ve been losing weight recently and on some lifts I’m down to the last hole, so I need to drill a few if I slim down anymore. I might also buy a new belt and loan my current one to a (fatter) friend who has just started training.

  5. HAHAHAHA, awesome vid!

    Good luck to you and Norman!

    Thanks mane.

  6. when I saw the picture, I smiled. when I watched the video…..”it moved”

  7. Goodluck is Tejas, internet-bro. 😎

    Appreciate it.

  8. bahahahahaha. I love the intensity of that first pic.

    quick training question for AC and the brain trust – how often do you take a deload? I’ve noticed massive fatigue/mental strain lately and I think i’m spacing my deloads out too far apart. I’m working in 12 week cycles, then a deload week then back for another 12 week cycle. thinking about dropping that to 6 or 4 week cycles with deloads in between.

    6-ish weeks. 12 is a real long time dude. I also have programmed rest so I could go a tad longer.

    • Thanks AC. I’m looking back at my log and realizing now why my lifts were burning out towards the end.

      BTW The Dark Night Rises was a pretty baller flick. I saw it yesterday with my dad/brother. I really enjoyed the fight scene with Bane/Batman in the tunnels.

      I thought Hardy did a good job and carried himself very villain-ish.

  9. That was an awesome video. I’m intrigued about what the response will be…

    Hope DKR delivers. I’m seeing it middle of next week, and if it’s mega-fantabulous I’ll see it again on imax when those miserable fuckers decide to not be sold out for a while.

    Hurry up and see it

  10. Perfect form and execution of the wipe at the end sir. I was wondering if you could do a wipe prep vid where you break it down for us, kinda like the bench set up you made recently. I ask cuz my forms been messy lately

    Ha if you really want it.

  11. “You think darkness is your ally”

    Movie was awesome 😎

    I really liked it. The Dark Knight is still the best.

    • I was born in the darkness

    • On a scale of 1 to 10, how jelly were you of Bane’s traps? be honest.

      I’m more jealous that he has that sweet mask and is really good at fighting Batman. IRL I am bigger than him. I noticed a few scenes where he was flexing his lats to appear bigger and when Tom Hardy needs to be “big” he just flexes his traps.

    • Just got back from it. Def did not disappoint, but, unfortunately, not better than Dark Knight. It’s all about the Joker, man. I hope it’ll gross more than Avengers, but I doubt it.

      First thing I thought when the movie ended was, “Why don’t I own the first two, yet?” So my first stop out of the theater was to buy ’em. Movie night!

      Tom Hardy was pretty good, though. And, physically, maybe he wasn’t “Pro Strongman” huge, but he was pretty big, especially compared to Inception…

  12. Solid video! I LOL’d then thought about BATMAN and stopped, pissed that I have not seen it yet. So PUMPED to see it. Do not spill any beans about it in upcoming posts!

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