Pissin me off

Been hanging out. Not doing a whole lot. Not stories to tell. Well, kinda. The waitress at the restaurant last night was a mega-faggot. She thought she was being cute by making fun of Norman because he ordered a salad. He is 5 pounds above the weight limit and we already ate prior to this meal. She kept saying “O you want a salad? You want a man-salad LOLOL”. She kept drilling in the whole “heres your man-salad” thing and it was real fucking gay. Bitch you aint cute. I got shit because I wanted 10 wings. She proceeded to tell me to order 15. 10 wasn’t good enough. How bout I shit out the double meat Chipotles I ate earlier on to your ugly ass face. She was flirting, but not well. All the times I have flirted with girls and it fails miserably I can sure as shit tell when it’s not working. This bitch, on the other hand, was way too comfortable. We didn’t respond to any of the comments nor said much when she spoke. She still didn’t fucking get it. Thats a mega faggot attitude. Maybe she was just stupid. Who the fuck knows. Should have gone to Dorsia

Squatted today. Didn’t have that much juice. Kinda tired. Just groggy. It was volume so it was kinda tedious. Got it done. Did some RDL’s and some Rows. I switched my lifting week around so now I have less rest from volume to intensity. We will see how that pans out. I used to have 3 days in between, but now I only have two. Gotta do it to prep for the meet. Works better since the meet is on the weekend.

I just took a dump to this song. It went VERY well.


Squat: 455×5/440×5/425×3 (got dizzy)
RDL’s: 155x5x3
Rows: 275x3x3

Bench: 345×5(first rep is paused)/330×5/315×5
Close-Grip: 275x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

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  1. Got me and my brother tickets for the 11am show on Friday http://i.imgbox.com/acbR6mES.gif

  2. I woke up this morning and thought: “BATMAN FRIDAY!!!”

    It is consuming me.

    So close

  3. I caught that at the end there.


    Glad you did.

  4. Nothing annoyed me more this week than the fatass trainer that came up to me on Monday and essentially kicked me out of the gym because I deadlifting and letting the weight down too quickly. Is 345 pounds really gonna break a giant ass concrete floor that’s probably a foot thick? He said people didn’t like that in the health club that I workout in. What the?? Get over it. And he told me my form sucked. I was pissed. I still am.

    I had a fat trainer walk DIRECTLY in front of me whilst I was deadlifting one time. I proceeded to finish my set, walk up to him, and tell him to never fucking walk in front of me again.

    • LOL, first commenting on the noise, then on the form, what a douche. I guess you wedged a plate between his teeth?
      No ability to train somewhere else?

    • wow this guy came at you from all angles.

      i had a similar experience at the local small gym i go to. But the owners aren’t that much of dbags so they said just try to keep it down. A week later I complained about all of the weights/towels/bullshit people do/leave around and then they never said anything so we decided to trade off.

      my solution – saving for a home gym setup.

      • Man, I would really like to have a home gym. No place unfortunately. My gym is not bad at all but I have to cycle 40 min. to get there 🙁

        • I hear ya. When my fiance and I bought our house last year our dream was either to put a gym in the basement or in the garage. We’re hoping by mid next year we’ll have it in.

  5. What numbers do you want to hit in the meet?

    Some douchebag friend of mine decided his birthday is this weekend, MOTHER$%#$!!! I guess he’s not my friend.

    560-390-580. The numbers aren’t exactly what I want, but they will be PR’s. Not bad for surgery and a recently hurt shoulder.

    • Not bad at all, mayne. Also considering crazy vampire bitches attacking you. Hope you are going to tape it, even if you think people won’t care, we do!

      Quick question: do you do your speed sets with or without belt?

      I will record it don’t you worry. I use a belt. I do it with 315 now so thats my usual belt up weight.

  6. Philosophical quandary:

    Sometimes I think I’m a super dick because I’m such a dick to people who don’t know how to be socially appropriate. But if they don’t get the hint, am I still a dick?

    If they don’t get the hint they are stupid.

  7. ahhhhhhh there’s nothing worse then a cocky girl who thinks she’s the catch and tries to act like one of the bro’s. you both should have laid her out…just like this…


    Lol then she would have gone home and killed her family.

  8. Stop giving fags a bad name! Sounds like she was being a HUGE bitch.

    lol’d at “stop giving fags a bad name”.

    • Yeah, I was curious about that too. Faggot was always a derogatory comment for a male homosexual in my day.

  9. No option to train anywhere else because I am leaving for college in a month..hopefully they are okay with deadlifting and not so gay about it. I would save up for a home gym but I’m only 18….sooner or later I’ll get one. I’ve even complained to the management and asked for ONE lifting platform. Nothing. But they’ll buy eight thousand treadmills. Whatever.

    • Too bad man, hope it will work out.

      The same is going on in my gym, they will buy ungodly amounts of equipment that no one uses. And we only have one bench to bench press. The most popular exercise nowadays, and we only have one 0_o

  10. Man tom hardy’s looking real yoked. I am going to avoid the opening weekend rush for the new movie. I heard that there is a big twist or somdthing so if anyone ruins it for me they will die

  11. Reserved tickets to the midnight showing in big d last week. I’ve been wet at the tip since

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