Bird Doggin

I recorded my deadlifts today. This is the most i’ve done since I had surgery in January. 3 months into the year I still couldn’t lift because of stitches. Glad to be getting towards 6 again.

About to take my 3rd dump of the day. It’s not even 1 yet.

Some friends are in town for the next few days. One of them is in the NFL now. His name is Rennie. Pretty fucking huge guy.

About 6’4-6’5. He told me what he weighed last night but I already forgot.

That picture on the last post in my little brother Landen. My dad keeps cranking out kids. I thought he was all set being free from his 2 oldest sons. I figured finally getting his 25 and 23 year old sons set he would just cruise. Nope. Pumped out two more kids. Another 20 years for him. He did have a soft cast on. Pretty sure he broke his finger and it’s just some wrap. He’s a kid. He gets hurt. Completely normal. As said “I like that your brother is airborne while wearing what appears to be a cast. Raising him up right, that is.” Gotta beat up on him so he knows who is boss. He doesn’t like to eat so he is stayin real small. My little sister is the same weight, but two years younger. She will be a strong little lady in the weight room.

Gonna go train. My back is feeling way better. Pulling 555×2 tomorrow. Pretty excited. More excited for Batman. I might cry in the movie. Imax is all sold out so I’ll be seeing it in normal theaters. Pffff. I’ll still nut real hard when Bane fights.

Enjoy this song. I am.

Bench: 405×2/385×1(paused)
Press: 205×3
Nose-Breakers: 65×10/85×10/95×10 Wasn’t hard I don’t know why I didn’t do more.

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  1. I am guessing he is Rennie Moore? Looks like he’s 268 lbs. I also found this, pretty cool.

    I wanna say he said he is 260 on the dot now.

  2. clear that donkey…i dropped 4 bombs yesterday at work.

    “The Night Rider” that’s a pretty sick nickname.

    Slay that deadlift!!!!!!

  3. What the fuck are you guys eating to poop nigh 8 times a day?

    Every time I drink a full glass of liquid it pushes whatever is in my colon out. I have an efficient shitting system. Haustra in the colon contract and push when filled.

  4. I do one quality monster dump a day. Occasionally there may be a second smaller dump that clears what I may have missed due to rushing the first one.

  5. I love my paleo dumps- hardly even have to wipe. But it’s hard to get enough calories in without some grain foods, so it’s back to mud butt.

  6. SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo stoked for Batman, I have avoided trailers, reviews, previews, tv spots, etc and fucked up and watched this 14 minute featurette and it got me fucking PUMPED to go see it.

  7. I used creatine for the first time today. Brb getting huge

  8. damn, I really don’t want that guy running at me on the field. One way trip to the hospital

    thanks for your answer on the last post, about prison rape etc.

  9. Hehehe, niiice deadlifts. And what do you mean you haven’t given them everything? 😛

    Not yet . . .

  10. you find it more comfortable to deadlift in oly shoes rather than flat shoes? We seem to have similar body types but I deadlift in flat shoes. And I deadlift a shart ton less than you.

    Im so used to deadlifting in my shoes now that going the opposite would throw me off. I prefer the solid heel. I’ve also been training for a lot longer than you man. Don’t worry.

  11. awesome video AC! Deadlift looks solid. Keep up the good work mane!

  12. Man that was a super easy 560, nice work broke-butt-mountain.

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