Got to hang out with my brother. It was tight.

Update: Over the next few days I am gonna order my imax tickets to see Batman. I live in Georgia. If anyone wants to all meet up (theres at least one of you) email me Acis70sbig@gmail.com

I was squatting Friday and the gym I was in was a “fitness” place. Not the best squat rack, but the bar was ok. The other thing that was going on was the air conditioning was broken. It was real moist in there. Anyway I go to do my second set of volume and on the third rep my hands slide out because they are so clammy. Didn’t have chalk with me. My thoracic extension goes to shit and I hear some pops. I rack the bar. Try my next set. Doesn’t feel that great so I stop. Still did my rows and RDL’s. Saw my chiro the yesterday and it turns out I had popped some ribs out of place. I had a hard time moving around Saturday with that shit going on. He said “O my god Arin, this is NOT good.” lol. Well he put them back in for me and he said he would check it out tomorrow as well. I should be good to go over the next few days. Just gotta get some ice and e-stim going.

Matt says: Competed at the GA Games yesterday. First meet and went 9/9 and had a lot of fun! David Ricks was giving commands for bench and no shit it was a 2 second pause. I kept the weight below gym PR for that reason but had some more in the tank. Best Squat 150kg, Bench 120kg, DL 202.5kg. Met the guy in the squat video from Marietta Barbell. Real cool dude. I would recommend everyone getting out of their comfort zone and lift with some judges.
I do not own any game console. Am I still welcomed here?

A. Even if he doesn’t have a game console it doesn’t matter. He’s the smart one.
B. Congratulations on your first meet man. It’s fun isn’t it? and 9/9 is EXACTLY how you want your first meet to go. The press command on bench is different at every meet. It’s obviously subjective so it just depends. Good call on the bench though.

Hopefully everyone is thinking about doing a meet one day. It’s fun and it’s a learning experience. It gives your training a direction and it lets you have something tangible. It’s quite nice.

And yes Tourette’s dad is fucking hilarious.

Squat: 315x5x2 (Got my ribs adjusted again. Letting everything heal)
Rounded Back Extensions: 45x10x3
Hammer Curls: 75×10/80×8/85×6/90×4
COC lvl 1: 3×10
Bench: 365x1x3 Paused
Close-Grip: 315x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

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  1. Holy shit dude, I didn’t even know you [b]could[/b] pop ribs out of place. That sounds fucking horrific.

    It really didn’t hurt. It was the same sensation as cracking knuckles. The next day was when the pain came in.

  2. You have to use these instead of these [] [/].

  3. Fans of this blog are going to be really disappointed when they see there are comments, but then find they are all stupid.

    Fans? lol. This entire blog is a little ridiculous if you ask me. Who really gives a shit about what some asshole does.

  4. Disappointed indeed. Noob Question- I want to start doing some meets but I find all the federation stuff confusing. I lift in a belt and neoprene knee sleeves and don’t use other “gear.” What fed-sponsored meets should I be looking for?

  5. well that sux about the ribs. the gym I work out at doesn’t have anything on the walls and/or i don’t remember seeing anything in writing about chalk. I need to get some since it’s been so hot/muggy here.

    hope you get to feeling better quickly bra.

    question for the AC blog braintrust – if you carry your own chalk in to the gym do you just use a zip-loc baggie? how can i do this without making a mess.

    • I keep the block in a large zip-loc so I can put my hands in the bag and apply the chalk.

    • I keep mine in a plastic tuberware. If it is humid and the bar is chrome it is a must have!

    • harveymushman

      I use a refillable chalk bag (old nylons work as well) inside a tupperware. I still get a lot everywhere, but not as much as before I started using a bag.

    • ok cool. now this may sound lame – do you wipe the chalk off the bar when you’re done? or just let people enjoy it.

      Big tupperware usually works. So does a big ziplock. If the gym has a cleaning policy then yeah wipe it down. If not then don’t worry about it. I never have.

    • I use Tupperware for chalk, and I always wipe.

  6. Popping ribs out hurts like a mother fucker. Once had to have a sibling help me get my shirt off, since I couldn’t move my arms overhead.

    True story.

    The day after blew dick, big fucking dick. Today is kinda “eh” too cause of the spasms that happened the last two days.

  7. Made main blog post. Interwebz watch out.

    Meet was more fun than I was expecting.
    My old lady even enjoyed watching it, which was a big surprise. Everyone was helpful and nice. No one was a dick about sharing bars during warmups or anything.

    My advice for anyone who has not competed it to sign up and fucking go. Pay your money and do it. When you go, be sure to bring your own cooler with drinks and some food. I brought 5 waters and a 6in sub and was thankful I did.

    AC: hope the ribs get better. Thank you for the words of advice leading up the the contest. Anyone want to go see Batman on iMax at Mall of Georgia on the 28th? AC’s training log day out?

    My g-ma hates it. I doubt women check this blog. I know I am handsome, but I don’t have sex appeal. Food and drink is a must. I was at a meet for 10 hours. That shit sucked. A god damn 10 hour gap in between my first squat and last deadlift. Are there tickets left?

    • Tickets are still available. It is the week after it comes out. I will be traveling and this is going to be my first chance to see it.

      Re: Women- My mom told me not to hurt myself and get a hernia. Crazy creatures those women can be….

      Love em, but they just don’t know.

  8. I don’t own a gaming console either.

    I own a gaming computer.

    … I’ll show myself out.

    You play Diablo?

    • Hmm, the italics kinda worked… Lessee This? Hmmm.

    • No, I don’t have time to be addicted to a game these days… At least until I am addicted, so I’m trying to keep away from the big time sinks, lol.

      • Though I am thinking of playing Guild Wars 2 when that comes out at the end of August… We’ll see.

        Hopefully getting my garage gym put together will help with the time issue.

        How much are you spending for your garage gym, if you don’t mind me asking.

        • I’d be curious too. For scientific reasons.

        • samesies. I priced out a rack, bench, bar and some bumpers/steel plates and random items for around $2300 total (equip from Amazon/Rogue/Elitefts). Past part is the wife is onboard.

        • Since I just do Oly lifting, all I need is a bar, bumpers, a platform, and a squat rack. I bought the Pendlay bearing bar for $560, and I’ll be buying the elite bumpers, just ’cause I want things to last (and they’re pretty 😉 ), so that’ll be another $1100. I’m not sure what squat rack I’ll buy… I’m probably looking at around $350. So, under 2000 bucks. And renting the garage at my apartment.

          I don’t know that it would be worth it for everyone, but I just have the hardest time finding anywhere around my area that I can Oly lift at, so this way, no matter where I move, I’ll have everything I need. Plus the convenience, heh.

  9. QA for AC: you were on vacation in Poland a while back. I have a vacation coming up, for about a two week period I won’t be anal about training (going to be very hard). But what would be your advice after one gets back? I guess low balling everything but how long does it take to get back to the numbers before the vacation?

    First day is a light day. Stretching/Mobility. Going very light on the bar. Take a day to go “medium”. Do about 70-75%. Nothing to hard. Make sure you warm up well. Do some mobility before/after. Then the next do you should be fine at a 5% drop for the next workout (Basically do what you were supposed to do, but dropped 5%).

  10. I unlocked Whimsyshire on Diablo 3 today, that’ll probably be the highlight of this week. Realistically, it’ll probably remain the highlight until I see Batman. http://i.imgbox.com/aawqco9C.gif

    lol I have the plan/black mushroom. I think I’d rather save my money for gear instead. Considering the AH is incredibly overpriced. People are selling shit that has 100dps for like 100,000 now. Fucking stupid.

    • I had the mushroom, shinbone, and I bought Writ’s Bell. Since you can get all of the items on normal difficulty, I just decided to get the rest today. I just farmed the spots they’re supposed to be until they were there. It’s a lot of money though, you have to make the staff for each difficulty and it cost 1m to open it for inferno, so when it’s all said and done it’s pretty close to 2m gold total.

      I’ve been farming Act 1 hoping to collect some useable gear for myself or find something that’s worth good money to sell. If Blizzard isn’t going to do anything about people running gold bots, then prices will remain ridiculous, because the market is flooded with gold. A guy I know sold a mace for 300 million a couple days ago, there’s no reason anyone should be able to afford that 8 weeks into the game.

      I got some decent stuff for my Barb right now (I can survive act II with a good team). Using a different build. Trying to get socketed weapons for +life on hit. Like you said though, prices are ridiculous. My stat for most gold collected is only 1.9 million. I don’t understand how people make so much. Even with GF. Whats you’re gamer tag?

  11. better order one in 6xl to make room for your GAINZ.

    I have a 4 pound buff lol

  12. My only local imax is sold out for weeks.

    Want to die.

  13. No imax around me… Which stinks, ’cause The Dark Knight was awesome in imax… But I have reserved my tickets at my theater, so I won’t be caught napping!

  14. harveymushman

    I like that your brother is airborne while wearing what appears to be a cast. Raising him up right, that is.

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