Not sure if I like being home

I kinda sit around all day. Either on the couch or on the computer. I literally have nothing to do besides train and eat. Sitting around all day keeps me hunched over and shit. It’s clearly a first world problem to have. Other than Diablo, which has become exceedingly difficult, I don’t have anything to occupy me. I even have to sit around to use the Rosetta Stone I bought. Which is weird/useful at the same time. It’s hard to explain. When I do go to the gym though I get plenty of surprises. Saw my dad squat for the first time in a looooong time. It was cool to see him at it again.

I also saw my friend Reese rocking this shirt

Reese squatted 805 at 16 years old. In gear. He could squat in the 7’s raw. He routinely pulls in the mid 6’s with ease and he plays football in college. He is a pure freak. Didn’t deadlift for like 6 months then he comes in and pulls over 6. AH NO BIG DEAL.

In movie news.

Spider-man was real cool. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Way better than that Toby Maguire shit. Those movies were cool, but they always lacked a certain feel for me. It never felt like Spider-man. I recommend the new one. I’d go 8/10.

Squat: 455×5/440×3/425×1 (T-Spine was irritated. Most likely fatigued from Tuesday)
RDL’s: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 335x3x3
Curls: 50x10x3

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  1. I sit around and play Call of Duty all weekend when I’m on-call for the hospital. Then my hip flexors and upper back are all tight for Monday. Embarrassing problem to have.

    It’s like not a bad problem, but it is a problem. Xbox or ps3?

  2. I was diagnosed with ‘Skyrim neck’.

    We gotta work on that man. Diablo is giving me the run too.

  3. harveymushman

    Fucking hell, your row is almost what I deadlift. Can we get a video the next time you row heavy?

    I put this up a few weeks ago. It’s not 335, but still pretty up there.

  4. agreed with what harveymushman said…those rows are cock diesel. definitely another video would be awesome of the rows. I just finally broke 210lb.

    also that’s awesome about your dad tearing it up. how many times a week does he train?

    I put a link to the 295 on Harveys comment. He lifts a few times a week, but it’s quick. Still works full time and has two more new kids (1 and 3?).

    • Thanks for the link. I went as long as I could without straps and just started using them for my rows.

      Damn, way to go Mr. C! Keep up the good work!

  5. Nice to see your dad at it again, was he inspired by you to go again? I always thought it was pretty cool when my dad did sports. He loved ice skating (not the gay kind), unfortunately due to prostate cancer he isn’t able anymore.

    I’ll take up on your advice on spiderman. I’ll have a look see.

    Ha he threw in the towel when he realized how much I passed him. lol “not the gay kind”. Thats unfortunate man. Is that more popular in Europe?

    • Hahaha, ah well you got your genetics from somewhere 🙂 Yeah in the Netherlands it is the most popular sport (next to soccer I guess). It mostly has to do with that we win a lot of medals with the sport, but some people suggest we invented it.

      Is hockey not a big thing?

      • No, that’s not popular at all, you might think so due to the love of ice skating. It probably has to do with tradition, speed skating is really something Dutch.

  6. Who needs squatting when you’re still procreating at his age?

    • Your bias is showing.

      He could still kick my ass so it doesn’t matter what he does. His hands are twice the size of mine and they have seen more faces than I can count.

  7. I sit at a computer more than anything else. I could probably put Kelly Starrett’s kids through college with the amount of mobility work I probably need. Maybe we can get a class action lawsuit against Blizzard and Activision going.

  8. I hate sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time. Could be due to severe ADD, or it could be because it wrecks my OH SHINY THINGS!

    Ha the internet has cut down my attention span. I thank Reddit/FB/ and Diablo for that.

  9. The Dark Knight Rises – Featurette


    Saw it. Can’t f’n wait.

  10. Competed at the GA Games yesterday. First meet and went 9/9 and had a lot of fun! David Ricks was giving commands for bench and no shit it was a 2 second pause. I kept the weight below gym PR for that reason but had some more in the tank. Best Squat 150kg, Bench 120kg, DL 202.5kg. Met the guy in the squat video from Marietta Barbell. Real cool dude. I would recommend everyone getting out of their comfort zone and lift with some judges.

    I do not own any game console. Am I still welcomed here?

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