Update: Here are two videos. The squat was done earlier today. Had a much better lifting day today than yesterday. I just need to reset my bench. Unfortunate timing with the competition and all.

Here is my bench set-up. Some of you guys requested it. Again, it’s not that much different than what is in SS, but you guys asked for it and ye shall receive.

Been having a real sweet shitty start to the week already. Benched 420×2(F) today. Missed the second rep. Same shit as last week. Then I couldn’t pause 395. I fucking did 405 paused two weeks ago. My mind just isn’t there right now. It’s like I was excited to lift, but I couldn’t get my body going. I was just doing the motions. It’s like I would try to get syked up and I’d physically repeat what I normally do, but my heart rate stayed the same. Not sure whats going on here. We will see whats up when tomorrow commmmeesssss. FYI I made a video on my bench set-up but I left the god damn cable to upload the video in Statesboro. I’ll buy another one today or tomorrow so I can put it up. I am literally falling asleep as I type this. God dammit.

I don’t even want to play Diablo anymore. I guess I’ll go fuck myself.

Enough complaining.

The Dark Knight rises comes out in 18 days. Hope you are all ready.

I am

Squat: 530×2/535×2
Rack-Pull: 535×3
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Hammer Curls: 75×10/80×8/85×6

Bench: 420×1
Close-Grip: 315x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

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  1. I have the date marked on my calendar. It comes out 6 days after my birthday. Ive never been this excited about a movie in my life

  2. this is going to sound fucking dumb, but I can relate a bit. Sometimes I want to hit my reps so bad that I can’t get myself ‘syked’. Sometimes it is just one of those days.

    Really looking forward to the bench vid. Is DKR released world-wide or only in the US?

    Anyhooooz, you gonna smoke those squats (right?) tomorrow, and tape it!

  3. Hey man idk if you’ve been taking any drugs or anything because I was having a hard time sleeping during the school year and got some pills prescribed. Called trazodone; anyway, after a week or two they made me feel exactly like how you described. So if you’ve been taking anything I’d consider that they could be a factor in how you feel.

    I don’t take any. I think I just get into bad grooves sometimes. We all do.

  4. Hang in there man. We all have shitty weeks at times. Remember your bench is bigger than most peoples’ squats. Also, watch this to cheer you up.

  5. There was this one time that I was driving and I sneezed real hard and crapped my pants. I was 2-3 hours from home and had to drive all that way in poop filled drawers.

    None of that happened.

  6. This video got me jacked to left the other day…


    just thought I’d share.

    Keep it up AC! Can’t wait to see the vids!

  7. Definitely seeing DKR (which is what the cool kids are calling it, at least in my head) on imax. Last film I saw on imax was Inception, and the ‘DERRR-DER’ music that repeats every now and then just knocked the bones right out of your body. Awesome.

    Last movie I saw in imax was Avatar. Not a fan of the movie, but the experience was awesome

    • definitely jealous. a guy at work is seeing it in 3D imax.

      I’ll be enjoying it in non-stadium seating with barely any surround sound at our local shitty theater.

  8. You know the guy spotting you? He’s pretty amped up. If he’s just a random dude that is pretty cool.

    I’ve known him since I was about 13 or 14. His name is Callahan. He is an old-school type. Great spotter.

    • Yeah, I train on my own and when I ask for spots it generally requires me teaching them how to do it. I have a couple guys now that I know can spot pretty well and will walk across the gym to ask them at this point.

      Most people just don’t know what do to. Ever.

  9. http://qkme.me/3pyl21

    Says it all.

    lol I’ve never understood this meme, but that guys face is awesome

    • Haha, yeah, it took me quite a while to find it funny. But this time it just seems so *appropriate*… Batman. I’m ready.

      Who is that?

      • Reggie Fils-Aime, he’s actually the President of Nintendo North America… If you can imagine that.

  10. Just finished watching The Grey, brb crying in the shower so no one hears me.

    It’s ok man. It’s a dude cry kinda movie.

  11. Fucking awesome AC! I like the personal touch of you tit hanging out, you just keep on giving!

    Trying to cover the sex appeal demographic.

  12. Good squattin’ AC.

    Thanks man

  13. I’m disappointed now, I totally thought that guy spotting you was an Indian totem spirit and only I could see him.

    He’s very real and very scary.

  14. that dude spotting you was a ball of fire. awesome video.

    thanks for both vids. I tried your shoulder pull back yesterday on my bench and it felt much better/tighter.

    Glad to help. Callahan is pretty good spotting. Gets you motivated. I realized the less you give a shit about how you will appear to others the better the spotter you will be.

  15. The blonde in the back on the right, is she wearing a sleeveless shirt that has a cut out just to show cleavage? If so, did you design it for her based on your I Love Justin shirt?

    lol its kind of a weird shirt. Im a fashionista in my spare time.

  16. I am usually impressed by your lifting. But the heavy ass hammer curls made me lol. Goddamn son, dont be a pussy and use the 100s.

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