Brad wants to rollerblade

Been out of town for the weekend. Didn’t really have access to a computer that much.

Shanep asks: what do you think about westside barbells program for lifting over seas… the gym here doesnt allow deadlifts, and im trying to get back into squatting which i stayed away from for quite awhile due to all of the fucking running we do. thought/suggestions? i dont consider myself a skinny guy (6ft, 220ish) but the diet is shitty over here mainly bacuase i fucking love whole milk which we dont have.

I don’t really know what you are required to do when you are over there, so email me and we can figure something out if you want.

My friend wants to go rollerblading this week. I don’t know if he’s kidding or not. He’s that kinda guy.

Did some conditioning yesterday. Just some starts/10’s/20’s/30’s and plyo stuff. Thats what its gonna be I think. I doubt it will change much besides reps/sets. Good toast on the questions from Monday. Some solid ones. If anyone who wants to read this blog wants to email me go ahead at

This is good for all you internet people out there.

This is another random incoherent blog post btw. I am at my moms house for a few weeks so I doubt anything interesting will happen here.

Squat: 455×3/440×3/425×3
RDL’s: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 3215x3x3

Gripper lvl 2:3×3

Worked on Pro Agility Drill

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  1. He probably saw that rollerblading photo of you on your fb wall page. You’re fucked 🙂

  2. Random question: are you planning on doing something career-wise with your strength/fitness, or are you training simply to be a badass Volkihar and do meets?

    P.S. Dawnguard is fucking awesome.

    Just to compete really. After I am done competing I guess I will just train to stay healthy, most likely. I don’t see myself competing for the rest of my life. Haven’t looked into Dawnguard. I stopped playing Skyrim. Got so old to me.

  3. Thought I’d get in one the comments train (a post late I know). Anyways great work bro! No questions currently, but if I ever any have any I’ll ask.

  4. Jonathan asked about you doing strength and fitness as a career. You really love it man, I can tell from the way you write about it (Strong no homo). I’m still lp’ing, but I get inspired when people who are not much older than I am and sort of seem relatable are putting up big weights. Because in a whole bunch of other websites (I found the one on reddit recently) they seem like they talk way more than they lift. They make it seem like a 405 squat is unheard of and it sort of lowers the standard of what “good” is for lots of people, and I feel like that’s a bad thing

  5. Laughing at that vid… 4:00 (which I’d seen before) and 10:00 (which I hadn’t) are awesome…

    Oh, internet people, what is wrong with you…


  6. Oh, an actual lifting question I have: So, since I’ve started training for Olympic lifting, I’ve found that I start running out of gas pretty quickly… Like, after I work up to a max C&J, I’m already kinda slow/shaky when I start my Snatches, let alone when I get to squatting. Is this something that can be improved with high intensity conditioning, like what you’re doing, AC? ‘Cause, frankly, I feel like if I can stay fast and powerful throughout the workout, it’ll improve my training quite a bit…

  7. I laughed real hard today when, on some game show that was on tv, was giving rollerblades out as a prize.

    1990 me wanted them real bad. 2012 me laughed.

    And also wanted them real bad.

  8. Good toast. Good toast? Good toast.

  9. i love the part where that kid is repeating what he says, it’s like it’s just his normal rate/type of speech. i lol’ed.

    so you’re saying you’re going to start rollerblading for conditioning?

  10. Damn near peed myself on the recorder dub over the 20th Century Fox intro. Quality.

    Also I low barred 315 for a double last night because I had a shitty week and needed either a faint glimmer of hope or to have my dreams crushed entirely. I was vindicated.


  11. Rollerblade hill sprints? With a prowler?

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