Back from the Cruise

I just went on a cruise for my g-ma’s 80th birthday. Pushing my bench workout into tomorrows. I’ll post more tomorrow. I’ve been traveling since 8:30 this morning.

In the mean time enjoy this sick ass new White-Pand Mixtape. It won’t disappoint. It’s got something for everyone.

And feel free to post questions. I’ve had a lot of page views lately (500+) and there are like 4 comments. I enjoy talking to the regular guys that come here, but feel free to discuss any questions.

Bench: 420×2(F) Only got it for one. 385×1 Paused (EZ)
Deadlift: 500×1/515×1 (Back had no juice. Travelled for 12 hours the day before)

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  1. do you have any experience with Bill Starr’s programs? specifically The Big 3: power clean, squat, bench, all 5×5 ramped done in a heavy/light/medium fashion on MWF as mentioned in the book Strongest Shall Survive. i’m a 15 year old who was having trouble recovering on SS. Starr’s program was suggested to me. i’ll be doing it as written except i’ll replace light bench with heavy press. i’m heading out to do my first workout now.

    thoughts? tips? suggestions?

    Never feel married to a program man. That was the best advice I’ve ever heard and it was from Rippetoe. If you needed to change SS to recover better then you could have done that. That sounds similar to TM, but an ass-ton of volume. Try it and if it works for you then do it. Remember you can always alter your program to fit your needs.

  2. So I can definitely tell my lower back is a limiting factor in both deadlifts and squats. Besides those and RDL’s, what can I do to strengthen it? My gym has no reverse hyper, GHR or the 45 degree back extension benches.

  3. AC…

    have you thought about following CFFB? you seem like a guy who would wanna be well conditioned along with being strong as bull. you already are strong as bull, so you could just hop into the professional programming.

    I would, but I compete so it wouldn’t cater to me as much as the current program I am on. Always wanted to do it. I’ll probably start that after I go to the Arnolds.

  4. Hey dude,
    When do you do conditioning relative to your strenght work? Immediately after? Later same day? Different day?

    I do them Wednesday and Saturday (days off). To me they are serving the purpose of recovery and I am working with a guy on the team so I can coach sprinting and starts better.

  5. Just watched The Gray tonight, probably due to your mentioning it. That was a hard movie. But at least they didn’t ruin it by having John survive. I would have been so mad if he’d have survived somehow, after all the mistakes leading up to the end.

    Once more into the fray
    Into the last good fight I’ll ever know
    Live and die on this day
    Live and die (as The Grey)

    Some of my friends were pissed that they didn’t show the fight, but if you think about it thats not what the movie is about. Did you see the part after the credits?

    • I was happy they didn’t show the fight. If it was realistic then you’d just see him get mauled by wolves and putting up a desperate fight. If it wasn’t realistic and he gave them any kind of a good fight then it would have ruined the honest brutality of the movie. They ended it perfectly.

    • That’s it, I’m watching this movie after I put the baby to bed tomorrow night. Just me, Liam Neeson, and a plate full of meat (no homo).

    • That’s definitely not what the movie’s about… And I only read about the after credits part after finishing the movie, so I’ll prolly hunt that down tonight. We’ll see if that changes how I feel at all.

      Funnily, the on real gripe I have with the movie is how terribly done the CG wolves were. Good grief.

      Agreed on both points. The plane scene was scary as shit though. The after the credits scene is only like 3 seconds long. It’s kinda a part that is foreshadowed from the beginning. It is cool.

  6. get those page views dawg!

    I’ll hop on this Q&A bandwagon…so I’ve been reading a lot of Dave Tate/Louie Simmons/Westside Barbell stuff and I was wondering, at what point do guys migrate to using dynamic effort lifts?

    sub question – what, in your opinion, is the best supplemental lift for the bench?

    thanks mang,

    • I shouldn’t say migrate to DE lifts, but rather incorporate them.

      Justin has it laid out pretty well as Kincain said. If you don’t have the book let me know and I’ll just tell you. Close-Grip bench is my favorite and what I think to be the most useful assistance exercise.

      • dunno if you have the Texas Method book of Justin, but if you are doing a texas method based program you should really look into those books. The progression of the different sort of tweaks you can do as you are progressing yourself is laid out pretty good.

      • Don’t tell me AC or I’ll keep pushing it (buying ebook) off. I definitely need to get the book.

        Once this wedding is over I’m going buck wild spending my rat hole money on meat (duh), a few ebooks and a new pair of cowboy boots.

        Thanks amigo.

        It’s not exactly of critical importance for you to DE right now so I am sure you will be ok. Let me know if I can help.

  7. cool mix 🙂 this shit is cray cray man!

    QA: after your ID Bench you are doing Presses, is this all out, how do you determine what poundages you might do?

    It’s really random and depends on how I feel. There is no rhyme to it because I am more concerned with my benching. Pressing to me and probably Chris has become more of a keeping the shoulders healthy kinda thing.

    • thanks, I can understand since you are competing. I’m also trying to put more emphasis on my bench since I suck at it, it comes along but still nowhere near I want it to be. I’ll see if I can tape my ID tomorrow, maybe you could take a look at it. See if I’m doing something horribly wrong

  8. Anymore milk gallon challenge videos coming soon? That was good stuff

    I was gonna do the second one, but the two guys backed out of doing it. So they let everyone down.

  9. You know this is going to be like Pandora’s Box if you end up getting 500+ questions…

    No one likes me that much.

  10. I am growing my first man beard in preparation for my PL meet. How many kilos will the beard add to my total?

    Mentioned before this is my first meet. What are your thoughts on opening lifts? Open with something I can do for 3 in training then progress from there? Also clueless about when to start warming up/staying warm between attempts. Thanks for your thoughts!

    At least 500k. Open with something you know you will ANNIHILATE. The 2nd attempt should at least be something you can hit for a triple and the third should be something you have hit in the gym. Your first meet is more about having fun and going 7/9 or 9/9. When to start and shit depends on how dudes are in your flight (There might be 2 flights if theres a lot of people). Usually everyone is really helpful at local meets so I am sure someone will help you. As far as staying warm between attempts I’ve never had a problem with that nor has anyone I know. Hit your last warm-up at least 8-10 people out. It goes by quick. Hit it even earlier if it makes you more comfortable.

  11. This is kinda open ended, but what are your athletic goals this year?

    Squat 580, Bench 450, and deadlift 600. Possibly run a fast 40 time as well. Working on it now.

  12. Hey AC,

    So in TM Part 1 Justin talks about letting the discrepancy between volume and intensity weight grow to around 65ish pounds. I’m slowly letting that happen, sticking to a VD weight for two or three weeks then increasing it. What happens when the discrepancy gets to 65? Do I just increase VD every week then? That would suck…

    You could just increase it another 5 pounds then stick with it for a few weeks. Or increase it 10 pounds and stick with it. It doesn’t have to go up every week.

  13. I haven’t read the book, but I would assume you wouldn’t want to increase VD every week. By letting the gap increase you are also increasing the gap intensity wise (obviously). If the goal is to get to a certain gap in intensity, maybe find out what that gap is and try and maintain it?

    • This was a failed attempt at responding to hydro…

    • Thanks Paul. Right, I agree. But at some point you reach the desired discrepancy and to maintain it you’ll have to increase both VD and ID concurrently else the gap will grow bigger. Right?

      • Yes, but not at the same rate. So if your intensity day is 400 (100%) and your volume is 335 (~85%) by the time your intensity day is 500 your volume day would be 425 if you keep the intensity gap the same. Negligible to an extent, but could be a way to keep it in line.

  14. Still playing Diablo? I’m farming Act 1 at the moment.

    Not as much as I used to because it is becoming less fun for me. Did you know that around 20-30k subscribers already dropped their accounts and don’t play anymore? Diablo 3 is losing players exponentially over time.

    • I’m not surprised, Blizzard screwed up a lot of things with this game. Once people beat it they have nothing left to do. I’ll probably play through with each character and hope that a few patches from Blizzard turn things around.

  15. I have no questions. But this blog is the sh*t. I read it to get motivated.

    lol thanks man. I don’t see how it does but glad it works for you.

  16. this comment thread is blowing up, i don’t want it to end.

  17. This comment is for chris2004.

  18. I’m looking for some input on my programming. I’m currently running a linear progression, bench/squat on mondays and fridays, and bench/squat/dl on wednesdays. I’ve seemed to hit a impasse, and can barely get the reps in with adding 5 lbs a session. I was just wondering if I should reset, move on to weekly progression, or keep hammering away at it. I’m at 230 sq, 315 dl, 175 bench for 5 reps at 175lbs. Maybe eating more will help it get easier?

    Height/Weight? Usually people would gain weight to help out their lifting/fill in a weight class. Eating is only one of the variables that helps man. Email me at You’ll get a faster response. Email me homie.

  19. what do you think about westside barbells program for lifting over seas… the gym here doesnt allow deadlifts, and im trying to get back into squatting which i stayed away from for quite awhile due to all of the fucking running we do. thought/suggestions? i dont consider myself a skinny guy (6ft, 220ish) but the diet is shitty over here mainly bacuase i fucking love whole milk which we dont have.

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