Mr. Waaaynneahh

Did some conditioning today. Ran 6 10’s, 4 20’s 2 30’s, and some uphill starts for about 5-7 yards. A friend of mine on the team is helping me learn how to do starts and run better. His name is Mike and he is a short yolked ass dude with dreads who is faster than fucking lightning. Felt good today. I feel like I made some progress with it only being day 1. My knee is a little achey from it, but I think thats due to the squatting and standing all night at work.

In case you haven’t seen this:

I fucking love how badass Bane is. I really enjoy all the Batman movies, but theres never anyone to give Batman any physical challenge. It’s about fucking time he gets humbled by a big fist to the face.

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  1. I’m so excited for this movie I can hardly stand it. I saw Dark Knight 6 times at the theater, so I have a record to break 😎

  2. That looks so fucking awesome. Got to see it on imax. A million times.

  3. The coolest aspect of Bane for me at least, is his voice. When I saw the clip of him in the plane, I was literally awestruck by how how bad-ass his voice sounds. It sounds tortured yet evil and it’s so good.

  4. I.. CAN’T.. FUCKING.. WAIT.. !!

  5. The only thing that makes me nervous is Anne Hathaway as Batgirl. I REALLY hope it doesn’t detract from what should be an amazing movie.

  6. Bane looks so baller.

  7. When bane caught batmans hand and kicked him down I came

  8. I have been walking around with a massive boner for the last month. It’s not from viagra or cialis. It occured shortly after I saw the Avengers, and now it is hanging around in anticipation of this epic film.

  9. Just noticed on the cast list that Liam Neeson is back in it as Ra’s Al Ghul. Interesting as he hasn’t been in any trailers…

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