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Update: Squatted today. Next squat day will be a PR day. Im very excited.

Mikes camera fudged up on the second part of the video. I did a double. You can kinda tell. I fucking destroyed that shit. Nothing like a little soundtrack action from “The Grey” to get your shit going.

About to eat and go lift.

Taking a deload on my bench this week. Starting to get a little achey in some joints so I’ll just ice and lower the volume for the remainder of the week, on bench. Makes for a quick non-exciting workout.

Waraeger says: Nice progress! Can you write some lines about your nutrtion while bulking up?

I sure can

Dude I literally ate everything in fucking site. I’ve mentioned that I ate 8 eggs/toast/sausage/bacon/2 big glasses of milk for breakfast every day for a summer. I was on GOMAD because I needed to gain weight. I stopped once I gained the weight I needed. If there was a day were I was nervous about not eating enough I had a “Goon Hall Special” at McDonalds. 2 chicken sandwiches/2 burger/small fry which was something like 2000 calories. There really isn’t much to it other than eating a fuck ton. I suffered everyday trying to drink the milk and pound down food. It literally made me hate eating. I gag if I eat food when I don’t want to. It’s weird I know. I can’t handle the same taste for an entire meal so it’s hard for me to eat a lot nowadays. In fact I lost 3 pounds over the weekend because I don’t like to eat alone. My roommates were kinda gone all day so I didn’t go anywhere. Yes weird.

Squat: 520×2/525×2
Rack Pull: 525×3
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Gripper: 3×10

Bench: 365×2 (Paused)Thats about 90%. Should have gone lower.
Close-Grip: 275x3x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

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  1. Just ate some bacon, not lifting for an hour and a half…. work is torture.

    Work usually blows if you hate it.

  2. Hey AC. I hope everything’s going well. I’ve been working a new job in Atlanta and finally have a car. How’s life outside the gym for you? I think my work cell phone accidentally butt dialed you a week or two ago so I apologize about that. Thinking about getting back into the gym to move some weight, though it’s hard sometimes because I was doing it for the wrong reasons before.


    Life outside the gym could always be better lol. If it doesn’t make you happy then find another hobby. Being honest. Get back into soccer or running. I forget which one you did, pretty sure it was soccer or cross country right?

  3. AC, the way you described eating is literally how I think of food. I consider eating a chore and I don’t really enjoy it. I don’t think I’ve actually been hungry in months haha

    I hate it because it has become a chore. Agreed.

    • That’s how I feel most days. I can eat one meal a day and feel completely fine. Never though eating would be the biggest challenge for me.

  4. PS – I forgot to mention that listening to the Nero videos on your page reminds me a lot of the group Justice. Have you heard them?

    Justice kicks ass man

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t enjoy the same taste for an entire meal. I love making rice and potato dishes, but I always end up losing my appetite halfway through. But if I eat a buffet style meal where I can pick and choose like 5 types of food, I’ll eat all day. But then I end up getting full but not having my taste buds satisfied. First world problems.

    Some real first world problems man. I need to spice it up with some tobasco. It helps.

  6. I fucking hate eating. Trying to make it taste good doesn’t help. But, hell, I need to do it. A big glass of water usually helps to wash it down. A while back you adviced me to gain some weight and I’m now at 99kg (1,85m), thought I let you know. Still aiming for more though.

    Good. About time your tall ass gained some weight.

  7. As a person who has gained over 70lbs, I have found that meals that incorporate copious amounts of meat AND pie crust are both highly effective for putting on man size and delicious.

    I laughed at copius. Big fan of that word. Ice cream was my after meal choice. What kinda pie we talking about here?

  8. When I need to put on some pounds, I would add peanut butter to any type of fruit I was eating. It helps. Have my first PL meet coming up on the 7th. Excited and nervous! Should be fun. You know anyone competing at the GA Games?

    Not a lot of people I know actually compete. Just a few close friends. Peanut butter is fucking amazing on fruit. Good toast.

  9. harveymushman

    Pro tip: If you still have trouble with your headphones coming out on the deadlift and other lifts, thread the cord under your shirt (assuming you keep your mp3 player in your shorts pocket). Pull enough of the cord out of the top of your shirt so that place where it splits off to each ear is hanging out the front of your shirt collar. This should suffice for non-belted lifts but will need to be readjusted after each set. Once you have a belt on, do the same with the cord and the friction from the belt will keep the cord from falling down your shirt and pulling the earbuds out mid set.

  10. i’m still working on cutting weight so all this food talk is getting me hungry.

  11. And I’m sick as two sick fucking pigs right now so I can barely eat a thing. Just to buck the trend.

  12. Harveymushman – One trick I used to do was to put the mp3 player inside the belt between the space where it fastens and the first layer of belt. Worked like a charm on squats and deadlifts!

  13. thanks for the email response AC. along with that and this video I’m ready to slay a f’n dragon tonight in the gym!

  14. Nice squats! Ain’t nothin’ but a peanut.

    Also, this is probably relevant to your interests, dude.

  15. Strong stuff.

    Glad to know I’m not alone on the food tasting the same want to gag until I can’t taste anything, idea.

  16. thanks.

    its now hard for me increase my weight.
    last year i’m bulked from 125lbs to 155, but from that point it was very hard to get further.
    now i’m 165 and only get 2pounds in one month

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