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I enjoyed reading Justin’s post on the main page today. He brings up a good point that any guy could squat 405. I remember the first time I squatted 225, benched 135, and deadlifted 315. Those days were such huge events for me. I thought I would never accomplish that. It blows my mind that people think 405 is insane. 405 is very common in the weight room and CAN be lifted by just about everyone. Some folks can’t believe what I lift (which I find ridiculous) to be impressive. It’s really not. I am a guy with slightly above average strength WHO WORKS REALLY FUCKING HARD IN THE GYM. The only reason I am strong is because I stay consistent and bust my ass when I go into the gym. Patience and perseverance is strength. I hate using this quote because I find it to be overused, but everyone starts somewhere. I remember squatting 95 pounds with my dad when I was 12. I cried that day. I swore I would never work out again. A few days later, I said let’s fucking do this. I wanted to be like my dad so much. I came back and worked hard at it everyday. For the longest time I benched with just 10’s and 5’s. Now I can fucking do 430. It takes time and work. None of them are more important than just getting under the fucking bar and doing it. Then do that consistently. Anyone who says they can’t lift this or they can’t lift that or he can’t lift that much without steroids IS A FUCKING PUSSY. Hard work takes you places.

This was Norman and I back in 2006.

Again in 07.

Now again at our last meet. Does it look like we fuck around?

Thanks again to Splotch for enlightening me on the music question.

Been up since 5:30, trained at 10 today. So tired now.

Squat: 455×5/440×5/425×5
RDL’s: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 310x3x3
Hammer Curls: 70x8x3

Bench: 355×5/340×5/325×5
Press: 165×5 (Kinda tired. AC joints been hurting)
Dips: 90x10x3
Captains of Crush lvl 1: 3×10 EZ now

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  1. Tiny.



    (in order of pictures)

    It takes time

  2. What has two thumbs and is inspired? This guy! (points at self)

  3. Awesome post.

    Every now and then I have a good one lol

  4. This post inspired me…to dig up some old photos of myself and remind myself why I do what I do.

    Keep at it man. Shit doesn’t come easy.

  5. 70’s Big is a constant inspiration when a good deal of the internet is filled with weaklings (I’m looking at you, /r/weightroom).

    lol I have been on reedit for a while, but I’ve never checked it out. I will now

    • There are some strong people but there’s a lot of people with 300 pound squats on 5/3/1…

      Some people marry their programs man. It’s a shame

  6. AC, I guess most of the guys you train with are early twenties? I remember something Justin said about Texas Method being perhaps unsuitable for slightly older guys (I’m thirty with an active job and wondering if I’m just being a bitch… suspect the answer may be yes).

    You might not be able to handle the volume. If its not working for you, you can always tweak it. I don’t follow the exact template. I change it so it works.

  7. GREAT post! Keep up the good work!!

    Side note – did you go see Prometheus?

    Yeah it was ok. You?

    • Nah I didn’t see it. I’m thinking about going to see it with my dad though. He’s all about the sci-fi-ish movies.

      I just looked thru those pics of you and Norman again, not to sound too homo but wow the change is crazy. A great example of how hard work, dedication, persistence pays off.

  8. 10kt of inspiration. Great dual posts today.

    ha upvotes for me lol

  9. I have red Chucks!

    They are the best color, besides purple.

    • I almost went purple, but got scared. Bright green was also an option I considered. Big feet + bright Chucks = socially acceptable clown shoes.

      My roommate/best friend wears like 13 or something. They look like toboggans.

  10. I can relate. I got to college as a freshman weighing 118lbs at 5 foot 9. I distinctly remember getting pinned on the bench press with 115lbs and having to do that wiggle/sit-up with it to slide it off. Deadlift and squat you say? Those lifts were not even part of my vocabulary until Junior or Senior year of college… just didn’t know any better. Now, 2 years after graduating college I’m 190lbs, squat over 400, deadlift over 500, and bench (well, let’s not talk about bench)… While many people in a commercial gym think even my lifts are amazing, I’m just as unsatisfied with them as I was 3 or 4 years ago.

    I like the progress man. Keep it up. Ha whats your bench homie?

  11. Rad post. As Ronnie Coleman once said, “ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.” Also, YEEAH BUDDAYYYYYY.

    Also you should tell us about your tattoo sometime.

    Theres not much to tell lol. All of my friends were getting tattoos so I decided to get one. The only thing is that the guy was supposed to tattoo the metallica skull on there, but he was far from what I fucking told him to draw. Dick.

  12. AC, you have my ideal physique, srs (strong no homo/no bodybuilder).

    Are you coming on to me?

  13. Great post, dude.

    Your gym Mantra must be “to live and die on this day”.

    You god damn right it is lol. Nice reference btw.

  14. Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin’ huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

  15. Nice progress!
    Can you write some lines about your nutrtion while bulking up?

  16. Ac on his quest to be 70s big. Great post man. Its cool to see the transformation from kid to samurai master.

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