What are ya, H.R. Shovenstuff?

I completely pantsed one of my friends at the bar Saturday. He was wearing those stretchy shorts and I yanked them to his ankles. He froze for a solid second. I destroyed his night.

Training was ok today. The alcohol from Saturday night surely had an effect on me today. Missed my first pause bench with 405. Came back and hit it after a little regrouping. Then I proceeded and hit 415×2. Made a little PR on close-grip too. Overall I was satisfied with my performance even though I had a loooong weekend of zero recovery. Those are supposed to be my recovery days too in between volume and intensity. I’ll fix that when I don’t work weekends.

If anyone can tell me what the beginning instrumental is from I will be in your debt forever.

Deadlift: 545×2
Squat: 275x5x2 (felt too tired for speed day)
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Hammer Curls: 60x10x3
Captains of Crush lvl 1: 3×10

Bench: Paused 405(F)/Paused 405/Without commands 415×2
Close-Grip: 365×3/375×3/385×2
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

  1. atleast you came back and destroyed that second go round at 405.

    btw when’s your next meat?

    see what i did there…

    but really when is it

    First weekend in August

  2. Cool, I always enjoy watching your meet videos (you WILL video it)

    I plan to make it epic.

  3. Hey man, just caught up on your last few posts, entertaining stuff, keep up the good work.

    My training’s been dog shit the past 2/3 weeks, had exams and stuff.

    Lifts have went:
    VD Squat: 120kgx5x5 (easy) to 120x5x3 (ball buster)
    ID Squat: 142.5kgx5 singles to 130×3 singles
    Deadlift: 147.5×5 singles to 130×5
    Bench & Press have took a hit too, but not quite so severe

    Any advice?

    Also, do you have any experience with 5/3/1 and your athletes?

    Sorry for the bombardment of questions, just a bit down in the dumps with this shit.

    It sounds like you just had some shitty sleeping and eating habits due to your exams man. Don’t stress. Training will return to normal soon when you get back on track with sleeping/eating. Try to fix that asap. I don’t ever use 5/3/1. I barely know what it is honestly. Starting Strength and Texas Method variations have always worked for the guys I have coached. I always have people start on the basic template then change it according to how they are adapting to it. Thats the hard part.

  4. Either John Adam’s Harmonielehre or Short Ride in a Fast Machine(in response to the Nero tune)

    I love you

    • Yeah it’s Harmonielehre. It’s a great piece. Try to listen to the whole thing if you ever get the time. The guy who composed the score to the Matrix ripped a big part of the end of this piece — you’ll hear it in the last few minutes of the piece. I like to lift to this kind of music 😛


  5. Not 100% sure but it sounds like they’ve sampled “Aliens” from the grand finale when Ripley & Co leaves, you know, just before the blast.


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