Big things have small beginnings

Applied for a position today at Kennesaw State University. My dumbass sent my resume and cover letter to the wrong position. Emailed the head guy up there to try to figure out who I send my info too. Let’s see if I get it. Hopefully I do. Time for a change of scenery. On the other side of things I was with Basketball this morning and it was an interesting day. There was an athlete who was slacking and being lazy. Typical complaints and what not. Apparently this kid is NBA good, but sometimes he is lazy. We have all been there, but some of the guys on the team look to him for motivation and he isn’t giving it to them. In contrast, there was another player who worked his ass off this morning because “He was tired of not being good”. He had some great effort today. It was just interesting to see the polar opposites in the same day on the same team.

Here is my Diablo Character btw. It’s lame as fuck that I put it up but I don’t really give a shit. I play it all the time. I’ve uploaded my Skyrim character too.

Training was good btw. Trying to look like my guy up above

Here are some rowing videos. I love Pendlay rows for some reason.

Squat: 445×5/430×5/415×5
RDL’S: 155x5x3
Pendlay Rows: 295x3x3

Bench: 355×5/340×5/335×3
Press: 205×2/215×2/225×2
Dips: 90lbsx5x3
Captains of Crush lvl 1: 3×10

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  1. Hope you get the job, those night shifts as a bouncer sounds grueling.

    I coached several teams (rowing), and there is always one that does not have any motivation or discipline. I got the feeling that you can’t enforce this on anyone and is almost impossible. You have it or not. Trying to motivate them takes alot of energy, that is not spent on the people that are. I found that the most difficult part of coaching.

    I completely agree with you.

  2. Haha, Mjölnir. Very good name! 😀

    I love that name. It just sounds awesome.

  3. Did you just get a CoC, or just going to start putting it on the site? Did you just buy the No. 1 or more?

    I’ve had it, but have used it sparingly. I am trying to use it everyday now. I have the 1 and the 2.

  4. Not seeing a Skyrim pic… get to it! Dawnguard looks fucking sweet.

    Good luck with the resume dude.

    Appreciate it mane. I need to check out Dawnguard.

  5. good luck with the job bra.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, you’re finishing or done with your masters? What is it in again? Also have you thought about a Ph.D?

    Finishing the masters. Sport Psychology. I don’t want to do a Ph.D. Too much school man. I feel like securing a job will allow me to actually start my life. Potential Gf/Wife/House/Kids you know?

    • Gotcha, was jw. I hear ya man. I just finished my masters (technology mgmt) while working full time and when the Dean asked if I wanted to get a Ph.D I thought maybe…then he said “you could go part time for 6 years and still work”…I thought are you serious?

      I was the same way, I feel like I actually have a life now and can enjoy/do things.

  6. Barb looks cool 😎 I’ll post pics of my characters when they’re further along. Are you using the auction house at all for buying/selling?

    I’ve only used the auction house 2-3 times. I try to stay away. Once you get to sixty the drops are better.

  7. Props all the live long fucking day for naming your character after the FUCKING HAMMER OF THOR BRAH. Me likey.

    In other news the wife and I have been on our belated honeymoon this last week so I have not been training and have been eating like shit. This is the first week in two years I haven’t had a bar on my back (except for this last xmas when I had the flu).

    Best of luck with the job. What’s the position entail? Also, if you’re gonna look like that guy, you’re gonna need a fucking claymore, son.

    Enjoy the break. Programming, coaching, things like that.

  8. I don’t play these games. Mind you I have nothing against them, but I just don’t. The last RPG I ever played (not saying that what those games above are of course, I don’t want to INSULT anyone) was FF7. And when I sold it after investing 98 hours of my life in it…a part of me left as well, never to return.

    I usually don’t play games like this either. It was more Nostalgic for me. Played Diablo 1 when I was younger.

  9. Good luck getting the job man, id probably quit a job where customers bit me pretty quick lol 😎

    Ha I won’t bounce much longer.

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