As far as Diablo goes I am level 56 Barb. Playing in hell. It’s real tough.

Weyln says: Didn’t realize the shorts changed as well at first. I’m not sure what to think. Anyway, I got a training question brewski. So I train Fri-Sun-tue, and on wednesday, the day after intensity day. I went to help my mom’s friend move and so I was out in the sun in 90 degrees all day and didn’t have much to eat or drink and I was moving lots of stuff in long pants and a jacket so I wouldn’t get ticks. Needless to say, lifting today wasn’t so hot, so I just did some higher reps at a lower weight for stuff. I just wanted to know if there is anything you would recommend I do so I don’t fuck up my intensity day this week. Thanks AC.

Stuff like this is going to happen. It’s called life my man. Learning to train whilst living will be much easier for you, than worrying all the time. On days like that I try to eat as much as I can or well more than usual. Hydration would also help. You could take this week as a “de-load” and not do a full intensity day on Tues. Just go to your last warm-up and be done. Then next week just repeat what you were supposed to hit the prior week. That is just one suggestion.


Yes, yes those are Jaguars. It’s a 3XL shirt from Wal-Mart that I cut up. Its pretty tight. Gets me the babes. Not really, but really.

Was at the lake all weekend. Got some sun and relaxed and pigged out on some food. Wish I had someone to watch the clouds with on the dock. That was a Brent Kim moment. Everyones got sappy fail moments.

Found that song over the weekend. It’s fucking awesome. Nice happy lively tune.

Squat: 510×2/515×2 (So close to PR again.)
Rack Pull: 515×5
Rounded Back Extensions: BWx10x3
Captains of Crush lvl 1: 3×10

Bench: 410×2/415×2 (lake weekend. Kinda tired)
Close-Grip: 355×3/365×3/375×2
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

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  1. You’re way ahead of me in Diablo. I’m running three characters (Monk, Demon Hunter, and Wizard), but I’m on normal with all of them still. My Demon Hunter is at the end of Act 2, and my Wizard and Monk are a couple checkpoints into Act 3.

    Get your game up with one character man. You’re missing out.

    • That’s what I’m pretty much doing with my wizard now.

      I just got to 59 a minute ago with my Barb. It’s worth it to get one character up. He can help out with other character development with good drops and shiz

  2. AC – what’s your take on Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 from an intermediate programming perspective?

    I was talking about TM to a guy at work who lifts (pure rarity there) and he was talking about 5/3/1. Which I’ve heard about, and was looking at buying the book, but was wondering how it stacks up compared to TM and other intermediate+ programs.

    Phat song btw.

    Never tried it. Haven’t heard great things.

    • did 531 for a very short time (4 weeks), a friend of mine did it and had a good run, think he did 9 cycles or more.

      My opinion of the program is that your doing too much, too long in the range of 10+ rep ranges in the beginning. Maximal strength is not being pushed in that stage (maybe it is, so don’t kill me for it). You could opt for a type of auto-regulation in which you get those amrap sets up to the real 5/3/1 range. Instead of grinding it out for 9 months.

      See this from shaf for instance:

  3. Thanks for the answer mang. I just get all antsy when stuff screws up my training. I haven’t gotten Diablo 3 btw, I’ve been playing this game called Dayz which is nuts. It’s a zombie survival type thing. Lots of fun and uber realistic.

    Just relax bro. I’ll check it out.

    best thing since three wolf moon

    pfff diablo, minecraft all the way! anyone? no? foreveralone.jpg

    I never got into mine craft. Do you just download it off the internet? I literally know nothing about it besides what I’ve seen.

    • I just got it for the xbox, you can download for the pc but you still have to pay 20 dollars for it, I guess.
      It is a sandbox game in which there isn’t really a goal. But it is fun to build stuff with block with your friends. I guess I never left the Lego-stage from my childhood.
      I’d rather play diablo 3, but to buy a pc for a game, meh.

      I’ve seen videos of people making badass stuff. Can you play with other people?

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