Off to the lake

Going to the lake this weekend.

Here is a picture for your enjoyment.

Squat: 445×5/430×5/415×3
Pendlay Rows: 285x3x3
Hammer Curls: 65x10x3

Bench: 355×3(should have done 5)/340×5/325×5
Press: 185×2/195×2/205×2 (Left my belt at home)
Dips: BWx10x3

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  1. Awesome. You even switched facial expressions. 😐 🙂

  2. Yeah, but were you man enough to switch chonies as well?

  3. lol. those khaki shorts are money.

    why is zach so glisteny?

  4. I laughed muchly.

  5. Didn’t realize the shorts changed as well at first. I’m not sure what to think. Anyway, I got a training question brewski. So I train Fri-Sun-tue, and on wednesday, the day after intensity day. I went to help my mom’s friend move and so I was out in the sun in 90 degrees all day and didn’t have much to eat or drink and I was moving lots of stuff in long pants and a jacket so I wouldn’t get ticks. Needless to say, lifting today wasn’t so hot, so I just did some higher reps at a lower weight for stuff. I just wanted to know if there is anything you would recommend I do so I don’t fuck up my intensity day this week. Thanks AC.

  6. I’m confuzzeled 😯


  8. I laughed really hard at these for some reason

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