Getting bit is quite painful

I got bit at work multiple times, as well as punched in the face multiple times. I’ll do a little write up tomorrow. I am real achey and sore from the whole ordeal so it’s hard to sit still.

That’s one of three bites and I realized how nasty my back looks after seeing this picture. When I broke out in fever last week I didn’t shower for about 3 days. Broke out pretty bad. I need to scrub better. That’s my self-conscious rant for you. Anyways I’m done here.

As of right now I have had a tetanus shot, on penicillin based antibiotics, and got my blood drawn to test for Hep/HI-Fucking-V. Basically I was at work and I noticed this girl slap a bunch of cups off of a column. Blatantly. I proceed to walk up to her and ask her to pick them up, politely. She says no. I ask her again, pleading with her due to the fact that I have to clean that up and she is being disrespectful. She again says no. I ask her to leave. By this time the other bouncer (Evan) walks up to see whats going on. We politely walk her inside. Her “sister” then walks up to us and starts screaming in Evans face. She punches Evan right in the face. Evan looks at me stunned. I am shocked that she just did this out of nowhere. I look at the girl in front of me and she punches me in the face. I look back over at Evan and this girl is throwing bombs at him. Both of us are sitting there getting punched with our hands up. We aren’t going to hit a lady. Even though these girls were far from ladies. I pick the girl up who is punching me, didn’t want to get punched any more. Her boyfriend sees that as I am “hittin his girl”. I put her back down and Evan and I are telling the guy to calm down, all while Evan is still getting punched in the face. He puts up his dickbeaters and started threatening us. I put the girl down and as soon as he looks away for a split second I close the gap and just grab him. He was a lot taller than me and I didn’t really want to get punched. We start to push this guy out, Evan is still getting punched in the face. We make it towards the door and we all kinda fall out. I am on top of this guy and his girlfriend or w/e jumps on my back. She had bitten me twice already and then the third time is what really hurt. I thought I was getting stabbed so I start throwing elbows to my back in a desperate attempt to get her off of me. I get up and move away for a second and my knees get shaky. I thought I got fucking stabbed for 50 bucks a night. Turns out I just got the shit bitten out of me. I proceed to call the cops. They arrive and cuff the guy we threw out and sent the girls home.

The officer told me that because the girls have marks on them too they will have to do a full investigation before any charges are filed. He told me to come by the station on Thursday (today) and file for Battery. I am going to definitely fucking do that because she acted completely irrational. Not only did I get punched in the face I got fucking bitten. At most I did to her was pick her up. I didn’t bear hug her. I didn’t slam her down. I picked her up for about 5 seconds and set her back down gently on her feet. People who act like animals deserve to get treated like animals. It’s unfortunate, but people make their own decisions.

Squat: 95x5x3
Press: 60x3x3
RDL’s: 65x5x3

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  1. That fucking blows dude, people need to not be fucking obnoxious and retarded. I wonder when the person was like “hmm… biting?? maybe I should step out of first grade”

    Exactly dude. Fucking scum

  2. mooseknuckles

    I hate it when I forget the safe word.

  3. dude that sux, I hope you ‘Dalton-Roadhouse-throat-ripped-out’ these mofos that bit you.

    Nah dude. Couldn’t bring myself to hit a lady

  4. Please tell me she was at least a LITTLE hot.

    PS thanks for not dying.

    Ha she was not hot.

    • Addendum: The bites look gnarly but on the upshot, your traps look sick bro. I think you should go after her for battery AND bioterrorism. Who the fuck knows where that mouth has been?

      I got my blood drawn and will have the results back soon

      • Not to stress you out even further, but it would probably be worth getting tested again 6 months from now just to be sure. Not everything shows up in a test right away, I know Hep-C can take up to 6 months to show up in blood work.

        • +1 on this. Not to be an alarmist but you don’t want to fuck around with hep. Also, even if she was HIV positive your chances of getting that from this are pretty low based on my understanding of how nonsexual transmission works.

          The doctors did inform me. No condomless sex for me for a while.

  5. whoah Agnes, keep it down a bit!

    really WHAT THE FUCK, how the hell do you think: hmmm I’m gonna bite someone in the back. Did you press charges?

    Filing for battery.

  6. Hey A.C. Sue the cunt who bit you. Worst case scenario it costs you zero dollars. Best case scenario you win thousands and thousands of dollars.

    Haha don’t I have to pay my lawyer?

    • You could probably find a pro bono battery attorney that would just take a percentage of the settlement if you win damages in court.

    • Forget the pro-bono talk. Sorry Chris, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Nah man. In this case your lawyer gets paid by commission. You’re the plaintiff. You sue the bitch who bit you. You get some about of money from her. Let’s say it’s $10,000. Your lawyer gets like 30-40% of that. You walk home with $7,000.

      Now, lets say you lose. You get Zero Dollars. So you pay your lawyer 30-40% of zero dollars, which is Zero Fucking Dollars.

      That bitch who bit you. It’s different for her. She’s the defendant. She will have to pay a lawyer either a flat fee or pay him by the hour. The less money she ends up paying you will more than likely mean the more money she has to pay her lawyer.

      Seriously bro. You’ve got pics and witnesses. It’s a slam dunk for you. Go talk to a lawyer. They won’t charge you anything. They’ll just take a % of your winnings.

      • That’s seriously how all attorneys charge you if you’re the plaintiff. Pro-Bono means 100% free. It’s different. It’s an act of charity. You don’t need to find a special charity-case lawyer. You just need a good lawyer.

  7. Man, I told my Mum to ease off a little but I guess she didn’t get the message.

    She just doesn’t listen man

  8. Geezus dude! How did she bite the middle of your back?

    I don’t know bro. She was fucking face deep in there though

  9. That first bites nasty man. Good shout on getting the tests done.

    A bunch of people told me to go get tested. I would have never known too. I have nice friends.

  10. I really hope she didn’t give you HIV, but I hope she catches it later

    lol agreed.

  11. Holy crap man. I’m glad you didn’t get seriously hurt. In the past month, someone bit a female loss prevention associate at the store where I work. She is ok, and the guy who bit her has two robbery charges now.

    No charges for the biting?

  12. I feel like the first pic is an homage to Bane šŸ˜Ž

    Haha I didn’t even notice. I could take a better one

  13. Sorry that happened. I knew a bouncer who got stabbed and didn’t make it. He did have a reputation for beating the bejeezus out of people though. A crazy female instigating trouble- go figure.

    Sorry to hear.The girls never help. They always make it worse.

  14. Holy shit that looks rough. Those are the worst bite marks I’ve ever seen. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  15. If it helps, the odds of getting HIV from a bite are super low as far as I know. Those don’t look like they broke too much skin, just bruised the shit out of it, and even if the skank had HIV she’d have to have some nasty bleeding sore in her mouth for it to be an issue, and even then she didn’t break too much skin.

    lol @ biting, honestly would have been more normal if she just stabbed you. I could never be a bouncer, risking my life for animals like that, nooooooooooooooooooooo thanks.

  16. As a Southern Alumni I know about those bat shit crazy girls from drinking daiguirs that your could run your car on…. Back in the day when I was there, drinks were cheap and the girls were too. So I am at a wet t-shirt contest having fun looking at some nice tits. Then a fucking whale gets on stage and it is not pretty. So people boo her fat ass. I am booing as well, when all of a suddon I get bunched in the mouth by this bitch who is dating the whale on stage… I am stunned. I said “Bitch you just punched me in my mouth”, boom, she punches me in the nose and leaves… I am stunned, all my friends a laughing and I stand there like a deer in headlights. Next morning, wake up and can’t breath through my nose… I had broken 3 times before and that last punch did a number. Ended up having to get nasal surgery to breath again from a punch, I took from a girl, at a wet t-shirt contest…. If I was Brent I would have killed myself. AC, thought you would enjoy my story.

    hahah wow that was sweet

  17. Hey man, I’m in Statesboro right now visiting a friend who’s walking tomorrow. It’s pretty crazy around here right now man, glad you’re ok. Press the crap out of some charges on them fools.

  18. I agree with Penn get a fucking lawyer and sue the fucking brakes off her.

  19. You and your buddy should have went full Dalton and Wade Garrett on their asses. In Scotland we call people who behave like this – “minks”, “belters”, “gadgees”, “neds” and the old but still very popular – “Muppet”.

    Oh, was the girl pale, gaunt and staying out of direct sunlight by any chance?

  20. AC, that sucks. I hope you followed up with the police. That is more than battery. Most cops are pretty lazy so you should have the info on witnesses lined up and keep the pictures and if there is security vidoe of the incident present it.

    Also, if the cops do follow up and she is held criminally responsible, have whoever is doing the inestigation and presents it to the prosecutor get a court order to draw her blood and have her tested for all those nasties. This won’t alleviate the need to get a follow up in 6 months, but it will help put your mind at ease too.

    Good luck.

  21. How’s Evan’s face? Sounds like he took about a thousand punches there.

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