End of the semester

I have some stuff to do (write a paper) and my sleep schedule is fucked up from working a 12 hour day on Saturday. I probably won’t have good consistent posts this week. Sorry to the 4 of you. I’ll still be training this week so I will update you guys with that. I’ll probably put a post up on Thursday and Friday. I have to get my shit in order before then.


Squat: 90x5x3
Bench: 60x5x3
Deadlift: 105×5
Pull-Ups: Purple Band/3×3

Squat: 475×2/485×2/495×2
Rack-Pulls: 495×5
BB Curls: 90x10x3

Bench: 415×2/420×1 (not bad after a 12 hour workday and 5 pounds under)
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

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  1. Boo this man!

    (I have finals this upcoming week. I feel ya.)

    They aren’t bad this year. Just gotta make it a priority though.

  2. Just finished up all my finals for this semester. Switching to an oly template this week

  3. Good luck with your paper and studies. May you take as few prisoners academically as you do in the weight room.

    Ha I am lazy with school. Im sure if I tried I would have a 4.0, but I like to play video games more than school. Who doesn’t?

    • I wasted plenty of time playing Mario Kart and getting hammered with my roommates. I’m gainfully employed so I’ll take the 3.4 + some semblance of a social life over the 4.0.

  4. I hear ya brother. Just finished up finals and graduation last week. Take care.

  5. You graduated? Congrats, good sir.

  6. Fuck, that was intended for Chris.

  7. Good luck, we’ll probably be here when you get back 🙂

  8. harveymushman


  9. Given up on the neck work now?

    I always forget about it

  10. Please detail how you got punched and bit at work. Also would enjoy some of Norman’s workouts.

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