This cough is cool

Update: Well I am fucking sick again. Sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning I got a nice fucking combo of a fever/strep throat/headache/nausea. Glad my training wasn’t going so fucking well.

Didn’t have to work this past weekend. It was pretty sweet. Working nights is real cool . . . Anyways. Two people I know got signed for the NFL this past week. My roommates best friend got picked up by the Falcons, Nissley, and my friend Rennie Moore Jr got picked up by the Texans. Congratulations to them. Hard work pays off. Both of these dudes are absolute monsters. If I recall correctly Adam is about 6’6 and Rennie is about 6’4. Giants.

Training news.

I am about to be right back on track from the de-load. Hit 410×2/420×2 today on bench. In a week or two I will be completely back on track and ready to hit some PR’s.

This song is pretty tight. I am exhausted and don’t know what to post so this will be random babbling.

Lastly, something I want to touch on. A lot of people think they need a new program or something like that when they hit a plateau. I’m curious if anyone has any idea about resets? And if you do then during your training YOU WILL TAKE A LOT OF THEM. People don’t stop progressing at a 300 pounds squat (depending on a few things). If you hit a peak or fail during a session take a reset and try to cover as many variables as possible so the next time you try to hit the numbers you failed at YOU HIT THEM. Sleep. Eat. Prepare. I can’t tell you how many times I did resets when I was on my LP. I would drop 10-20 pounds off the bar and work my way back up and work back up with even more intensity. I remember I finally got to 405x5x3 just to injure my hip flexor on the last set. I bill starr’d my ass all the way back up from the bar. Most people don’t need a new program/move to the Texas Method as early as they do. I milked the fuck out of my LP and made my way to 460x5x3.

I gained the weight I needed to gain and I did everything possible to ensure the success of my training. There was a great Michael Jordan quote that I saw today “I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”. I didn’t PR on anything for about 6 months last year, and I continued to bust my ass under the bar.

Bench: 410×2/420×2
Close-Grip: 335×3/345×3/355×3
Pull Ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 85x5x3
Bench: 60x5x3
Deadlift: 95×5 (EZ)

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  1. A timely reminder about resets and sticking with your LP. Currently battling through my own squat LP right now. Hit 385x5x3 and then could only muster 390x3x3 the next squat session (knew on the first set that 5 wasn’t going to happen and managed 3 sets of 3). I remember Justin making a big deal about this saying that most people transition out of their LP before they should. I think it becomes mentally taxing when basically everday is a PR and you still have to add lbs to the bar for the next session. On the other hand I got a 510 deadlift PR on Friday and those days make it all worth it.

    It becomes extremely mentally taxing. You are very right. You are probably teetering out of your LP btw.

    • Based on the information above what makes you think I’m teetering out on my LP? I ask because I have no idea when I should transition out. Right now I’m basically going by, “Justin says everyone quits their LP too soon so don’t quit your LP too soon.” The reset at 390 was my second reset. I’m 5’9′ 188 and figure I should be squating in the mid 400s for 5×3 before I transition to the Texas Method. My short term goal is to squat 405x5x3 and I’m confident I’ll have that soon. Thanks in advance for your advice.

      You could probably do 3×3 for another 2 or so weeks and then I’d switch.


  2. How many resets would you consider before switching off of something like SS? I’ve reset my bench and press like 4 times each, but haven’t failed on squats yet, so I was planning on going until 2 fails on squats and then possibly switching to TM

    There is no definitive number before you switch and definitely not at two times for your squat. You’re going to have a handful and over time there will be steady progression. Example: You may get to 365x5x3 and reset to 350, then make your way to 390x5x3 then have to reset at 375x5x3. Over time you will still make progress.

    • Alright haha. I was just unsure what exactly to do if my squat keeps progressing but I keep stalling on BP and OHP. Would you recommend keeping with traditional SS for everything, or changing to like 3×3’s or accessories for press/bench while keeping squats on SS?

      You could go 3×3 to keep it going for a little while longer.

  3. I’ve had to reset lately and I was pretty discouraged because I had to back in January also, so thanks for this motivational post brah.

  4. Thanks for this post AC, BRB doing more LP.

    All I am saying is that everyones quick response is “My LP got to 285x5x3 and I stalled. Whelp looks like I am doing THE TEXAS METHOD.” Realize that stalls and plateaus will come and go.

    • Lol that’s literally exactly where my last lp workout was. Did you use starting strength for your lp?

      Yes I did.

  5. AC, I remember reading a post you made on the 70sbig main-site, near the end of your linear progression… you mentioned that you were getting sick of eating the same thing everyday.

    What did your LP diet look like? You gained weight, but not as much as many guys do, yet you achieved exceptional results.

    Went from 180-215. I usually ate 8 eggs in the morning with sausage/bacon/toast. Lunch would usually consist of around a half pound turkey sandwich with 2-3 pb and j’s. For dinner I’d cook a lot of chicken or meat. During all this I
    ‘d be having my gallon of milk. I’d also have 70’s big shakes.

  6. enlightenedsnipe

    Great post dude. Its easy to forget (for me at least) that everybody has to pay dues and work back up from deloads now and again. I’ve been jacking around with some focused programming (got my dead up to 530 and then ran into a wall) and have finally given in and just started an intelligent TM setup that I’m planning on staying on for the long haul.

    Question: from your comments here and looking around your log it seems the biggest thing to improving is to move up slow enough to be able to continue gaining for long periods of time. Sound about right from your experience?

    Yeah, theres no reason to make a bunch of high jumps and stall faster. You could get more progression out of small increments.

    • enlightenedsnipe

      Yeah, I kind of tried to jump ten pounds per week, every week on squats, while starting only a few pounds below my 3RM. It worked awesome for two months, then I ran into a wall, shockingly. Got my 405×3 which was the goal last time, but aiming much higher this time, so hopefully the slower progression combined with a small reset will let me keep going for the next six months.

      Thanks for the reply dude.

      Slow and steady man. 10 pound jumps aren’t always going to happen each week. You can also try different rep schemes on Intensity days too. You don’t always have to do 5’s or 3’s. There are also doubles and singles.

  7. Thought I clicked on Brent’s log. First paragraph was positive thoughts about successful friends getting drafted by the NFL. Got confused. Realized I wasn’t in Brent’s log. Cool story, eh?

    Ha thats a small rant of mine for you guys.

  8. that’s awesome about your buddies making it to the NFL.

    That’s great news about the bench! Did I miss it or did you already do the bench setup vid? Bench is one thing I’m wanting to make some good progress on and so far it has been progressing well but I’m starting to teetering out now and will probably be doing a reset in the near future.

    Ive got it I just need to put it up.

  9. I am currently working my way back into Wendler’s 5/3/1 after CrossFitting for an extended period to find my overall strength has taken a real beating. I knew this would happen but it has made me realise my real love is lifting heavy weights. I can only dream of posting the numbers some of you guys do. Is LP a better option than 5/3/1 in your opinion, AC?

    • If I may, I’d say that it largely depends on your current status. I, personally, would rather someone run something with more frequency. Once a week per lift isn’t enough, IMO.

      That kinda leaves you with an LP.

      But again, depends on the goal and current status (IE: Beginner, beginner/intermediate, intermediate, etc…)

      I would go into an LP after Crossfit.

  10. Strep sucks bro, I’m down with it as well. swallowing razor blades isn’t cool. I need my tonsils taken out or something it happens to often.

    I saw the doctor over Xmas break and he said “Yeah your tonsils are bigger than normal”. I saw him because I got strep 3 times in one month. He didn’t see a reason to take em out. Faggot.

  11. Yo AC good stuff on this page, come here for some motivation.

    You ran you LP for a while, that’s awesome. Did you deviate from the original set up? Or did you keep squatting 3 times a week because that has to be brutal with those numbers.

    Kept going 3x a week. I didn’t deviate from that. Every fucking day was horrible. Looking back I could have switched to a different program a few weeks earlier.

    • Damn that’s dedication but you got results from it. I saw you mentioned you’ve been lifting since you were like 13 or 15. What were your numbers like when you started doing the LP.

      I did Crossfit for a while and was good at it because I was strong leading into it. Then I had appendicitis and switched into a Hybrid Strength/Crossfit Program. If you have read Justin’s hybrid before I am pretty sure I was the test dummy for that. Worked well and I Squatted 415 (Easy as fuck but I low-balled my attempts real hard) Press 235 and Deadlifted 500 weighing 180 and a few months after surgery. I pretty much came from scratch after that operation.

      • 235 Press at 180? Excuse me while I quit life. I thought I was getting strong with a bodyweight press, but goddamn you’re a monster.

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