Taught my buddy Tommy how to squat today. He is trying to lose weight and I wrote up a little program for him. He is 300 pounds. His learning curve on squats was about 3 sets. It was like everything I said he executed perfectly. I really enjoyed it.

Been busy helping with Football all day. They had their ironman challenge today. Monkey bars–20 Yard Weighted Wheel Barrow Push–Tire Flipx2–Atlas Stones 115/130/175–Zig Zag Bear Crawl–Med Ball Toss Over Goal Post–80 Yard Sled Pull #100–Run Over 5 Bags–80 Yard Farmers Walk #65–Cart Push 10 Yards. Keep in mind that there was about 10–30 yards in between each station. Today was a fantastic example of how de-conditioned a sport specific powerlifter can be. I set a goal just to finish it and I accomplished that. With that said I sucked total ass. Been out in the sun since around 10 with a few minutes inside to eat and rest. Real tanked out right now. I’ll try to lift later tonight after I get some food in me. I don’t see it going smoothly though.

This is something that I wanted to point out from the comments:
Bedhead03 says “Yeah no doubt that helps alot. What sort of rep ranges do you do for warm up or is it moore of a do what works on the day sort of thing?”

Hopefully all of you have a set warm-up routine for every lift. The sets and rep-range do not change that often. For example, If you were going to do 405 for a work set the warm-up would go as following: Barx5x2/135×5/225×3-4/315×2-3/365×1/405×5. If you don’t warm-up you’re an idiot or if you do a fuck-ton of reps before your work set you’re an idiot.

Don’t be a gordon. Lift Smart. The goal is the work-sets not the warm-ups.

Squat: 435×5/420×5/405×5
Pendlay Rows: 250x5x3
Rounded Back-Extensions: BWx10x3

Bench: 335×5/315×5/305×5
Dips: 135x5x3
Ran out of time to lift because we had a stupid fucking staff meeting at work

Squat: 83x5x3
Press: 53x5x3
Pendlay Row: 85×3/75×3/65×5

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  1. I bet you could walk on to the football team you work with

    With more physical conditioning yes, but with zero football knowhow no. I always thought about it, but I don’t care to remember all the shit that comes with it.

  2. If you did play I bet you’d make a mean fullback.

  3. Haha, sports specific indeed.

    I did a couple police tests last summer and they both had different physical exams. One of them was the classical 1.5 mile run, arm hang, etc.

    Suffice to say, I got through half of the 1.5 mile run of the first and said, “Fuck this.”

    I’m made to squat, bench, press, and pull. Not run like I’m a damned goon.

    I had to run a 5k for class last semester with zero prior training. It actually wasn’t that hard. 220 is kinda heavy for me, but if I got down to 210 id be good for running.

  4. Sounds like a cool iron challenge.

    Did you watch the NFL draft last night? I watched the first round, the best part is when families go nuts on tv after their baby boy gets called…I always yell “we getttttttnnnnn paiiiiiiiiiiiiiid tonight!” when I see it.

    Serious question – I’ve been doing what we’ve talked about as far as diet a few months back. It’s all going well but now I’m hovering around 187, I’ve lost quite a bit of fat still but now it’s really slowed down. With grad school wrapping up next week I’ll finally have some time to work on some more conditioning. I’ve pretty much done zero up until now, just TM 3x a week and eating clean.

    What would you suggest? And what day(s) should I do it on TM?

    Thanks man,

    You could do some quick conditioning workouts after your volume and intensity days, I suppose. It will be a few weeks before you get used to it, then you should be fine.

    • what type of conditioning would you suggest? Sprints, barbel complex, elliptical? like 10-20 minutes worth?

      No tire to flip/sledge with, although I should try to get one since they’re all over the place in this small farming town.

  5. Hi A.C.
    I don’t really comment because I’m lazy and have nothing to say but what does your diet look like, you don’t mention it too much, I remember Justin talked about your diet once and how hard it is because of your work hours.

    I pretty much stay busy from 9-4 everyday, then I have to go to work at 7:30. Not much time to cook and eat big. I am trying to work on it and get more meat in throughout the day. Got 2lbs of beef defrosting right now. I’ll try to get a pound of that in today on top of what I can manage to cram in. My diet isn’t the best for my performance right now, but thats the life of a college student with 2 jobs and an internship.

  6. My arms are also not big enough to match my thighs. But this isn’t because my thighs are jacked, far from it, but rather that my arms have zero development and my upper body has no strength (numbers are squat 407lb, bench 209lb, deadlift 462lb).

    What would you recommend for people in my situation?

    Thanks for your time; been a long time reader of this log but never commented before.



    Keep Benching. Chris and Mike were never good benchers, but their persistence over time gave them progression. There is no secret. What program are you on?

  7. Jheez. I spelt more wrong…Awkward. My warm up rep count per set is very similar to that so that makes me happy, although i don’t work up to anything like 405…again awkward. Thanks for the input.

  8. Thanks for your reply AC.

    I do an LP that is essentially Starting Strength. Is there any modifications you’d recommend to accommodate people who are weaker on the upper body? Every other lift will go up but my bench will stall relatively quickly and plummets if I have to miss sessions for whatever reason.


  9. Hey AC, I found your blog recently through 70sbig and I love it. You got some CRAZY bench numbers man. But anyway, I just had a quick question. First, I squat high bar and I’ve been training about a year now, just for some background. However, on my squats, I always feel like my back is the weak link. For example, near the end of a set my back starts to cave in and I lose my tightness. I’ve started introducing barbell rows because I think that may help on back strength. But I was wondering if you had any tips or exercises that help with back strength. I feel a sharp pain at my tailbone nearing the lockout of a squat when it rounds and I’m concerned about it. I feel like my legs could handle more but that when the weight gets heavy and I start doing lots of reps, the bar starts moving forward and I have to do a sort of round backed good morning type thing. Sorry for the essay, but I’m just concerned about it since I don’t want a hernia lol. Thanks man.

    Ok well the rows are going to help. Are you doing Pendlay rows or what? You might have to do a reset with your squat.

    • Thanks for the reply ac. Yeah I’m doing pendlay row. I filmed myself and I think I ironed out form issues on them. The thing with squats is ghat when I squat heavy twice a week which I’ve been doing with tm my back starts to fatigue sooner. And I always feel like a weenie if I only squat once a week. I’m just trying to find a balance. Glad to see you got a friend into lifting weights too.

      Why don’t you have a light day for the second squat session?

      • I’ve been thinking about doing that, I’ve always been confused with squat light days because I always felt like all it would do is interfere with recovery and that it wouldn’t really accomplish anything. For example, on TM I always felt that I was just hindering recovery with squats on recovery day.

        The squats are FOR RECOVERY. That is why they are light.

        • Yeah, I’m just thinking of how to alter my programming because I stalled on my squats after only 1 month on TM but everything else is going at a fine pace. Do you ever see this in people you coach? Any tips?
          I’m 170 and HB squat 5rm 305, weak I know, but I’m getting stronger

          How tall are you?

          • 5’7

            Have you tried a reset?

          • Hmm… no, would you recommend doing that? I also get really bored with 5×5, any other good options of sets for volume day? Thanks for helping me figure this out AC I don’t know many other people who lift IRL so this is invaluable. I’m also thinking of gaining weight this summer once I’m home from college if that’s relevant at all.

            Mechanics would be the first thing I usually question and if those are fine then try a reset and attempt to fix as many variables as possible (eating/sleeping).

  10. Last year after I’d been lifting for a few months my father-in-law decided to run a local half-marathon. I signed up with zero training thinking that I’d be fine.

    Not pretty.

    Took an ice bath after. It helped.

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