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Back to the normal lifting schedule. Last week was a de-load. Stumbled upon this clip for the new movie “Prometheus”. The acting from Michael Fassbender is scary good. He won me over when he played Magneto in X-men: First-Class. He is a phenomenal actor and probably the reason I go see Prometheus. In work news, We had a rave at the bar Friday. It was pretty tight. They had these glasses there that lit up. Felt like I was in Tron.

Solid comments from Friday btw. If you guys have questions about your lifting PLEASE let me know. I have been emailing back and forth with some of you and I feel like it’s been extremely productive. Videos help out a lot too. It’s hard to “coach” via comments. I am also pretty impressed that 588 people have seen that picture of me dumping. That’s not a lot by internet standards, but more than enough to make me giggle.

Side note, I’m really looking forward to getting Diablo III. Haven’t played a solid computer game in a long time and Diablo is one of my favorites. God damn this post is so NOT cohesive. For some reason I am real fucking brain dead today and can’t write for shit. Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Deadlift: 505×2
Dynamic Effort Squat: 2 on the min/For 8 min
Curls: 120x10x3
Neck Machine: 100 lb All sidesx10
C of C: Crusher #1×10/x5

Bench: 405×2/415×2
Close-Grip: 315×5/335×3/345×3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 80x5x3
Bench: 55x5x3
Deadlift: 85×5

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  1. Have you ever encountered a problem of psyching yourself out before a heavy set? Like getting worked up about the weight and feeling “afraid” or intimidated about the lift? Not in like a “waaaaaaah it’s too heavy I don’t want to lift it” whiney sort of way but more like “fuck. that’s a lot of weight. I’m not sure I can do that today” sort of way? This only occasionally happens to me and it’s almost exclusive to squats (very rarely on bench though it’s been quite awhile and never on the press or deadlift). When it happens it’s usually a weight that’s either a PR or is heavier than I’ve lifted in awhile.

    Just wondering if you’ve experience that or know anyone who has and what to do about it.

    This is not uncommon. There have been plenty of times where I or someone I know has looked at a weight and said “Fuck, How am I going to do this?”. You’re going to have moments like that in your lifting career. You have to realize that those moments will occur and be prepared for when they do. You’ll tell yourself “Shit I don’t want to do this”, but you HAVE TO. You can’t let those moments control whether you accomplish your set or not. Like I said, realize that those days will happen and accept the fact that the weight MUST be lifted no matter what. It’s gonna feel a lot heavier, but thats when you reach down and grab your balls and say “I am a fucking man”. Music usually helps to increase your “Hype” level. There isn’t a “fix it” answer to this and hopefully that helped some.

    • well said AC.

      harveymushman this reminds me of like 3 weeks ago when I was squatting 3x5x295. This was the most I’ve ever done before for sets. On the second set, 1st rep, I had to dump the weight. I then, stopped and didn’t finish the squats, I was just not in the right mindset. When I tried it again the following week, I was almost scared of it (along with little embarrassed/anxious/excited/pissed/sad/scared again). But after I did it for all three sets it was awesome. I still get that mix of feelings when squatting PRs, but I’ve learned (thru school/sports/life) to succeed you have to fail, you can’t be afraid of failing…it’s being afraid of not trying that’s the scariest.

  2. Yo AC,

    First of all…love your site man. One of my favorite 70’s big ones to read.

    After reading one of the comments last friday about beefing up, what is a good weight to be at for six feet tall? I’m 18, trying to get a little bigger. currently at like 190-195

    You could easily hold 220 for sure. I am roughly 5’10/5’11 and I weigh 220. Don’t think you have to rush yourself and slap on 30 pounds by eating cake, but I’d suggest you try to be AT LEAST 220 ASAP. My training partner Norman is about 6’1 and is 220. He has the frame for a 242 weight class, but he just doesn’t want to be that heavy. It’s up to you man. I’d say be 220 though. You’d have a good yolk at 6’0 220.

    • in reply to your answer on last weeks post, I will take your advice and get my weight up. I really want to get it to 105 kg or at least above the 100kg

      All you tall guys should weigh more than me if you are considering lifting a priority. Justin is a little taller than me and he was a solid 230 at one point.

  3. AC – at the rave night was the foam/brolios with glowsticks on strings doing tricks flowing? I saw a guy doing this at a party once and, since i wasn’t high on meth, it was hilarious.

    not to go all “AC is the bomb diggity” (I think people still use that reference, if not they should). But I can’t tell you guys how much AC has helped me on my squat. I’ve sent him form check videos and asked him tons of stupid questions. The dude is awesome and knows his shiznit. Thanks again AC!

    It’s pretty much what I am here for.

  4. If someone wanted to email you a squat vid, what is your email?

  5. Very excited for diablo 3, shit will get real.
    I have played games for a few years now, but ill be making my return.

    Dude I haven’t touched a computer game since Command and Conquer. I have a fear boner.

  6. My total would go up 400 lbs by wearing those glasses.

    I lost them during the night. I should feel bad.

  7. I read that Diablo III is probably coming out on the 360. Pretty much every cell in my body ejaculated.

  8. So since you’re deadlift is insane, I’m looking for some input.

    My deadlift sucks dick, from a combination of me hating the lift, having short arms, and not being able to find a correct stance.

    I asked Justin once on the main site, and he gave me a few things to try, but it still feels…off. I don’t really want to try sumo, as I just don’t like the style, but conventional still seems weird. I looked into people with similar proportions, and a lower hip start (not squat depth obviously though) seems to be the preferred best method. However, when I try this, I lose all my hamstring tension/strength, and the lift feels purely lower back dependent, and I can’t seem to get any hip or hamstring into it. But, when I pull with higher hips (upper back maybe 20 degrees from horizontal), I have far more strength and speed, and I feel tighter everywhere.

    Is this due to a lack of lower back strength and/or stronger hamstrings? I’m basically following a modified SS template (added in GHR’s a while back), but I’m concerned because my squat is far stronger than my deadlift.

    A video would really help on this. I don’t see why you should be concerned due to the discrepancy. Who is judging you??? Is it a panel of people that control your life? You have been probably doing it one way for so long that any change will feel off. This is the case with most people that require alteration of their form. How many times did you pull with Justins suggested advice?

    • I tried Justin’s advice a few different workouts, but I just can’t do the lower hip start. I’ve incorporated a narrower stance while pushing my knees out like he suggested, but the hip height just doesn’t help.

      I’ll try and take a video when I deadlift tomorrow.

      And as far as getting judged, its more for the fact that I hate how weak my deadlift is. My PR squat is 350 3×5, and my best deadlift is 275 1×4….so yea.

  9. Ok. so there is alot of talk about beefing up if serious about being strong as fuck. I am starting to agree totally and really concidering it. But then i alsways think back to those videos you posted of your friends destroying 400+ squats at like 160 something and think my god that’s the most beast thing ever. My point is are they just generally shorter guys who are more suited to that weight at the same time as being brutally strong?

    I’m a bit more than 5’11 and weigh about 178/81 kg. Best squat is 132.5kg for 5. i get the feeling that the general consensus is that i should go downstairs open the fridge and stay there till im more like 220 and have a much more respectable squat?

    Those short guys are really strong and have access to a coach (me). The fact that you are 5’11 and 178 tells me that you are too skinny. Those short guys are 5’7-5’8. They are allowed to way less due to their height.

    • Check. Thanks alot for the input.

      • Haha first time I’ve ever been called brutally strong. Lol. But having AC there when I train helps for multiple reasons.
        1. Coaches me through warm up sets which help my work set form be close to perfect as possible.
        2. Mid set cues. Having someone to yell or signal to focus on rebound really helps( wouldn’t have gotten last reap of 445 Without that that signal)

        • Yeah no doubt that helps alot. What sort of rep ranges do you do for warm up or is it moore of a do what works on the day sort of thing?

          • I try to save as much energy as possibles so when I’m done stretching I do the bar till I feel loose(8-10) then 135,225,315,375. All for one rep focusing on form and explosion out of the hole.

  10. What up A.C. I haven’t commented over here before, but I pop up on the main page from time to time.

    How much accessory work do you do? For 4/24, you mentioned the CoC and neck machine, but you generally just blog about bench, squat, dead, press.

    Most of the time I get some accessory work in. I consider vanity stuff different from accessory work and I usually get that kinda stuff in a few times a week. Not the priority though. If I am tired I don’t do it.

  11. Thinking of buying a Captains of Crush gripper, never used one before. What do you recommend?
    Saw u used the #1 for reps of 10 was that a challenge?
    General lifter been doing crossfit/crossfit football and just general weight training for over 6 years.

    Harvey makes some good points. Definitely buy the trainer. You could buy the trainer/.5/1, they aren’t easy to close. I can do the 1 for sets of 10, buts it’s not exactly easy. I can also close the two, but not too many times. Hand size definitely makes a difference and it also depends on where you hold it. My other roommate (6’3 250) can close the 2 ten times with only one of his hands, but his hands are massive.

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