I competed in the GSU Strongman competition on Saturday. It was really fun and I enjoyed doing odd shit like Fingal Fingers. A few fellow friends competed with me (Norman, Mitchell, Rhett, Hamilton, Brooks, and Matt). I placed second and Norman placed third. Tall ass brooks (6’5-6’6) placed first. My overall thoughts on the competition are that the events were based on muscular endurance not strength. Most of the weights were light and required a good mix of cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. I mean the god damn log press weighed 130 pounds. You had to clean and press the leg as many times as you could in one minute. It would have been waaaay fucking cooler if they had 3-5 set weights that the lifter could attempt, in ascending order. Instead it’s a fucking rep test. The meet could have run a little more efficient too. They were 20 minutes late to start and it took an hour to do 2 events. I guess it’s a learning experience for everyone though. To top it all off I’m pretty sure I hurt my back and I am really fucking sunburned. It was fun, just wish it was more of a “Strong” man type thing.

The tire weighs about 350 pounds. The other tire they had, which they used when both guys raced, weighed 20 pounds less. Nobody had an answer to why we were racing with mismatched tires.

This was the last event for the top two overall competitors

And here you can see that the sunburn has kicked in. Nobody noticed until we all got home. Every one of us didn’t even think about it. Thats Rhett on the left and Hamilton in the center.

Last, but not least the shitty video for you guys. The fucking camera battery died 20 minutes into the competition. I was real fucking pissed. I was looking forward to making a video from this. I apologize for the lack of footage here. On a side note, none of us trained for this. AT ALL. I realized after the fact I half-assed everything. I said “pace yourself” in actuality I just went slow.

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  1. I was going to say that the log looked real light. Then I saw that it was maybe 130 lbs.

    Still looks like it was fun. Though if I were to compete in it and the weights were small like that, I’d be a bit upset.

    It was fun, just wish it rewarded strength more.

  2. Ur fuckin jackeded brah

    I could have bigger hands

  3. A.C,
    If you have not yet been Wolverine for Halloween…you are wrong. Seriously, you look the way Hugh Jackman should have looked.

    I get called Wolverine on a daily basis so I don’t want to give in lol

  4. Any chance you’ll do a legit strongman show? That log should have weighed twice that.

    I’m probably nowhere near big enough to do a real strongman. I’m only 220 and pushing 5’10 1/2.

    • You are plenty big enough, and more than strong enough to do very well as a lightweight competitor. The cutoff for LW is 231.

      I just have no idea where to start looking for them. Didn’t even know the weight class.

  5. AC, you finally look _definitively_ yolked as fuck.

    In the older videos, I was always asking myself… “Where is that leverage coming from?? The guy looks like a goddamn runner, but can press 50+ pounds over bodyweight for reps…”

    What videos do I look like a runner in???

  6. ditto to catatonic77 your traps look swole (no homo).

    looks like you guys had a good time. Norman’s delts look phattttttt.

    Norman has gotten a lot bigger out of nowhere. He finally sacrificed his proneness to diarrhea and started to drink protein.

  7. Haha, awesome photos! Too bad it was a triathlon instead of a strongman competition.

    Only if man, only if.

  8. I like how you have a real pair of sunglasses (white oakleys) and an ironic pair (big black M Frames).

    I had to see which ones made me look bigger.

  9. I like the last photo where everyone else is flexing maniacally and you’re just like ‘whatever man, I’m always this hyooooooge’.

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