Taking a little bit of weight off this training week (which starts on Thursdays for me). Just went up to one set of volume for my bench. I feel like I have been going too heavy for too long on bench. Starting to stay sore over a longer period of time. It’s a good hint to take a de-load. I am also doing the strongman competition this Saturday at the RAC. Atlas stones, shit like that. I want to go in a little fresher for that too so I can have some fun.

Jay asks:
Good stuff here, AC. How often do you find yourself having to up the volume on bench?
Not number bragging because obviously I pale in comparison to you, but my volume bench is 4×5 with 225, and I use ascending sets on my ME day. Yesterday was 3×2 with 280, 290, and 300.
Obviously 75 lbs of difference between the weight used on volume vs the top set on ME day.

I usually keep the volume the same for several weeks. I try not to increase the volume at all if I am doing well on Intensity days. If I start to slack on Intensity I go through a mental checklist of shit in my head to see if there was something that hindered it other than volume (sleep, food, rest, etc). I will most likely attempt the same numbers on Intensity days again, but with the increased volume.

Went to Daniel Tosh’s stand up on Tuesday. It was fucking awesome btw. If you guys don’t like Tosh, then we wouldn’t be friends. Here is the obligatory gay picture before the show.

This will be a light post because I really don’t have anything to write about. I really have to take a dump so I don’t wanna sit in this chair for much longer.

Squat: 405×5

Bench: 335×5 (de-load)
Press: 165×5
DB Shoulders: Side/Front/Lateral

Squat: 85x5x3 Depth was a little of an issue. She doesn’t trust herself. Working on it.
Press: 60×2/3/2 — Drop set with 50×4
Pendlay Rows: 75x5x3

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  1. That’s a big 10-4 on the volume. That’s kinda how I pace it out, too. So far the Intensity or ME day is going well, so obviously no sense in changing it.

    Any chance of the Strongman competition on video?

    A few of my friends are going so I can get one of them to record it for me.

  2. Oh, and that’s rad on seeing Tosh. I imagine he’d be hilarious live. His no filter speaking is great.

  3. What’s this? A fellow Tosh fan? I like to think we’d be friends. Btw if you like Tosh you might also like Lewis C.K. The guy reminds me of a fat white 40 year old Brent Kim

    Yeah louis C.K. is funny as shit. Ha brent is a little different in person, but I can see where you get this from

  4. I meant Louis C.K,

  5. I also want to hook in on the question of Jay, if you don’t mind. How do you choose your sets/reps on volume day for bench and squats? Looking back in your log, it is a wide array of sets across, ascending, descending 3×5 (sets/reps), 3×3, 3×2, 1×5/2×3

    And good luck on th strong man competition!

    I don’t remember doing 3 doubles for volume. Some times when its 1×5/2×3 its because I am tired as fuck or I bumped up the volume. When I increase the volume I do the top set for 5, then a 2×3 with the next two descending sets. The following week will be a 3×5. I have to work on Thursdays so I lower it depending on if I am tired. Does that answer your question?

  6. haha def an appropriate photo before a Tosh event. I’d love to see him in concert I can just imagine it’s like Tosh.0 on some serious Dbol.

  7. Hey AC, can you tell me a little bit about your bench setup? I see you reach back real low on the rack to help set the arch, I tried this today and it actually helped a lot.

    It sounds like you pretty much got it man. Its kinda a vague question. Can you make it more specific?

    • Ah. I just didn’t know if there was any subtlety to it, seemed straightforward enough. I’ll go back to thinking up obvious questions to ask now.

  8. Besides having a solid diet any additional supplementing?

    Protein shakes. Thats about it.

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