Crashing this baggage claim

Rough weekend. Started to feel sickish on Friday. Tried to get some good sleep in, but had some friends wake me up at 2. Then Saturday we had a night on the town. It was pretty tiring. Probably wasn’t a good idea either. I only get like 1 time a month to party so I make it count. This always leads to a rougher training week, at least at the start. Woke up 2 hours past my alarm this morning and rolled over into the puddle of drool I was spewing out all night. Got up and trained. It wasn’t the best day, but I did hit some PR’s on Bench. I’ll hit some good numbers on Squat tomorrow too. My squat will finally be back up into PR range by tomorrow as long as my throat doesn’t get worse. Here is this mornings bench. Hit 420×2/425x2ish. My buddy Matt spotted me this morning and he did kinda touch the bar. Not is fault or anything. He was just being a good spotter.

Agnes didn’t lift this morning with me. Probably because she doesn’t feel good from all the drinking that occurred on Saturday. She is gonna lift tomorrow. And for Jstad7 I just moved my bench to descending sets. I had to increase the volume to shorten the gap between the intensity days. I’ll probably do a de-load on bench next week. I’ve gone about 5 weeks heavy without a real de-load week in there. In friend news, my buddy Taylor puked when he went for 455×3 on deadlift this past week. I wish I was there to watch that shit go down. Here is the video of it.

Here is Mitch hitting a PR on squats with 425×3. Mitch really works hard for this. That’s what separates guys like him and Taylor from the rest. They only weigh around 160 pounds, but they put in the hard work.

Ha silly me. I almost forgot about this.

Well if isn’t a punch you in the fucking face with videos day. Two more guys want to do the challenge. I will make the full video after they do it toooooo.

Squat: 505×2/515×2
Rack-Pull: 475×5
Sledgehammer: 70 swings
Super-set (for time purposes) Neck machine/DB Curls

Bench: 420×2/425×2
Close-Grip: 315x5x3
Pull-Ups: BWx10x3

Squat: 80x5x3
Bench: 70x5x3
RDL’s: 85x5x3
Assisted Band Pull-Ups: 5×3

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  1. The Gallon Challenge trailer was excellent

    It was a program off of iMovie. I really didn’t do anything lol

  2. Haha, Taylor has some intensity! 🙂

    Props go to him man

  3. enlightenedsnipe

    A+ Post. Would read again. Need more like it.

    Also, nice fight on that last bench rep.

    Haha what was so good about this one that it separated itself from the others? Video content?

  4. bench = leggggggggggggggit. nice work!

    lol that trailer was great. what program/app did you use?

    I noticed in the squat video the guy was wearing knee sleeves. Question about the squat video – probably a rookie question – is there a certain time when a lifter starts wearing knee sleeves to protect the knees?


    Protection is just one of the functions of the knee sleeve. There is never a “time” for knee sleeves. If you feel like your knees could benefit from them then thats the “time” you buy them. I bought mine when my patella tendon started to ache.

  5. Is it bad that I am really excited to see a bunch of large men puke up milk? I am a byproduct of the Jackass era I guess.

    There is NOTHING wrong with that!!!

  6. Quality post, quality bench, plenty of quality vomitus. This pleases me.

    You got a real squeaky bench there, man.

    It needs some wd-40 stat.

  7. A.C. if you have some free time and you’re looking for a movie to watch, check out Goon ( It’s about a bouncer who becomes an enforcer for a hockey team. It’s pretty funny and pretty brutal 😎

  8. How do you think Bane would do at a powerlifting meet?

    Assuming he is true to the comic book,very well. At least a 2,500 total.

  9. Good stuff here, AC. How often do you find yourself having to up the volume on bench?

    Not number bragging because obviously I pale in comparison to you, but my volume bench is 4×5 with 225, and I use ascending sets on my ME day. Yesterday was 3×2 with 280, 290, and 300.

    Obviously 75 lbs of difference between the weight used on volume vs the top set on ME day.

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