I don’t know if anyone has taken a peak at this video before

The “Gallon Challenge” will be revisited tonight or tomorrow. Trevor wants to try it again, this time with a partner. Our other good buddy/All-American/Socon Lineman of the year/Brent Rusell is gonna give it a shot. These fine gentleman weigh in at a combined 600 pounds. We will find out later tonight if they can crush a gallon of milk in one hour and hold it down. I seriously doubt it. If these big fuckers can’t do it, then no one can. The video will be posted sometime this week/weekend.

Training is solid. Was a little dehydrated today due to the diarrhea I’ve had for the past 2 days. My energy was kinda zapped for the volume day today. See how it feels for squats tomorrow. Trying to pound down some powerade and pedialyte. I should be good by tomorrow. If not I can just fucking complain about it some more and have a fiery asshole.

BTW, Shit gets real in Ironworks. Those guy train hard. Just take a look at this POV shot of Zach doing dumbbell sit-ups. You can’t say he isn’t intense, cause he’ll kill you.

Look into those eyes.

Squat: 435×5/420×5/405×3
Pendlay Rows: 230x5x3

Bench: 335×5/320×5/305×5
Press: 225×5
Dips: 90x5x3

Squat: 75x5x3
Press: 55x3x3
Pendlay Rows: 70x5x3

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  1. A distance runner friend in college tried it and I believe he was successful. Fucker. I have never braved it but if I were to attempt, I would try to even out the intake a bit… not be so gung-ho early in the game so you get tapped out and have to be slamma-jamma towards the buzzer. What do their strategies look like?

    I think Trevor is just gonna slam it at the beginning. The first time he tried it he had less than a half a gallon to go 58 minutes in. Not sure what Brent will do.

  2. i watched this video a while back, the end on the dock when he is sitting and his face is just in pure hell is priceless. he goes from being so perky at the start and then you just see straight deterioration.

    hopefully you guys can knock this out and call yourself immortals! I’m pulling for you titans of lactate.

  3. harveymushman

    I watched this back when you first put it on your Vimeo. Trevor’s initial pounding at the beginning was straight up heroic. Also, is he brown or just real tan? Because if he’s brown he might have issues with tolerating lactose, which makes his attempts even more impressive.

    Training question: is that bench workout your volume day, your light day, or something else entirely? Also, what is Agnes’ favorite lift so far?

    Trevor is half white/half asian. He doesn’t have an issue with milk. Over the summer he usually drinks a gallon a day. The workout I posted on this post is my volume day. She enjoys it all so far. She hasn’t expressed an interest in one lift yet, but I think she will have a favorite in time.

  4. AC how do you feel about giving me some diet advice? I have a goal weight in mind and a diet in mind but I wanted someone to critique it.

    Justin had posted a few days back about dieting. Check that out first and see if it can answer your question. It might be faster. If not ask away.

  5. it’s been a minute, but I still frequent ‘the blog’.

    I did 2 litres in an half hour, I guess. But it seems unlikely when a google search said the stomach can hold like 1 litre.

    So it probably relies on how big of a stomach you have and how quick you can process it. But the whole idea is ofcourse laughing your balls off to someone who dragon spews the milk all over the place. Make sure he says ‘fus ro dah’ while doing it!

    Yeah all I want is to see these guys yakk all over the place.

  6. Did you just recently switch to descending sets? Or do I suck at reading comprehension?

  7. Hey AC, I really love all your videos on vimeo. Some of those deadlift videos have got me really pumped up and I’ve done wonders at the gym thanks to them. Anyways I was wondering if you could please tell me where I can get the remix for the song that you used in the gallon challenge video. I know its act a fool by lil jon and have looked for hours but havent been able to find it. Keep up the good work!!!

    Check your email

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